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Ely Buendia's New Band named Apartel performs Great Soul Music!!!!

Last Fri.( Sept 17), is one of the most memorable event in my life as a Lifestyle Blogger. I was able to meet the Icon Legend in OPM Industry in the Philippines, Ely Buendia, a former Vocalist of Eraserheads, one of my favorite band in the land during 1990's.

It was an amazing Night to launched his newest Band named "APARTEL" with co-vocalist Jay Ortega, a former hard rock front man of GNASH & their amazing band members. Wherein, it's their first launching of their newest single and Music Video "Is it Hip?"

I was able to witnessed their APARTEL Presscon and LIVE Performance. I was so mesmerized and thankful because I was able to interviewed Ely Buendia and Jay Ortega 1on1 with my fellow Pinoy Bloggers under TAGMEDIA events  of Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, Jinky Tallod and David Ferro. 

So, why did Ely and Jay came out with the name Apartel? How it was formed? What's their genre of their music, their inspiration? Why is it their 1st Single called, "is it Hip"? Where would it be released, a CD, Vinyl or Digital?  Those are the questions that we ordinarily asked during the Presscon & our 1on1 Interview.

Seraphims Facts about Ely & Jay's New Band called APARTEL:

Apartel, a new southern music style, is inspired by the new wave group named "Motels".  The band formed with our Pinoy Icon Ely Buendia with his duel partner for vocals, singer-songwriter Jay Ortega, also, a  soul band member features Coco Coo and Redge Concepcion on guitar, RJ Pineda on keyboard, and Pat Sarabia on percussion.

Apartel entails an era of soul and southern music, wherein Ely and Jay grew up with. They had been influence by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and also, sinister kid by Black Keys.

"Most of the songs of the album are jammed at first, the first scene is written that way, we jammed & Jay started to shout the title,  Is it Hip, Is it Hip? That is where, the title of the Song created. we wrote the song and everyone is involved into it" Ely stated.  Ramona, one of the lady vocalist together with Dona mentioned that her favorite song in the Album is, Is it Hip coz its so funky &  has a soul into it. Ely explained that Is it Hip, is about someone who is trying to have some time for a girl, its a "bootycall" for a night. The Video is taken at Punta Fuego and some in 19 East, Jay stated on our 1on1 interview.

Also, Jay mentioned during the Presscon that you can listened to it and download the singles in Itunes, Spotify, AppleMusic, Deezer, Tidal & many more, it will be available for 241 countries.

Ely told the Press, it can't be released in CD. But, rather its Digital,it can be downloaded and in Vinyl. The album is press in Japan, it will be available in December  and were going to receive it last week of Sept. The reason why it will be released in vinyl its because nowadays there are a lot of people who has turntables who usually listens on vinyl records. Furthermore, Jay speaks that their into soul music, they grew up listening to vinyl so, thats their code to use vinyl.

Is it Hip, Music Video is directed by Marie Jamora, a more experienced director in making music video.By the way, Jamora is a very good friend of Jay's wife, a good info. to remember.

Listen some other facts about the collaboration of APARTEL on the Video below!

But,moving forward, I just wanna mentioned my favorite top songs of Eraserheads which includes: Huling El Bimbo,Toyang, Torpedo, With a Smile & Wishing Well, Alapaap,Ligaya and even the Pare ko that had been used as of the Theme Songs for a Movie.  Their Songs had been a mixed of Rock, RNB  & Soul. That is why, we admired their band during my High School Days. We fell in love with EraserHead Songs, I grew up with them. I have albums that I've played over and over.  That is why, I'm grateful to TagMedia & Victoria Court Company for the Invitation for Apartel Music Video Launch because I was able to meet,talk with them and hug ely, my fave Vocalist of EHeads.

Here are some photos of the Event:

Eraserheads is a phenomenal band during those past decades and its already leave a mark in the OPM World. Their proven how succesful and influential their music are. Now,  APARTEL sets their flag in the lime light with fabulous & great  talented band members. Support & love them like we did before with EraserHeads. 

My Selfie Pics with Pinoy Rock Icon Ely Buendia

Furtheremore, Here are some of the Highlight Video's for the 1on1 Interview, their LIVE Performance of Is it Hip? And some cuts of the APARTEL Presscon at Victoria Court Malate. 

 Music Video Launch of "Is it Hip? "
First Single of APARTEL

APARTEL PressConference
At Victoria Court Malate

1On1 Interview with
Ely Buendia & Jay Ortega


With Millenial Generation, APARTEL is mixed with young and classic genuine artist that will capture your taste of music of Soul, Rock and RNB. You'll fell in love with their music,like I did last saturday. Feel their passion in music, each beat of their drums, the strung of their guitar, each blow of their trumpets and distinct/fierce sound of their voices. Indeed, you'll listen and save them on your playlist numerous time, believe me. It's worth it like listening an International band, outstanding talents that Filipino should be proud of.

Thank you to Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of Tagmedia and 
Ms. Tanya for the APARTEL Music Video Launch 

Thank you for reading my Blog about APARTEL Music Video Launch last Sept. 17,2016 at Victoria Court!!!

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