Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Nailaholics: A Vacation Nail Excapades within the Metro!!!

Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa is the country's leading destination of pampering services in the land that  allows you to experience a vacation like gateway. 

I love visiting Salon and having my nail done. Also, I love the Beach and the Sand. Nailaholics Nail Salon has a wonderful theme that let you remember how Vitamin Sea is important in our well-being.

Visit their place because you deserve a pampering day to relax and feel the ambiance of the aquamarine ocean and blue skies. Look and feel the unique atmosphere of calmness and serenity within the salon as you listen with their instrumental melody inside.

You can choose a variety of packages that suits your taste. An exceptional pampering treatment
that sets your mood into relaxation.

More Photos during my Nailaholics Experience:

Here are the following Services, that I've experienced at Nailaholics:
Serene Island Manicure: 190 Pesos
Marine Algae Whitening Foot Spa: 550 Pesos
Total Price: 740 Pesos

Cleaning Up Time for my Nails

Foot Soak Preparation

Marine Algae Application

Nail cleaning & polishing plus Foot Scrubbing

Almost, Done!!

Results: Nail Polished Achieved, Red Color.
Hoping, it will last longer..Let's see...

 Nailaholics Branch in Festival Mall, Alabang:

Inside the Nailaholic Premises:

Love the Interior Design of the Salon, a fresh look that let you remember how enjoyable and relaxing it was to seat near the Shoreline upon watching the dancing of the clouds and the sparkling waters behind.

The simplicity and cleanliness of the place boosts every clients to relax more and seize the moment.

Big Wall Photos of 2 couple staring at the blue scintillating ocean (RELAXATION)

It has mini-like room that has curtains,
 for people who likes more privacy.

A White Cabinet for Nailaholics Products

Symmetrical Stripes Color of the Seat cover

Your Mini Room for Sweet Couples

Love this Amazing Staff of Nailaholics 
Festival Branch, Alabang
Ms. Samantha Datul, Receptionist

Nailaholics Aesthestician namely:
Mildred Esteves & Jennifer Galimba
Thank you, Girls💖💖💖

Thank you so much for the  Nailaholic Crew for the good service and warmth accommodation.

Seraphimsnotes Points of View: I love making reviews in Salon because I can say whatever anything I like that can improve their establishment and service for their clients. One thing that I've observed, because we live in a Social Media World, Netizens loves to document each action they make either dining-out, watching a movie or even a having a hair cut, meaning people documented all their actions in Facebook. So, I suggest, if they could have the label of Nailaholics inside the salon, in that way people could take pictures with the Brand, not only outside because Filipino's is shy when it comes in beauty pampering deals unless they are popular artist who can take photos on the facade of the premises. But, a label inside the salon is quite beneficial.

Nailaholics Team are ready for more poses.
Second, the spa massage should have a definite time, a timer could be useful. So, the customers could really feel to be relieved by having a great foot massage, it's  a good stress reliever. I know how useful foot massages are as a Physical Therapist it boosts good circulation all through out the body system. So, Nailaholics should focus more on how to implement a great massage , as the name implies Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa, massage works wonders, it clears up a good vibes, good mood and calms your nerves.

Third one, a good suggestion  by the Nailaholics Aesthestician could be useful in choosing the right nail polish or the crew could encouraged trying a new nail art design, for a new nail experience that can add up to their sales revenues. Furthermore, the Aesthetician Crew of Nailaholics are friendly but needs more interactive goals within the client for marketing style.
To know more info. and services of Nailaholics:
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Thank you so much for Mr. Arvin (The Marketing Guy_Nailaholics), PR Specialist for
Nailaholics and my fellow Blogger Leomy Sanchez #CrownlessBeautyQueen #GandangLeomy
for the Nailaholics Experience.

Thank you so much for reading my blog about my Nailaholics Experience!!!

Lovelots, #Seraphimsnotes
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