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My 1st Viet Food: Palawan's Best:D'Master Chaolong Haus In Bacoor, Cavite!!!

The majestic paradise of Palawan does not only offers a breathtaking view of the lagoon and aquamarine waters. But, it also caters a delicious food also known as "Chaolong", a vietnamese noodle dish. Moreover, its usually called "pho" said Ms. Arriane Mungcal, as a rice porridge and pork innards but the locals and the tourists much preferred calling it as chaolong. According to our Philippine History, a lot of Vietnamese refugees had settled down in Palawan, who loved the place and shared their expertise in cooking and even, put up a food restaurant business. Indeed, Palawenos had grown to love the taste of Vietnam rice noodles. It's authentic and sweet reddish soup had grown popularity among the locals.

Ms. Arrianne Mungcal, Owner of D'Chaolong Haus Bacoor,Cavite with the Food Bloggers
Now, one of Palawan's best, D'Master Chaolong Haus makes it way on the south. The most delicious Chaolong Rice Noodles is making its mark at Brgy. Maliksi, Bacoor, Cavite infront of La Biene, with its family-owned business and owner Ms. Arriane Mungcal and Mr. Kristofferson Mungcal, this couple, grew-up in Palawan. They managed to study and have their own professional jobs here in Luzon but they still missed their favorite chaolong dish. So, the family decided to franchise D'Master Chaolong Haus in Espana and bring it here in Cavite, the reason why, it's because they really missed the taste of Chaolong Rice Noodles.

Also, they wanted the south people to experience eating those kind of foods like you already visited their beautiful hometown province in Palawan. Finally, Mr. & Ms. Mungcal started the business last January 2017 called "Palawan's Best: Kuya Ric's D' Masters Chaolong Haus" in Bacoor, Cavite.

They offer Four Best Chaolong variety dishes which includes: Beef Stew, Viet Bulalo with Rice Noodles, Pork Buto-Buto and Pork Buto-Buto with Beef Stew. Also, Chaolong Bacoor, created their own best-selling dish called, "Pansit Chaolong" , Mr. Mungcal prepared it by himself, his own original recipe and lastly, the most popular bread in Palawan, the French Bread, it has five different spread , garlic, chicken, cheese, garlic/cheese and pork that you can choose from.

Being a Food Blogger, ordinarily is like a big adventure. It's like your exploring new food in town. What makes me more excited is I would be able to try new Asian cuisine. But, definitely, I wouldn't missed to try this new Vietnanese food chain in Cavite. But, what attracts me more to this place is the beautiful wall photos of my dream destination "PALAWAN".  Wherein, attractive spots are in canvass, places that I've dreamt of like in Underground River, Secret Lagoon, Black Island, Palawan Butterfly Garden, Honda Bay,Linapacan Island,Sabang Beach & many more. Chaolong Bacoor truly promotes PH Tourism with their native land, Palawan.

However, to give you some insights on our food tasting. I've tried the Pork Buto-Buto Beef Stew and the Viet Beef Stew Rice Noodles and its flavorful especially, if you added the chili sauce. Perfect for individuals who loves to add spice in their life. Also, the reddish soup is sweet and has an authentic Viet taste that you'll crave for more.

At first, I cannot determined the taste of the soup, but, as you slowly grind the pork and take a bite of the noodles, your taste buds will give you signals that this dish is delicious and a healthy food, good for your digestive system. An Asian Food, a Viet Food house in the South that is affordable and easy to reach if your coming from Manila.

Here's the Directions:
*Ride a Bus or Van going to Cavite via Talaba or Coastal Rd.
*Stop at Talaba Intersection
*At the Right Side, ride a Jeep going to Binakayan or St. Michael School Bacoor
Your Landmark: In-front of La Bien Funeral
*Chaolong is located at the right side, few steps in-front of  La Bien
Affordable Meal:

Meet Ms. Arriane Mungcal, Owner of Chaolong Haus in Bacoor!

Photos of Chaolong Dishes:

Viet Bulalo with Rice Noodles
It's Not ordinary Bulalo,it has a sweet taste and a pleasant aroma. You'll love their big bulalo meat servings. 
Add some spicy chili sause to have more delightful experience.

Pork Buto-Buto
If a person  loves an authentic
Viet Buto-buto, try this one.
The Rice Noodles texture is
different from any other noodles
that I've tasted.

Pork Buto-Butok with Beef Stew

Chaolong Bacoor servings in Pork Buto-Buto is
quite big, its so meaty and delicious.

Pancit Chaolongan

One of their Best-Seller
Original recipe
The vegetable is well-cooked, the toppings and togue
gives a flavorful meaning of Viet Pancit. 
With big servings, it solves your appetite. 

French Bread, garlic and cheese flavored

Beef Flavor
The beef spread is tasteful, 
& the bread is crunchy.
You need to eat the bread before
It reaches 5 mins to stay its

French Breads coming from Palawan😊

Visit: Kuya Ric's D'Master Chaolong Haus
Located at 1313 Evangelista st. Brgy. Maliksi 3, Bacoor, Cavite
Follow their Social Media sites at:

Food Bloggers Pictures:
 My Food Blogger Buddies

Squal Goals: (R) Lhourdhess Mercadero,
Marge, Gus and Kim Baylon

 Gus Cabredo (Food Blogger) thinking how tasteful 
Pancit Chaolong is. Try it!!!

Lovin the Beef Stew with Claire... Sip sip!!!

Claire Pajarillo Santiago (Blogger) & Ms. Arriane Mungcal (Owner)

If you already visited the mesmerizing island of Palawan and you missed their native Chaolong Food,
You can drop by at Chaolong Bacoor Haus. It's guaranteed, you'll love the taste and crave for more beef stew and pancit chaolong, their best-seller.

Thank you for reading this blog about Palawan's Best: 
D'Master Chaolong Haus In Bacoor, Cavite!!!

Hope, you enjoy reading my food exploration at Chaolong's place in Bacoor!
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