Friday, October 3, 2014

Deep Pool of Life

Deep Pool of Life

Life has new meaning for me, as I turned 35 tomorrow. As I looked back. ,all the years gone by. I started to reflect what does life made me or the other way around. What did I gave for all those years. Did I really learned to forgive? Did I expected too much? Did I suffer from all my mindless actions? Did my heart laugh with joy? Did my soul renewed to my new existence? Did I value myself and people around me? Most of all,Did I managed to be tough, to face ridicule of people and rudeness and greediness around me? Finally, can I say that I have accepted, respected , valued and loved myself more.Totally, did I discover who really I am, my beneath strength and my higher spiritual mentor. As I step, a new milestone, I've gained wisdom that you alone strides your own pace. You alone can make it fast or slow, high or low. The power begins if you believe in yourself. If you trust Lord God above to move mountains and seek the beauty of the ocean floor. You create your own magical dream/city. No one can dictate your own happiness. As well as, no enough gadgets or money can fill your emptiness. Only you can decide what makes a gloomy day becomes a fabulous weekeend. Remember, your spirit knows if your sad or happy. It reflects your whole being. The way you interact with various things and actions counteract people within your boundaries. You can make your day brighter by thinking how grateful you are that you live another day to loved and care your families , friend and your special someone. By having a thankful heart that you experience tears flowing in your cheeks through heartbreaks and life failures and dissapointments because by that experience you learned that there is someone who can put away all the pain and hardships in life. That there is one superior being who never leaves you no matter how many mistakes you've done in your lifetime. For him, trusting and obeying his will is the only way to live a life filled with simplicity and love. As I managed to stand on the storm, all family battles and work intrigues. I've faced a new day with a loving heart, filled with courage and peacefulness of heart that he will never abandon me. As I waited, for now, I gave generously a gentle spirit , a loving and understanding soul to everyone. I claimed the power of his divine life of love for me. I freely accepted his will and put all trust in him in this new journey. I thanked everyone who been there thru my up's and down. For cheering me up and never stop listening and channeling a pool of life and joy at my side. I feel weak but awakened to various senses and supplied with spirit of hope, faith fullness and love. As I yield, a new path, may I bring a marvelof quietness of the soul, renewed spirit of hope and abundance of grace from up above.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sailing My Blues Away

As they sky emerges and creates magical colors of light. It sparkles within the black and blue green ocean.
It signals a new sunset in the horizon like the wind; it blows separates feelings of emotions that lingers in ones soul. 
Life is created with numerous bright illusions that makes us gloomy, smile with laughter or simply, be contented on being alone and sit in the shore and stare in the splitting of clouds dancing. As you awaited, another moment to feel joy in your heart.
Sailing in the blue skies expresses a deep sigh of sadness. A longing of ones soul to be complete and to be reunited again. Unknowingly, without expecting any tremendous miracle that could happen. You only savor the time and wide space of solemness. 
The smoothness of the ocean floor handles your spirit with calmness; like your being commune with our savior. In the end of the day, you will be amazed on how your surroundings gives you strength to move on forward and to believe in something good. You create your own magic of love and harmony within your soul and spirit. Even, darkness will follow. You already given the amazing will filled your life with HOPE and LOVE again.