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Best tasting Dulce De Leche Salted Caramel Cake at 5Loaves & 2Fish, QC!!!

I love cakes, chocolates and pastries. My life will never be as lively and sweet without them. Most of us, love the flavor of black forest and chocolate overload with the top selling brand of cakes in PH,  either in Red Ribbon or Goldilocks. Our family celebration will not be enough without those fabulous & sweet cakes. That's been our way of life among Filipinos. But,what if I've introduced to you new flavors of cakes. Would you try it???

Last saturday Aug.12, after our shoot for the unboxing of a new tech gadget with my 2 Blogger Buddies, Gus and kim. They invited and treat me for  dinner at 5 Loaves & 2Fish using their gc, they already been here for a food crawl. So, they wanted me to experience good tasting food in 5Loaves and 2Fish.

The place was cozy,  warm ambience, a typical food haven but what strikes me most are the bible verses and positive quotes framed hanging on their walls.

I love their interiors, from the fascade, the tables & chairs, the 2nd floor area that is overlooking at the counter, also, in the stairway going up, beside the wall there's a wooden carvings stated  "count your blessings"

So, I can sense that this place truly attracts big blessings , it is showered with abundant grace.

A large counters to cater more clients and customers. Love their parallel stripe designs on the wall. Classic, consistent and vintage looking design style.

Chairs and Tables are so colorful, its a old, wooden design like in a country barn bistro.

However, what I loved most in 5 Loaves & 2 Fish, their cakes has big servings especially, the one that I've chosen the Dulce De Leche Salted. And I'm so surprised, I can't believe how delicious it is. Until now, I can't forget the taste, its not too sweet or too salty, its perfect for my delicate & sensitive tastebuds.

One slice can cost you 140 pesos, and its worth the price. If you'll buy one whole cake, it can only cost you 1,260 pesos, I think. But, to tell you honestly, you'll be coming back for more. I've discovered the best tasting Dulce De Leche Salted Caramel Cake in the land and its located at 5Loaves & 2Fish, Holy Spirit Quezon City. Its quite far from Cavite but I'm glad I was able to went there with my buddies and savour the taste of their delicious pasta and my unforgettable sweet and salty Dulce De Leche Caramel Cake.

We also tried their beef salpicao, its tender, smooth and it has a flavorful taste.

Ofcourse, I've tried their Pasta, I wouldn't forget that on my list, I've chosen the Baked Penne with Italian Sausage, its rich in tomato red sauce, the pasta is well-cooked and the garlic bread is delicious. Overall, i love their pasta, it costs 265 pesos/ servings.

Next for our deserts, kim tried the Mokaffe Java Malt Cake, it taste like coffee with mocha flavor. Its yummlicious and it has malteezers on top that makes it more appealing and more tasteful.

Mokaffe Java Malt Cake

Here are some flavors of their cakes that you'll surely love:

New cake variants for your celebration or simply, if your craving for sweets, 5Loaves and 2Fish is the perfect place for you.

Also, I'm fond of taking pictures of different inspiring quotes hanging on the wall of their food shop, here are some frames that caught my attention. Hope,you'll be inspired and be filled with positive vibes upon seeing this one.

Watch out for more food crawling of Seraphimblue on my next food blog. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading my stories and some adventure.

Visit them and try my favorite Dulce De Leche Salted Caramel'll love it. I promise.. 

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NOVUHAIR explains the Risk of using the Word Main Effect from Side Effects:


In the medical world, it is highly recommended to use Medical Terms with their colleague but sometimes a simple mistake of using those terms without explanation can complicate things among patients. So, proper usage is advised. Because this field has full of jargons that mostly are too technical to not easily be sifted and digested by the general public, putting them in a layman’s term is indeed helpful.

A good example of which are the words “side effect” and “main effect”. These, are more often than not, interchanged or used instead of the other. Doing so is not just wrong but also dangerous to the people’s health. 

A side effect of any substance pertains to the result beyond the main or primary action that is intended by the physician giving drug prescription. The doctor, likewise, foresees this extra consequence. 

For instance, the patient might not be conscious of the side effect of unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body while using vasodilator drug called Minoxidil to treat hypertension. The physician, nevertheless, is very well aware about it, as well as other implications, such as burning or irritation of the eye, itching, and redness or irritation at the treated area. By and large, doctors suggest that patients should ignore the side effects unless serious and often alert the sick persons about their likelihood. 

But not all the side effects are boon. They are bane, too, hence, they are often used as a therapeutic benefit in the pharmaceutical industry. Like the Minoxidil which, initially was developed to treat high blood pressure. People taking it reported an unusual side effect: Hair began to grow on various parts of their bodies. In this case, the downside of the drug is controlled and employed for a beneficial and therapeutic effect judiciously. It is noted that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved prescription of two percent (2%) Minoxidil topical solution for hair loss in men in 1988 and for women in 1992.

An adverse effect, on the other hand, is identified as an outcome wherein the reaction occurs over and beyond the main and wanted action of a medicine. Both the physician and the patient don’t know about it as a consequence of taking such treatment. It can happen simply due to incorrect dosage. Undesirably, this is very harmful as it can exacerbate the prognosis of the disease. Occasionally, if the adverse effect is too serious, there might be a need for hospitalization.

Just like the Sildenafil Citrate— a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. Its most common adverse reactions (≥ 2%) include headache, flushing, dyspepsia, abnormal vision, nasal congestion, back pain, myalgia, nausea, dizziness and rash. Patients should seek emergency treatment if an erection lasts over four hours. Patients should stop Sildenafil Citrate and seek medical care if a sudden decrease or loss of hearing and also that of vision in one or both eyes.

Since side effects paired with adverse effects can be fatal and need to be reversed or given antidote immediately, a very extra cautious effort not to interchange them with the main effects in the prescription process must be always observed. After all, it’s the lives of patients at stake here. 

It’s ironic to note that people who seek treatments for their ailments or to prolong their lives become sicker or morbidly end up six feet underground simply because of such medical error. So, it’s still best to deal with health conditions like hair loss the natural way, especially with NOVUHAIR that offers the safe and natural effects. 

With 19 natural ingredients—mostly standardized herbal extracts, essential oils and co-factor nutrients—it does not only help prevent the hair loss malady, but also aid in stimulating growth of the “crowning glory.” Set aside those chemical-based topical scalp solutions out there. Choose natural, choose NOVUHAR!

Join NOVUHAIR’s survey and win tickets to the musical SOUND OF MUSIC staging at The Theatre Solaire from September 27 to October 22. For more information, visit Novuhair’s Facebook page: Novuhair Official.

NOVUHAIR is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. For more information visit, like the brand’s official Facebook Page, Novuhair Official, and follow on Twitter at @NovuhairNatural. You may also call NOVUHAIR hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575 and order online through and

Thanks for reading this Press Release For Novuhair...

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Barlico Products: Coffee substitutes that lowers your cholesterol conquers PH Market!!

An awesome news to all Filipino's, there's new exciting beverage that is affordable, safe and healthy to all our family members. It is combined with barley and chicory, a superfood ingredients that substitutes your caffeine consumption for a healthier morning routine. With a Cup of Barlico, you can enjoy a 100% caffeine free, its an alternative for people who has limitations in drinking coffee due to their medical conditions.

During the Barlico Product Launch, we met the beautiful mom and BARLICO CEO, Ms. Sasja Mulder, she discussed about the healthy benefits of drinking Barlico and where it was originated.

Barlico CEO, Ms. Sasja Mulder
What I loved most during the Launch, we were able to try Barlico's variant from Instant Black Coffee , 3In1, Cappuccino and Choco Barlico Flavor. And its my first time to taste Barley and Chicory combined in one healthy beverage. Each taste is different together with the pastries that Grand Chelsea Cafe prepared for all the guests and bloggers. The taste is distinct and unique but I love their benefits especially if it helps in lowering my bad cholesterol.

My favorite Barlico flavor is Cappucino while, my favorite desert that caught my attention is the strawberry cheese cake. Its perfect combination.

The Launch was filled with people whose eager to know the health benefits of Barlico for all Filipino's, during the Q&A, we learned a lot. So, I decided to research more about the good usage of Barley and Chicory to our body system.

Here are the Benefits of Barley & Chicory:
Barley is one of the most widely consumed cereal grains in the world. Barley is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which assures you good overall health over the long term.It has an antioxidants that helps increases immune system for overall health being of an individual.

Barley as a highly nutritious cereal, it is helpful in reducing the chances of cold and flu. It aids in proper kidney functioning and reduces gall stones formation.

However, Chicory, comes from the  lettuce and cabbage family of vegestables. A woody and fibrous roots that has the same coffee flavor when roasted and brewed. 

Chicory benefits includes: It helps normalizes the functions of the gall bladder and liver. It improves  bone density & absorption of calcium to avoid osteoporosis.

It relieves stress and anxiety that lowers chances of having heart disease, hormonal imbalance, sleeplessness and premature aging.

It detoxify harmful organisms in our body. Useful for Weight loss program.

In scientific studies, when barley & chicory  is combined which are rich in fiber, potassium, folate and vitamin B, it is proven that it helps in lowering bad cholesterol. Also, it promotes bone growth, cleanse the digestive system, improves overall kidney function, aid in urinary and reproductive health.

Barlico is available in different variants to suit every taste and preference, including Instant Coffee Substitute Granules (SRP Php 80) , 3-in-1 (SRP Php 80), Cappuccino (SRP Php 110) and Chocolate (SRP Php 120).

Starting, September 2017, Barlico Products will be available in stores and supermarkets nationwide. Currently, Barlico is available for online orders through its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

For more information, please follow them on Facebook and Instagram (barlicophilippines) and visit their website
Barlico is officially distributed by Densworth Corporation in the Philippines.

So, start a healthier lifestyle with a Cup of Barlico.

Thank you for reading my Blog  Article about Barlico Product Launching at Grand Chelsea Cafe,BGC last August 10. Learn the benefits of drinking Barley and Chicory. And Grab your favorite variant online. 

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My First Mesa 30th Filipino Food Fusion Experience in Ortigas!!!

I've discovered a distinctive Filipino Moderne Food Fusion, wherein it offers a delightful and a twist of Filipino cuisines that catches the heart of individuals who patrionizes Filipino Food. It's the newest branch of Filipino restaurant in Ayala Mall Ortigas called Mesa 30th, since, it was launched early this year.  A food haven for people who loves dining with families & friends who craves for Filipino dishes.

Nevertheless, no food fusion can match the richness of Filipino cuisine that brings a big interest to other races. Filipino's loves to eat and explore various dishes that makes us more vibrant and creative in discovering new style of cooking and preparing our favorite menu to our families and loved-ones. 

As a pure Ilocana & food blogger, I became more interested on different Filipino cuisine from popular menu to an ordinary meal. For sure, all Ilokano's will agree that we loved vegetable so much coz we have a popular dish called "diningdeng", my dad always cooked this during weekends. Also, our favorite menu at home, the pinakbet and bagnet vigan. Indeed, Ilokano people knows how to taste good food.

So, what makes Mesa 30th Filipino Moderne Restaurant at Ayala Mall Ortigas different in other  Restaurant? I believe its their unique food modern fusion that makes them known as one of the top restaurant in the metro.

Their style of preparation like for example the pinatayong manok, wherein the fried chicken is lifted upward with a a wooden carvings that makes it more inviting to their customers. Mesa 30th really boosts up their creativity that makes it more appealing to their loyal clients who craves for Filipino cuisine.

If I can describe our food experience at Mesa 30th Ayala Mall Origas ,it would be a great food tasting of Filipino Food fusion in town. It simply means, if your looking for a Filipino restaurant that serves an excellent meal with a flavorful and mouth-watering dishes. Mesa 30th is the perfect place for you and your family bonding reunions. 

If you'll ask me, if what's my favorites during our food tasting,here's my Top 3 dishes that I highly recommend:

1) Crispy Boneless Tilapia

I love the crispyness of this dish, every bite is like your tasting chicken skin but its a fish menu. Infact, it has 4 sauces that makes it more unique and tasteful.

2) Laing 2Ways

For Bicolanos and individuals, who loves vegestable and laing, this menu will surely satisfy your laing cravings. Taste this meal in two ways, isn't it exciting.


To all Fil Restaurant,I've  visited this cuisine is the one , that I'm looking forward too because I'm searching for the best Kare-kare that can satisfy my tastebuds. So far,I can rate Mesa 30th Kare-kare, a perfect 10. Its smooth & the peanut butter ingredient is so flavorful & the vegies are well-cooked.

To tour you around the place, here are the Images inside the Restaurant:

Warm ambience, elegant bubble lighting decor in the ceiling and classic type of wooden chairs that is comfortable to sit. Truly, a good venue for big gatherings. 

Here are my fabulous food phoneography images and flat lays during our Mesa 30th Food tasting experience:

Tinapa Roll

Swahe On the Rocks

Inihaw Plater

Sisig In a Pouch
My Flat lays 
Crispy Boneless Tilapia

Crispy Pata

Pinatayong Manok

Swahe on the plate

 Rice Bowl


Mesa's 30th Menus:

So, what are you waiting for, if your looking for a venue for your barkada blowout and balikbayan relatives reunion gatherings, Mesa 30th in Ayala Malls Ortigas is the right place for you. It offers big servings and wonderful Filipino food fusion at its best. Excellent service from their Manager and staff. A warm ambience and a excellent bubble light interiors and ceilings that is perfect for your instagram post. 

For your inquiries, visit their FB page:

Thank you very much for Ms. Vivienne and Mr. Mags for accomodating us and making my first Mesa food experience a memorable one. Also, big thanks to Ms. Kay Abad Manuel for choosing me as one of the food bloggers to review this place.

So, guys if your craving for Filipino food, Mesa 30th is the best place for you. Thank you for reading my blog. Hope, you enjoy seeing my food photography images. Till next Food Tasting Review. Ciao.😊

Lovelots, #Seraphimsnotes

Author/Founder of Seraphimsnotes:
Natalie R. Tugade
About the Author:
Simple Spirited Lady /Filipina Lifestyle Blogger/Social Media Enthusiasts/
Physical Therapist/ Loves Photography/ Nature /Art/ CoffeLover /Unicorn /
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