Thursday, March 24, 2016

Meeting Mark Zuckerberg and My Facebook Friends Day Experience

Last January 31, 2016, Fellow Filipino Abby Asistio flew to San Francisco and had the wonderful opportunity of being chosen as one of the eighteen invited by Facebook on their 12th Anniversary Friends Day celebration with California-based Alopecia awareness advocate, Rachel Regal. Alopecia is an autoimmune condition which results in partial or total head and body hair loss. Abby Asistio have had it since she was four while Rachel just developed it sometime in 2012, the same year she discovered that her 10-year-old daughter, Eliana, had it, too. Six inspiring stories were picked by Facebook among its 1.64 billion users and Abby’s friends were all amazed when theye’ve found out that Abby’s Alopecia story was one of them. Imagine that!

Abby and Rachel met each other through the double A hand sign campaign that Aby started in 2012, and They've been &connected& since then. Last year, Facebook Stories featured how these two were able to build a friendship, as well as campaign for disease awareness through Facebook! And last February 1st, Abby and Rachel had the chance to tour FB headquarters in Menlo Park, San Francisco, meet and chat with the people behind Facebook (Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg, COO Sheryl Sandberg, CPO Chris Cox, and a whole lot of awesome people), get crazy cool gadgets and have one of the best experiences of their lives.

Abby recounted that it was such a surreal feeling to be in the same room as the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Z was wearing his trademark look (jeans, sneakers, shirt and a big smile on his face), and had such a friendly, approachable aura and demeanor about him. Not at all intimidating! He shared stories about how the company started, its mission-vision, the ups and downs that come along, and their future plans. Those invited also had the chance to ask him questions. When Mark Z was asked about achieving success and life’s “impossibilities”. He said, “There’s a difference between impossible and things taking a really long time. Even if you’re not going to be able to do something in a short time period, if you care about something, you want to see the world to move into that direction… So the best thing to do is just get started and not be discouraged. It’s tough because this stuff is hard, or else people would’ve already done it.”

Abby Asistio got the chance to ask a question to one of the world’s 50 most powerful, successful women in business, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Aside from Alopecia awareness, Abby is also an active Real Beauty advocate with girls and women struggling with various insecurities, being so consumed by the world’s unrealistic and sometimes superficial standards of beauty. So Abby asked Sheryl about her perception of it. Sheryl said that beauty is just like success and that no one could really define it for you. We are all unique. We have different stories, dreams and desires. We should explore our own inner and outer beauty, believe and embrace that we are beautiful, and never allow anyone to tell us otherwise.

Mark capped off his talk by sharing their company philosophy with everyone present. Though already having over 1 billion subscribers, there are still 7 billion people all over the world without access to all the meaningful connections and information that Facebook brings. One thing that the company stands by is that “things are always 1% completed”. It keeps them grounded, reminding them that there is always so much work, growth and progress to be done, and so many people to reach out to and help. 

Everything about the Facebook trip was overwhelming and inspiring according to Abby. More than anything, it reminded her about “responsibility”. We are all given our own platforms, in this case “accounts and connections”, to make a dent in this world. It is up to us to become complacent and take these vehicles for granted, or maximize the opportunities and use them to make a positive impact in this generation. Abby is grateful that Facebook has become a medium for her to communicate disease awareness and touch people beyond the confines of her tiny room and her country. Abby is also glad that she and Rachel are two out of millions of people choosing to recognize the importance of social media in contributing to making this world a better place, and actually doing something about it.

Truly, God plans the best adventures and creates the most beautiful surprises. Abby knows that she wouldn't have been handpicked for this if it weren't for Him, as well as the countless individuals who have cared and showed support for my advocacy. Abby would like to leave a positive thought to everyone that we should really take the time to search for and identify our “purpose” – that one unique, very specific calling that is the result of our talents, dreams, desires, passions and experiences. Once you find it, be faithful to it no matter how long or difficult the journey towards its fulfillment may be. You’ll never know where it could lead to, how far it could go and how large it could grow. Abby is also thankful that her campaign continues to spread and reach new heights and she is particularly grateful to Facebook for giving her this opportunity and to Novuhair, Nature's Answer to Hair Loss (, for always being so supportive of her advocacy and endeavors. Abby is proud and honored to have represented the Philippines and the Alopecia community in this once-in-a-lifetime, international event. 

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Alopecia Awareness Campaign in FB 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ZALORA Summer Sandals You MUST HAVE!!

Yes, ladies! It's time to show your beautiful feet and sexy body in the beach. Feel the heat of the wave. 

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Live your Imagination at Victoria Court Hotel Room Accomodation!

Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Victoria Court… What do these three have in common? If you get it, then you get us. 

Victoria Court is a chain of hotels in the heart of Metro Manila. From the moment our guests arrive, they are immediately immersed in an extra sensory environment that is tailor-fit to each uniquely themed room. Want to be Batman for a day? We can do that for you. Is being a princess more your thing? Not a problem. No fantasy is too small for our group of intrepid employees who stop at nothing to make sure that our guests are happy from the time they check-in to the time they checkout. Our state-of-the-art themed suites whisk our guests away to wherever their heart desires. Our talented chefs make sure that each taste bud is tickled with every bite of our award winning dishes. 

In an industry that is mostly operated in a mom and pop fashion, Victoria Court has broken the industry stereotype and raised the bar for the last 30 years. Setting the standard requires constant reinvention, so we are constantly sharpening the saw and experimenting with ideas to improve ourselves. Our training doesn't just cover technical aptitude but focuses as well on the holistic development of every employee as inspired by our founder. In short, we spend a lot of time and money in equipping our people because we believe that the key to our success is in them. Happy employees equal happy guests. 

Joining the team ensures that, like our rooms, no two days will be alike. You will be working with passionate, fun-loving, and extremely creative individuals whose main goal is to make our guests forget the humdrum of everyday life, even if just for a few hours. With fantastic benefits ensuring the growth of our employees, working with us means that you'll be working with a smile, day in and day out. 

Need more proof? Our former employees are so good that others in our industry hire them no questions asked. 

Join us. Feel the distinction.

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Possibility of more affordable European cars revealed at 1st European Motor Show

The recent 1st European Motor Show in the Philippines flaunted European excellence in automotive engineering and design and held open the possibility European cars could become more affordable through a Free Trade Agreement between the Philippines and the European Union.

The three -day show featured some 20 magnificent cars of various classes from iconic European brands such as Audi, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Porsche, Volkswagen and Volvo famous for their fabulous luxury, eco-friendly auto technology and high safety standards. There was also a display of classic cars from the collection of European car clubs that participated in the event.

European motorcycle makers such as BMW Motorrad, Ducati and IMZ-Ural exhibited a dozen of their superbikes during the event while MAN showcased a passenger-friendly bus suitable for Metro Manila road conditions.

The opening ceremonies of the event were led by Ambassador Franz Jessen, European Union head of delegation to the Philippines, and Guenter Taus, president of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP). Ambassador Jessen mentioned during the press briefing that while European car brands are technologically competitive, these are disadvantaged by high duties and taxes. 

He noted that a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will be able to address this issue, as well as help the Philippines in its development plans. The FTA should also help boost business ties and trade between the Philippines and the EU. The first round of FTA discussions is expected to start here in May with a second round to be held later this year in Europe.

Taus said the FTA will contain provisions that will modify customs duties and other barriers to trade, services and investment. The elimination or reduction of customs duties should significantly level the playing field for European brands vis-à-vis Japanese brands given the latter enjoy preferential tariffs under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement or JPEPA.

The well-attended event at Bonifacio High Street was co-funded by the European Union and organized by Fairs & More, Inc. (FMI), a subsidiary of ECCP. The show was organized in cooperation with the EU-Philippines Business Network (EPBN), which includes the Belgian, British, European, French, German, Italian, Nordic and Spanish chambers of commerce.

It was supported by co-presenter Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation that briefed visitors on Euro IV fuel standards, as well as by sponsors MAN and JEC Philippines and media partner CNN Philippines

Also displayed at the motor show were different European-made automotive products, components, and tools. A crowd pleaser was a full-scale replica of a Formula 1 racing car that could be driven on a virtual race track. The racer was provided by Asian Replicas and transported by Ex-Works.

Children learned about road safety at the Volkswagen play tents. There were also well-received seminars about road safety, automotive lighting and mass transport systems.

EU Ambassador Franz Jessen and ECCP President Guenter Taus lead the ribbon cutting that officially opened the 1st European Motor Show at Bonifacio Global City on March 12, 2016. In the photo (from right to left) are Matthieu Penot of the EU Delegation; JP Orbeta, President and CEO of Volkswagen; Austrian Ambassador Dr. Josef Muellner; Ambassador Jessen; Dr. Andree Buhl, German Commercial Counselor; Guenter Taus; Chris Nelson, British Chamber President; Florian Gottein, ECCP Vice President; Atty. Cesar C. Cruz, ECCP Corporate Secretary; Alessia Reyes, Italian Chamber Director and Emmanuel de Ghellinck, BFBC representative.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Women of Trumbo

In celebration of Women’s Month, we bring you the three ladies of TRUMBO the movie.

Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo’s acclaimed career comes to a crushing halt in the late 1940s when he and other Hollywood figures are blacklisted for their political beliefs. But all throughout this tumultuous period of his life, he was surrounded by very strong women ---friend, family, and foe.

The first lady is of course lovely wife, Cleo Trumbo, magnificently played by Diane Lane. Cleo was a former child performer who supported her mother and brother as a youngster. She epitomized Hollywood glamour but also had the strength of character to stand up to her headstrong husband. When Cleo and Trumbo first met, she was a carhop at a Hollywood drive-in where her talent for juggling water glasses made her a favorite with customers. Taken with both her beauty and her spirit, Trumbo quickly proposed. She turned him down flat and even returned the outsized tips he tried to leave her, but Trumbo’s persistence eventually paid off and Cleo remained by his side throughout his ordeals.

Cleo was the emotional anchor for Trumbo. She allowed her husband to get all of the attention. Similarly, Diane is a very generous, giving actress, who recognized that she was going to play second fiddle to Bryan, the way Cleo did to Dalton. She was not only comfortable with that, but she created a kind of stillness that represented what Cleo did in real life.

Although Cleo had the looks and charisma to be a film star, she chose to focus on being a wife and mother. She was very devoted to her husband and her children and her determination to protect them gave her strength. Lane says that while she had heard of the Hollywood Ten and Trumbo, she learned much more while shooting the film. “I became convinced that this story needed to be told,” she adds. “It’s frightening how little history people, myself included, are aware of. The human drama behind it is shocking. This story will be relevant as long as patriotism can be hijacked by whatever group is in charge.”

Nikola ‘Niki’ Trumbo, played admirably by Elle Fanning, is still fiercely proud and protective of her father’s legacy. “He believed Congress had no right to compel him to give testimony about his political beliefs,” says Niki. “I think he was stunned to have lost that battle. This is a story about a man who held true to his own beliefs and principles. We can all aspire to be that kind of hero, whatever our flaws and weaknesses may be.”

According to Nikola, the film makers “did a remarkable job of recreating the complexity and passion of my relationship with my father. He and I were, I think, very much alike – stubborn, very determined and challenging. It’s no surprise we butted heads a lot of the time.”

The real-life Niki Trumbo has high praise for Elle Fanning, the then 16-year-old actress who portrays her in a startlingly mature performance that takes the character from age 13 to 31. It became clear to Fanning through her contact with Trumbo that everyone in the family were victims of the blacklist. “They had to change their entire lives and live in secret,” she says. “Niki couldn’t tell anyone who her dad was or what he did. There’s already so much pressure as a teenager without adding to that, but she came out a fighter. Her sense of right and wrong saved her. And that came from her father.”

And lastly, our main protagonist Hedda Hopper, grandly played by Dame Helen Mirren. Hopper was a stage actress before becoming a contract player in silent movies. She managed to make the transition to talkies, but her film career was not a glittering success. When the roles started drying up, she transferred her substantial energy into becoming a very influential Hollywood columnist with a very large readership. And that she as was good at.“Helen is a consummate professional and all about the work,” says producer Monica Levinson. “She was incredibly wonderful and you could tell everyone on set felt like we were in the presence of Hollywood royalty. She brought a very human element to Hedda Hopper, who essentially is the villain of the film.”

Mirren was enthralled by the story and setting of Trumbo. “How interesting Hollywood was at that time,” she exclaims. “Hollywood was an extraordinary construct, fed by publicity, by the Hedda Hoppers of the world, by the publicity agents and by the studios. There were titans abroad, all the great, great movie stars and filmmakers.”

Also, part of the attraction was the opportunity to work with Cranston whom she has admired for a long time. Mirren quips, “Working with Bryan was like being with an old friend. Actors watch each other’s work and we can develop certain little crushes on each other. Bryan has always been one of those actors for me.” And Mirren is a lover of hats, as was Hopper. She was once deemed worst-dressed at the Golden Globes for her hat, but in 'Trumbo', Mirren rocks the awesome accessory.

According to Mirren, Hopper truly believed she was fighting for what was best for America and for ideals that many Americans believed in. “The political dialogue hasn’t changed much. There is still a battle between those who believe that we have an obligation to look after people who are vulnerable and those who believe in individualism and self-determination.”
So, who “run the world?”

WATCH Trumbo in cinemas beginning March 16.!!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Transformation of Modern Filipina at Creamsilk!!!

I attended one of the prestigious event in the country last Saturday night Jan. 23, 2016 at World Trade Center Tent,Roxas Blvd. Wherein Creamsilk will unvail The Transformations of the Modern Filipina. As we all know,Creamsilk has been the Top most brand of Women's conditioner in the Philippines.

The tent was filled with beautiful and confident ladies wearing black outfit,symbolizing the strength,uniformity & elegance of being a Filipina.

At the entrance,you can see the crew of different top magazines, MEG,Cosmopolitan,Preview,Metro,Yes & MEGA.

The Program was highlighted with its newest campaign: Creamsilk Transformations: Spotlight  on the #Modern Filipina  who strive to become the best version of themselves & their journeys for transformation.

1st Public Appearance after reigning Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach

the modern filipina: Julie Ann San Jose,Coleen Garcia,Nadine Lustre, Heart Evangelista ,Rachelle Ann Go & Yassi Pressman

Gone are the days of long dress & Maria Clara Mode.,women are slowly climbing up the ranks & embracing bigger roles of responsibility in the society. As Gina Lorenza- Unilever VP stated, Modern Filipina has become a beacon & a spotlight, fierce & trailblazing individual determined to realize her dreams & make a positive mark in the world.

The Transformation of hair upon using CreamSilk!!!

Here are some photos:

The Modern Filipina is not only ready to capture the spotlight, worldstage, movie & capture new heights. But, modern Filipina are brave enough to capture the real vision of Life.
Modern Filipina knows want they want and they get it with 
perseverance, sacrifice,love of thyself,faith in God & 
with a beautiful confident HEART because you are 
destined to follow your dreams to be happy & simply be 
amazing with the help of Creamsilk.
To transform you to be a #MODERN FILIPINA

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