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Camaya Coasts: A Serene Paradise at the comfort of Nature. (Leisure Plus Investment Equals Happy Living)

Having a peaceful vacation gives you a clear vision of what you really want in life. Spending time with a wondrous place makes your mind at ease. It gives you good insights in making a rightful decision on what path you'll be leading to.

Nature is a friend of mine because it calms my nerves and gives me joy. Upon seeing God's majestic creations uplifts my soul with great happiness.

That is why, I'm very glad that my good friend Bette Medina invited me for a tour at Camaya Coast.

After, my Baler Trip last Nov.11-14, my next stop is at Camaya Coasts in Mariveles, Bataan last Nov.18. Indeed, I love seeing the blue skies above me. I love to hear the sounds of the splashes of waters that comforts my spirit.

So, as we arrived at the port in One Esplanade Terminal MOA around 515AM with my honey JM. Bette told us that the registration starts at 530AM. So, we waited and catch up for a while.  Finally, we board the ferry going to Camaya around 630AM. And, At 7AM,the engines starts, we landed at the shore of Camaya Coasts around 845AM. The travel time is shortened due to good weather and a smooth sailing of the Camaya Coast Ferry guided with our creator.

As we drop-off the island and walk carefully on the floaters. I can't help myself to be mesmerized. The place is so beautiful.

Let's start our tour, first, we went at the vacant lots and golf course that are still under-development. Thru, Mr. Jayson L. Datu, Senior Property Consultant of Camaya. He delightedly show us the place and discussed all the good benefits of having a home inside the vicinity of the coasts.

Hectares of Land that are still Under -development for Golf Course & other amenities.

Good Investment for Leisure and Happy Nature Living

Mr. Jayson L. Datu,Senior Property Consultant
The place is on-going with construction and development especially in the housing residence unit. Next year, a theme park will be operational and it will boosts their revenues. People will be more interested to visit the place.

Model House

Watch this  Video, to see the majestic view
of the ocean and the land where
the golf course will be built.

After the tour, we went dipping in the shallow waters and even tried the infinity pool. I love this place so much. Definitely, I will return and bring some friends who is willing to invest at this beautiful location..

Photo Gallery:

Our Camaya Coasts Ferry:

Boarding Time around 630 AM

Inside the Ferry

Groufie with my Blogger Friends

Touch Down in Mariveles Bataan
 before 9AM

Touchdown Selfie 

You need to walk on the floaters to reach the wooden bridge. I'm quite scared because I need to maintain my balance and coordination or I might fell on the waters.  So, you need to walk gently on the centerline. 

Meet my good friend Bette Medina,
She's the one who invited me here.
Thank you for this Camaya Coasts Adventure. I won't forget this. 

Looking for Coffee and Pizza. Camaya Coasts has Figaro and Yellow Cab... Awesome!!!

You'll love this serene place and its shallow and salty water. 

For people who loves to swim in a pool, Camaya Coasts has an Infinity Pool
 just for you.

Camaya Coasts Video

Groufie Photos:

For more inquiries, just write some comment below. If you want to tour around this beautiful Camaya Coast and experience the beautiful sunset in Bataan. Just send me some message thru my email: I'll reply as soon as I read your message.

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Hope, you enjoy browsing it.❤🌊🌞❤

Reminiscing my 2017 Travel Adventure in Mariveles Bataan. . .

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Soft Launching of Home168 with a Discount Promo!!!

HOME 168 Celebrates Soft Launch with Discount Rate
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Home 168 Manila, a subsidiary, today soft-launched its accommodations and services to customers. Being the pioneer of dormitories, made with recycled container vans in Manila. Home 168 delivers affordable and structurally sound housing and amenities to their tenants. 

According to Home 168 Management, there are different social classes for people. Class A, B, C, D and E. The class A and B usually buy condos for themselves. We want to target the class C and below because our accommodation has a higher quality, living standard than what they normally go through every day.

Located in the center of Manila, close to transportation hubs and landmarks. Home 168 has chosen a strategic position for its tenants to be close to the places that matter to them the most. May it be their school, work, business, etc. Also, being close to commercial areas, gives them plenty of options for their basic needs such as laundry shops, convenience stores, computer shops, supermarkets and many more.

Home 168 Manila welcomes you with its Colorful, Convenient, Comfortable, Clean and Cozy dormitory spaces for as low as PHP 2,800/month.  Upgrade your life by moving into the fun and safe Home 168 Manila community now.  Home 168 Manila offers:
    More than 500 bed spaces for tenants
     Free mineral water
    Free electricity and water
 Free 100 Mbps WiFi
      Spacious outdoor amphitheater style work, study and charging station 
 24/7 Security with stationed Security Guards and 8-channel CCTV on all key areas of the dormitory   compound
   Private lockers
     2-Storey Bath Room Facility with 56 shower rooms, 48 toilet with bidet, 8 washing area and 8 Urinals
    Free Breakfast from Mondays to Fridays
    Free Cinema on Weekends

It can be really traffic in Manila during rush hour, especially in the Christmas season.   “Manila dwellers spend the third longest average time in Asia; being stuck in traffic every day at 66 minutes,” as stated in an article at The Philippine Star.

Home 168 Manila also makes it easier for students to study; and employees to work in Manila. Reducing the need for them to go through the daily grind of commuting.  Tenants may choose to unwind and relax at its unique outdoor yet roofed amphitheater.

Customers who have reserved prior to the opening dates, may now move in to their desired units. Not only that, but the first 50 people who book for 9 people, will be able to book an additional person free of charge.

About Home 168 Manila:  is a 1332 sq. m project of Home 168 Manila in Malate, Manila. Established in December 18, 2017. Home 168 Manila wants to bring affordable accommodation and reliable services to the basic needs of employees and students.

Hurry and Inquire now!!!

Follow their social media accounts at and

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Barbie Musical Instruments distributed by Jen1ne Distributor Inc.

Photo Credits: Barbie Facebook Page
Every little girl wish to have their own Barbie Doll & Play set. It's one of the famous toy since I was a child. Ofcourse, I have a few collections of Barbie Dolls and they look stunning, explicitly beautiful and fashionable. I love changing their clothes, from long gowns, swim wear to casual clothing. Every girl had encountered playing it,once in there life.

But, nowadays, Barbie Products are still famous from clothing line and school supplies. And, I found out that there's one manufacturer who customized musical instruments wherein Barbie designs are created.

It is Jen1ne Distributor Incorporated (est. 2009), one of the leading musical instrument distributors in the Philippines, and is responsible for establishing D&D Custom Guitars among others which, in only a few years’ time, has rose to become one the leading guitar brands in the Philippines. (

Jen1ne Distributor Inc’s goal is to provide Filipinos with quality instruments while still resting in an affordable price range. The company continuously works with local artists such as Barbie Almalbis, Manuel Legarda, Raymund Marasigan and the like to be able to produce engaging products and effective marketing activations.

Recently, Jen1ne Distributor Incorporated, aside from catering to its dealers nationwide, has also opened its first pilot branch in Glorietta and has been followed up with a flagship store in SM Mall of Asia. Student discounts: 10%off just present your kids school I.D.

Barbie Musical Instrument is also available at D&D Guitars in SM Mall of Asia.

Imagine, your favorite Barbie Character printed on your musical instruments. It brings you happiness and it inspires you to create wonderful music. And, those Barbie Accoustic Guitar can be added to your Barbie Collectables.  Here are some Barbie Designs in Guitars and Drumset:

Price: 3,300 pesos

Price: 8,980 pesos

Price: 5,500

Price: 6,900 pesos

Here are the following stores where you can get this fabulous Musical Instruments:

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Safeguard Happy Tune Video with Pambansang Bae, Alden Richards!!

A Happy Tune this Christmas Season!!!

New Handwashing Music Video of Alden Richards Sets the Tune for a worry-free Christmas
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‘Tis the season to be jolly and worry-free; as Safeguard, the nation’s leading soap that stands for germ-protection; sets the tune for a healthy Christmas celebration with the newest hand-washing music video, “Five Hugas ng Krismas.”

Featuring the charming voice of local celebrity and “Pambansang Bae” Alden Richards, the music video stresses the importance of having clean hands this Yuletide season through a colorful and energetic finger-tutting choreography set to a classic Christmas melody. This is Safeguard’s creative response to an alarming discovery from the first Philippine Handwashing Index (PHI), with results showing that most Filipinos do not wash their hands regularly and diligently. PHI is a breakthrough study commissioned by Safeguard to have a closer look at the hand-washing habits of Filipinos.

The message of the music video is simple yet impactful: “Ang bawat hugas, dapat Safeguard hugas”. This means only trusting the best when it comes to germ-protection.

Five Non-Negotiables On When To wash your Hands:
*Before mag-mano
*After banyo
*Before kumain
*After playing,
*Before mag-bonding

“A joyful Christmas is a Christmas that is spent with family and friends – happy and worry-free. A lot of us take hand-washing for granted, and since is it a good way to prevent illnesses, it’s important to remind the people to continuously wash their hands the Safeguard way,” says Alden Richards.

Director Sid Maderazo and Assistant Director Manman Angsico, a veteran theater actor and vocal coach, are the masterminds behind the creative execution of the “Five Hugas ng Krismas” music video. In it, the finger-tutting choreography features five hands that represent the five points of the star – reminiscent of the Filipino Christmas parol. For the background, sliding panels and creative props help depict the different times one should remember to wash their hands, specifically during those festive moments that define a Filipino Christmas. From bonding with the family over karaoke, to digging in on the delicious spread of local rice cakes, the music video is a fun and creative way to create awareness about the value of hand-washing.

“Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the most challenging. The intention was to shoot the scenes seamlessly with live moving backgrounds. The easy route was to use green screen, but where’s the fun in that? It was all about great team work from everyone involved, and in the goal of sharing about an advocacy worth sharing to kids and the young-at-heart alike,” shares Director Sid Maderazo.

Clean hands for every Filipino

Five Hugas ng Krismas music video,  of Safeguard aims to address the serious problem with the poor hand-washing habits of Filipinos, which was uncovered by the first Philippine Handwashing Index.

Studies shown that seven out of ten Filipinos claim to wash their hands with soap after using a public toilet, but only two really do. To add, only water is being used when hand-washing by 60% of women before cooking, and 40% of women before feeding their kids

Children are the most prone to sickness, yet 66% of Filipinos have noticed or witnessed children not washing hands after using the toilet; and 40% of Filipinos do not wash their hands before touching young children.

“The results of the Philippine Handwashing Index prompted Safeguard to come up with a creative solution to keep hand-washing a top-of-mind habit in every home. Through “Five Hugas ng Krismas”, we want to work together to instill proper hand-washing habits in time of the holiday season, where Filipinos touch and and are in frequent contact with relatives and friends,” explains Jia Salindong-Du, Safeguard Philippines Brand Manager.

For over five decades, Safeguard has been a dedicated hand-washing advocate, promoting proper hand-washing habits with a wide range of antibacterial soaps that provide family protection against germs for up to 24 hours.

Watch and share the Five Hugas ng Krismas music video to spread awareness about the proper handwashing habits this season of joy.
Five Hugas Ng Krismas with
Richard Alden

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Attigoph supports community program of World Vision!!!

AttiGO and World Vision Development Foundation (WVDF)
#AttiGO #WorldVisionDevelopmentFoundation #WorldVision #WVDF #BloggersPhilippines

Early this year, AttiGO and World Vision Development Foundation (WVDF) collaborated to form a platform where in online shopping could also be associated with charity. As we all know, AttiGO is the country's newest online shop while World Vision aims to improve lives of over 20,000 children and 16 million people in 33 provinces and 44 cities in the Philippines. And, unusual their partnership turns into good idea to express generosity and kindness to our fellow Filipino.

The voucher codes gives discounts for shoppers to buy AttiGO products and the proceeds will go straight to World Vision.  It gives opportunities to AttiGO's customers to help raise funds for a child's schooling and provide sustainable livelihood to sponsored families. Furthermore, customers can freely donate to their chosen charities. 

As many said, "It's better to give than to receive." and the funds that will be raise  for WVDF will be used to buy Noche Buena packages to their partner communities. And, help support the different community programs of the World Vision.

Bring back the real meaning of the holiday season. Use this code and get Discount on AttiGO Products and support a Noche Buena Pack for less-fortunate families:

Product Code: "WorldVision60th" and visit their website, for more amazing Attigo Products, 

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Co Ban Kiat Hadware Inc. (CBKHI):Leading Supplier for Hardware Store!!!

#CBKHardware #CBK #HardwarePh #BloggersPhilippines

A Pioneer Hardware Brand in the Philippines named: Co Ban Kiat Hardware Incorporated which has withstood the test of time. It all started in the 1920 when the family patriarch Mr. Cobankiat opened a store in the heart of the Manila Chinatown under the name of Co Ban Kiat Hardware. Business resumed after World War II but it was not until after three years later, in 1948, that the company recovered. It was reconstructed on the very same spot where it stood before the war.

Co Ban Kiat Hadware Inc. (CBKHI), also known as the “House of Improvements”, has been the forefront of homebuilding supplies. From selling nails and iron wires as their main products, CBKHI has evolved and is now considered as one of the country’s leading suppliers of the top-of-the-line hardware materials. 

Driven by excellence, CBKHI initiated the retail concept for hardware stores in the country by putting up the Hardware Workshop Store.

To cater to the growing demand of industrial and construction industries, CBKHI transformed itself by providing corporations with tangible solutions to address their primary concerns on safety and quality.

This also paved way to the birth of Coby’s Design Center in Edsa Shangri La in 1996. This specialty store offers a wide array of products that showcase versatility and Innovativeness to suit the discriminating tastes of the modern Filipino.

In 1997, Mr. Johnny Cobankiat took the advantage in bringing a franchise of Ace Hardware USA in the country with Cobankiat Hardware as one of its suppliers. Recently, CBKHI expanded its distribution channel. Now, its the leading suppliers in all major retail or home improvement stores in the country.

With its nearly a century’s excellence and guided by its vision to be the largest network supplier of the biggest brands in the world in the hardware industry, CBKHI resolve to work at sourcing the best products to supply its customers anytime and every time.

Brands We Carry:
Some of Our Retail Partners:

Some of Our Completed Projects:

Some of Our Clients in Industrial Sector:

To know more about our products and services, please visit our website or follow our Facebook account

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