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Seraphimsnotes: Sunlife Prosperity Card, the new revolution and innovation of mutual funds!!!

"Passion is the beginning of Success" by Robert Kiyosaki
Prosperity and abundance comes in many forms!!

I read a quote, that entails that if you invest either in small or big businesses, you need to think of yourself first. You need to Invest wisely, avoid expectations to anyone and be willing to compromise thyself for your good welfare. You need to find your unique characteristics, focus on your strengths and persevere it. Look for your passion, work harder and spend your money in a profitable cause. Prosperity will occur at the right hour with right sacrifice and perseverance.

Like,  the new products of Sun Life Financial, Sun Life Prosperity Card blossoms with perfect timing. It is an investment card worth 5000 pesos, which may be invested in any of peso denominated mutual funds managed by Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) under its Sun Life Prosperity Funds. The first of its kind in the market, it has revolutionized mutual funds in the Philippines.

AUGUST 19, 2016

With Sun Life Prosperity Card, you can easily get the hitch to start your #DreamGoals in Life!!!!

Dream Goals includes:
#Retirement Plans
#Estate Transfer
#Being Enterpreneur
#Travel Abroad
#Income Continuation

It's your flagship for achieving Financial
Freedom!!! A milestone for Life Savings!!!
Ensuring Future Incomes!!!

Indeed, Sun Life Financial in the Philippines has been the largest and most trusted insurers in the country with almost a million policy holders. Today, during Sun Life Prosperity Launch, I've met the newest Ambassador of  SLAMCI, the role model of Milennials in terms of sports and the most in demand young artist of Dolce Amore Cast, Matteo Guidicelli.

Now, Matteo represents the side of millennials in Sun Life, he is the newest celebrity endorser for Sun Life Financial who understands the true meaning of investment wherein he embraces a new challenge for his money life investsments for a brighter future goals.

With his latest TV Commercial, wherein he brags himself in 2 Persona, one guy who values materials possessions, new gadgets or phones and a credit card which he can spend all his savings lavishly. While,  there's another matured matteo, who understands that having a Sun Life Prosperity Card brings you a promising future that can significantly change the way you perceive life.

Matteo explains that having a Sun Life Prosperity Card allows him to have a financial freedom to choose right investment. His filled with glee that he will continue his good practice in terms of saving his hard earn money in his showbiz career and his restaurant business in Cebu. Also, he mentioned that in investing your money, you need to be more patient, like in doing sports, it needs a lot of discipline as well as in showbiz career, there will always be a right project destined for you, all you just need to do, is to wait and it will have good outcome. "It is always worth the wait" said matteo.

However, he encouraged everyone that we need to manage our own money for personal economic resources while, working toward a long term financial security in the future. 

During, the Q & A, with (R-L) Ms. Valerie N. Pama, President of SLAMCI, Matteo Guidicelle, Celebrity Endorser, Maria Charina Fuentes, Head Strategic Dev't and Training of SLAMCI

Other Photos taken at Sun Life Prosperity Launch:

SLAMCI has 52.7 B Assets under Management and largest Balanced Fund in the Market!!!

Is Matteo investing for his future with Sarah, her girlfriend? His answer is Yes! I'm very happy that his matured enough to think of Sarah's welfare in the future. If  they will have a family together... they will have a fruitful one because of Matteo's investment in Sun Life Asset Management Company. Yes, I'm a Sarah Fanatic and my heart jumps for glee that she had the right choice in making Matteo his boyfriend because his a responsible guy.

Sun Life Prosperity Card is a gift card that provides a convenient access for mutual funds investments and an ideal gift for all ages in any occasions.
Having a Sun Life Prosperity Card builds Emergency Fund and simply, invest for Life Goals.

Ms. Valerie N. Pama, President of SLAMCI

SLAMCI Pres.  explained  that thru SLAMCI's new TVC , it encourages audiences to begin their investment journey with Sun Life Prosperity Card because its easy and convenient way to start a brighter future."

Also, she mentioned that thru Matteo's TVC, " We want Filipino's especially the Youth , to start investing in Mutual Funds, instead of  spending their money in trendy items , why not invest in long term goals  and watch it grows throughout the years."

Ms. Mylene Lopa, Chief Marketing Officer
 of Sun Life Financial Philippines

Ms. Lopa has a brief discussion about Sun Life  #Money For Life, it is a Sun's Life's unique life stage and needs based approach to HOLISTIC financial planning to ensure that clients have money for every stage of their life. It has four stages which includes:

a) Getting Started -Building Independence & Confidence
b) Preparing Ahead - Nurturing my Health and Wellness
c) Moving Up - Prioritizing family above all.
d) Leaving a Legacy - Ensuring lasting golden years

A Money For Life Campaign aims to empower Filipino's  to choose financial independence , to take action by financial advisors and also, to create a brighter future in the PH for a collective action towards financial economic growth of individuals.

Furthermore, Sun Life Prosperity Card is a revolutionized and innovative products of SLAMCI for mutual funds investment. So, Millenials,  start your  journey with prosperity, get Sun Life Prosperity Card, time to think of your future while, enjoying the perks of life. Simply, Invest your time and money wisely. 

Choose Sun Life Prosperity Card.  If your one of the generation who takes risk and craving for success. Learn and listen from someone whose already been there, who already reached the peak. If you need some pointers to have your financial independence, reached out for SLAMCI financial advisors and sign up for Sun Life Prosperity Card, now!!!!! It's never too late for your self investment.

Six Lucky Guests Bloggers & Media who won  Sun Life Prosperity Card IG Contest 

Thru Sun Life Prosperity Card, it's given that "When you invest you are buying a day that you don't have to work." - Aya Laraya
The Prosperity Tree with Matteo Guidicelli

Visit Sun Life Financial Website: 

Bear in mind, if your still doubtful in investing your money, here's some quote to linger on.
"If you don't feel comfortable owning something for 10 years, then don't own it for 10 minutes"-Warren Buffet !!!

Invest for your dream goals in Life!!!

Here's some fabulous photos with my Fellow Bloggers during Sun Life Prosperity Launch:
Denise, Jared and Seraphimblue

 Ms. Lani, Arnel, Jared and Seraphimblue again!!!
 Arnel, Denise, Jared and Seraphimblue

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Millenials For A Financially Prepared Generation!!!

SUN LIFE’S #liveBrighter Campaign:  

Millenials have their own financial freedom.
Millenials can Live, Learn and Save for the Future!!!

The new generation of workforce, the Millenials, wants to grow with a company that respects their individuality while being part of a noble cause. Such opportunity is possible when one becomes a Financial Advisor. This is a door that Sun Life (of Canada) Philippines, Inc. opens wider with a recruitment drive called #LiveBrighter. It aims to present the profession as a career choice for Millennials who wish to have the time and resources to pursue their passions as they advocate financial foresight and planning.

“Millennials are known to be slashers as they juggle a lot of things live travelling, blogging, and other passion projects on top of their regular 8-5 jobs. It sounds very aspirational but how can they sustain this in terms of time and resources?” said Sun life Recruitment Manager Fin Bernardo. “With that in mind, we see that the profession of a Financial Advisor is a perfect fit for their lifestyle,” added Bernardo.

After introducing the Financial Advisor in popular culture thru its engagement with Cinema One’s Single/Single, Sun Life dishes out the #LiveBrighter Sessions. This is a series of meet-ups to show how a Financial Advisor lives up to the demands and rewards of the profession. It aims to reach more Millennials and send them the message that their dream job is just here all along.

Guided by the core values of a Sun Life Financial Advisor- caring, professional, inspiring, and winning - #LiveBrighter Sessions will give a taste of the benefits one can enjoy in choosing this particular career path. More than the chance to earn unlimited income, it also provides perks such as all-expense travel and the freedom to work with an unbridled schedule.

With more Filipinos keen on getting insurance and investment products, the possibilities for new Advisors are endless. “We need more Financial Advisors to educate Filipinos on the importance of preparing for unexpected life’s events and offer them solutions that let them have Money For Life,” explained Bernardo.

Choose to #LiveBrighter now. Register to the next #LiveBrighter Forum by visiting bit.ly/LiveBrighter.

About Sun Life Financial

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies, a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of protection and wealth products and services to individuals and corporate customers. Sun Life Financial and its partners have operations in key markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of March 31, 2016, the Sun Life Financial group of companies had total assets under management of $861 billion. 

Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippines (PSE) stock exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.

Millenials has the capacity to choose right investment by asking some help with financial experts like SunLife Financial Advisors which gives them an edge to makes things right and prepare for their future needs. Millenials is empowered by their strength, determination and will to reach their dreams. They are focus in one goal, to reach the top and earn more....

Definitely, Millenials has brighter future with

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Seraphimsnotes: Hey Joe Show captures the heart of Filipino's!!!!


Dubbed as “Hey Joe Show : Amerikanong Bisaya 2016 Philippines Tour”,online sensations “Hey Joe Show” composed of Sumner, Tylan, Davis , Jake and Connor toured the country through a series of  13 shows in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Upon serving their mission in Cebu, they have learned one of our native dialect which is Bisaya. They used those language to interact with people. 

Indeed, by blood, they are Americans but Filipinos by heart. Their recent tour to the country has confirmed their popularity and influence as all of their shows nationwide were jampacked with fans screaming and wanting to take pictures with them. They did a series of shows in Visayas - Dumaguete, Negros and Cebu, in Mindanao – Iligan , CDO , Davao, General Santos and Dipolog and for the first time in Luzon – Bacoor, Batangas, Muntinlupa and Quezon City.

These crazy, funny,  good natured guys from Utah who became a tremendous hit on social media – Facebook and Youtube because of their fluency in Bisaya, has earned their popularity in the Philippines. Still, making waves online that increases their followers day by day especially with their PH Tour!!!

Not only do they speak Bisaya fluently but they can also sing in the vernacular and yes, move to the latest dancefloor tunes and crack jokes in unique “Hey Joe Show” fashion.  Because of their huge following, they are able to score video guestings with celebrities and government officials. Only recently, they were able to meet and have a video with President Duterte himself and there are definitely more to come for these young good-natured men.

The group was formed out of their common love for everything Pinoy and they continue to serve as inspirations to the youth who enjoy wholesome fun.

With their genuine interest for our culture and their funny ways on expressing how Filipino values are mold. Definitely, netizens are curious how they adapt and love our Filipino ways. How brilliant their mind to come up a video showcasing the qualities of being a Filipino and events or actions that is marked "Only in the Philipines".

Show your support for the “Hey Joe Show” by following them online and by buying their exclusive “Hey Joe Show” Island Souvenirs shirts available in SM Department Stores nationwide.

The group is leveling up to do international shows next year to reach out to Filipinos abroad and will release a song soon in collaboration with Pinoy talents.

Truly, Hey Joe Show fell in love with our Filipino Culture. Let's support their advocacy in showing the World, how talented, hospitable and vibrant our culture is. Filipino's should be grateful & thankful with this five men who outstandingly shown that Filipino's embraces life with positivity and joy. Indeed, Hey Joe Show makes our life more lighter, just follow , like and watch their Video. You'll be proud and amazed how much they love our country and Filipino people. To sum it up, Hey Joe Show American Boys, may "Pusong Pinoy".

To know more about Hey Joe Show and to watch their trending videos, follow their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/heyjoeshow/, on youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/heyjoeshow and on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/heyjoeshow/ . Know more about them via heyjoeshow.com.

Watch their Video with 3 Bibe Visaya Version
with amazing dance steps!

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Seraphimsnotes: Change the way you see LOVE!!!

"Look at their lovely faces, hug them tight, instantly, 
you'll feel a profound LOVE and JOY."

It's been 4 years this coming Aug. 28, 2016, that my mom died. Honestly, my world fell down, she's been my source of strength and happiness. Her embrace simply warmth my heart, as she told me, "i love you anak". Each time, my heart got broken, she's been there. Her love suffice my whole being. I know in my heart that she wanted me to be happy, to succeed and find the love of my life, every mother always wishes her children good things ahead of them. A mother who gives life & nurtured with care & affection. She's my mother who gives "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" till her last breathe!!! 

My mom, Violeta Regino Tugade

Those years were the sadness moments in my life. I was so lost. When, the most important person in your life was taken away from you, instantly. It's like your a little puppy who losses the "WILL"  to drink milk anymore. But, if my mom binds me with her "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE".  To whom, should I asks for it, if its already lost. So, I remember from a verse in the Bible, Seek, Knock & Ask and you will Receive!  My mom always tells me to have faith in him and always pray for your anxiety. So, I decided to search the LOVE & JOY that was lost in my heart. Because God so love the World, he gave his begotten son, our Jesus Christ, our Saviour. So, his the only answer, because, deep in my hear, i've longed for God's LOVE!!!

So, we visited the Shrine of Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas Batangas with my best friend alex, a holy place, where miracles happened. A place where you can silently pray and tell him what's in your heart. You can pour all your sufferings, loneliness and misery. As the famous words of Saint Padre Pio, "PRAY, HOPE AND DON'T WORRY". After, we leave the place, I felt LOVE and HOPE. The place is abundantly filled with blessings and great LOVE with our father in Heaven. As the priest, touched my head, I felt the healing takes place in my HEART!!!

That's why it grows everyday, would you believe that I always sees a HEART shape item in everywhere I go, like this one in Vikings, see it, if you believe in LOVE!!! 

Sometimes, I see a heart shape in foods like in Pastillas, Doughnuts, pens, walls and in Wood carvings. The Universe tells me to CHOOSE LOVE & SHARE LOVE to everyone!!

A pie of love!!

I never been married, but, I have love of my life, those are my Dad, my niece, Alessandria Cassiel and my love alex. When, my mom died, I said to myself, I'll take care of my father, he had given his shared of sacrifice as an OFW in Saudi during my childhood days just to have our good education. I may not be a graduate of B.S. Physical Therapy without his LOVE and sacrifice for our family. Also, Ac has been my happines eversince she was born, we shared laughters together and Alex, he has been by my side thru my ups and down. Everyday, I choose Love to create positive vibes in the universe and it works all the time. 

LOVE takes place in many forms.

Love generously and you will receive one, it silently speaks in unknown words and only your heart knows the secret language. Upon waking up each morning, you can feel the cold breeze of the wind, slowly speaks how you are loved by our creator. He swiftly calls your attention, listen to each nature's voice to make your day calmer and vibrantly happy. 


A Family gives you a certain glow, a strength and inspiration to be a good person, work for a living and be a better human. An individual who choose LOVE to take care of Family's welfare, emotionally and physically. People devoted time and effort to show's one's affection. A Family's LOVE is God's greatest gifts and blessings to everyone. 


Every LOVE STORY is different from one another, some met in a trail way station, in a church, mall,  beach or even in a mountain. Some met accidentally and other's believe in DESTINY. If one TRUE LOVE is worth waiting for...Indeed, I grab the chance, but, Friendship is the key for a lasting relationship. Sometimes, a LIFE you have changes the way you see LOVE!! But, LOVE can change the way you see yourself, Coz you learn to be tough, love yourself more and experience the true meaning of LOVE!!! You might be broken a hundred of  times, but, definitely, you'll stand up again because you will choose to LOVE!! There's no turning back...it's better to be loved rather than be miserable for the rest of your life.. If your an Adventurous type of a person, a risk taker , jump on a cliff , play the game of LOVE.. I promise you, someone will catch you. Just simply, believe in LOVE!!! 


I've seen how passionate a person is, especially if someone takes care of another living being. As he gave Love, vice versa, he will receive it, as well. No amount of joy can tell, the happiness it brings. Having a pet gives you a bundles of LOVE  wrapped in a fur, it stares at you accordingly because he belongs with you & he is your family.  Like the quote, I just read, "A cat can warm even the coldest Heart". Our pets especially, our dogs can give love more than themselves. You can talk and cry with them, they can feel you and they will just kissed you, right away.


Look closely at the pictures, can you feel the innocence and pure joy of a child? Can you feel how genuine their smile is? Can u look at their eyes and feel how much, love they have?  if you did, this is how I felt during those moments. We don't have the same blood ties. But, I felt how much they love me. Those are the kids living-in at my boarding house, where I spend for almost a year while, I'm still working in Pasay. His Dad left them, but, still, their hapiness overflows. Their laughters are our light in our home. I thank God for their family who accepted me as one of their own, I could not ask anything more.

Simple joys of a child is a precious gift from God. A jewel that needs to be cherished everyday!!! How do I see LOVE, the answer is, I just play with them and I felt such an enormous and abundant LOVE !!!Be with them, be like a child, attract their goodness and sincerity; you will receive a greatest blessings what you called "LOVE".


Whenever, I see blue skies, sunset, green fields, landscapes and aquagreen oceans revitalized my spirit. Staring with those tremendous creations feels so alive. I felt an outstanding love and joy, my whole being jumps with glee. That's why, once in a while, I travel to places that nurtures my mind, body and soul. It's like if you love nature so much and it's surroundings,  you will find beauty & love everywhere; it make's your heart more calmer and peacefuller. For me, Nature is a form of Art created by an act of Love!!!

Like, Huawei P9 it captures brilliant colour, striking black and white and the emotional appeal of Leica images.  It has incredible shots with merging algorithm, which intelligently combines the colours taken by the RGB sensor with the detail of the monochrome sensor, it definitely change the way you see Mobile Photography, even, in candid moments with your family, loved-ones, pets and majestic landscapes.

Simply, by the silence of nature, it changes the way I see LOVE,  it makes me appreciate new things in Life & be grateful, keeps me more passionate and affectionate to all my surroundings and to my fellow human being... 

If my mom is still alive, definitely, she will tell me, enjoy life and continue to LOVE, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST and everthing will follow!!! 

Spread LOVE and you will receive LOVE!!!

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LOVE  for Family is one of a Kind!!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Seraphimsnotes: Beauty,Health & Wellness 2016 at Robinsons Galleria!!

In general,people consciously seeking ways to improve their optimal level of beauty,health & wellness. 

Individuals enjoys having social networks that uplifts their spirits. One way to be healthy and be inspired is to be surrounded by people who motivates you, a routine that makes you happy and tasks that is enjoyable and worth your time. 

But,if your a woman who devotedly works at the office for long period of time. I believe its time for you to relax,learn new things, pamper yourself and make your body fit. Have a list of new cooking recipes, new zumba steps and regain your flexibility through yoga.

So, register now and join all the fun activities like Zumba, Yoga and Dance Workshops for only P 200.00 and P 100 for Students with lots of freebies from sponsors, raffle prizes and health product talks & demos

Indeed, I was very glad to attend this Beauty,Health and Wellness 2016  PressCon at Robinsons Galleria organized by PMCM Events CEO, Ms. Mys Sandico, last  fri. Aug. 19, it's because one of my advocacy in life is having a healthy lifestyle. Aside,that I see beauty to all my surroundings. Health and Wellness should be our outmost priority in life.  
So, I would like to give you some tips to become more healthier even if your too busy making a living: 

A. Reverse your snacks from junk foods to fruits..Beware of your cravings. Eat fruits gives you more vit. and proteins needed to boosts your immune system. 

B. Have a regular exercise.
By having a daily exercise makes you more focus and alert the whole day. 

C. Learn to Meditate every morning. Quite times should be encourage to keep your mind more calmer and be helpful with decision making. 

D. Have a Positive Attitude in every aspect of your life. Start your day right. Read affirmation quotes to make you more inspired for the whole day. 

E. Devote your weekends with your Family. Time is the precious gift that you can give to yourself and to your loved-ones. Have a picnic, watch a movie or spend weekend on a beach. 

Ms. Mys Sandico, CEO of PMCM Events inviting everyone for Beauty, Health & Wellness 2016!!!
Furthermore, Robinsons Galleria is the flagship of Robinsonland Corp.,its the landmark of EDSA-Ortigas Area. As the payoneer, it garnered a lot of loyal shoppers throughout the years.  A Five storey mall that houses almost 500 local and international brands, enjoys strategic location being proximate to Edsa Shrine,numerous high rises offices, condominiums, hotels & residential subdivisions.

Now the mall,elevates new shopping experience with its redevelopment into a total lifestyle destination. The new Galleria features 7 concept zones that exudes fresh & new exciting environment. The revitalized Galleria will definitely captures the new breed of millenials & dynamic shoppers in our country.

So, here's some little glimpse of the upcoming renovations of Robinsons Galleria.

Furthermore, let's revitalized your whole being by joining Beauty, Health & Wellness 2016!! Boosts up your energy
and Flexibility!!!

So, grab your tickets now for Beauty, Health & Wellness 2016 at Robinsons Galleria. For Tickets Inquiries and info.
Kindly, TEXT 0917 8344978 or CALL 501 0029 or 505 3746
Media Organizers: PMCM Events

Thank you PMCM Events c/o Ms. Mys Sandico

for the Beauty, Health & Wellness 2016 Invitation

and Light Network Channel 33,

our Media Partner for this Event,


Visit their website: www.lightnetwork.ph and

Like/Follow their FB Page at: www.facebook.com/LightNetwork

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