Monday, August 1, 2016

Fern-C :How I Make Worklife Easier by simple laughters & grateful heart!!!

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Having a life filled with a thankful and a grateful heart for each morning. Makes you feel more alive, young and vibrant. Imagine your day without laughters &  prayer ,it will be a sad & gloomy afternoon.. But, if you see things positively. You'll see each situation as a blessing not a burden or a mishap, life will be lighter. Each difficult situation will be resolved with right mindset. So,  How I make worklife easier by trusting the will of our father. Surrendering all anxieties,frustrations,hot-tempered boss and jealous co-employee to my real boss / saviour/ mentor and dad in heaven. I'll make it a point that I directed all my efforts in learning new things to be more equiped and knowledgeable in my job. I'll do my best to remain organized and productive in my daily office chores.

However,there are times,you feel lost and so weak. Just remember,"Worklife ay easy with Fern-C". Cheer up,take a sundae and look at the blue skies, feel the wind,meditate and search for inner peace because in Fern-C,Subok Na!! If you felt stress is building up in your head, glance at the window, look for some sceneries, green trees or any living things that can cheer you up to relieve the stress at the moment.

I wanna share some tips or ways for you to energize up ,feel the glow and to maintain your strenght for the whole weekend.

Here's my 5 ways for a Stress Free Work Life:

1) Create / Listen to your own Music Playlist
Having music in your working place, makes you more calmer, attentive and happier. It allows your brain to focus more. So, have a playlist of acoustic or Rhythm and Blues sound, to kept the ambiance in a lighter mood.

2) Read Affirmation Book or have a new hobby.
During breaktime, make it a habit, that you read some affirmation quotes, it allows you to be more positive and it attracts more good vibrations. Having a new hobby, giving you much interest on achieving deadlines or goals. It improves your skills. You can develop another knowledge for ex. acquiring new skills in coloring mandala designs or caligraphy writing. 

3) Eat something sweet on your Snack Time
Try to eat apples , chocolates or yougart during snack time, to increase glucose, it has enzymes thats makes you in happy mood and more active all the time.

4) Do a Simple Exercise Movement.
If you can walk around the office, it will boosts your system. As much as possible, don't sit on the chair for many long hours. Stretch your muscles up, move your hips and sway your knees a little. 

5)Reward Yourself
At the end of the day, have a sip of coffee and relax. During weekends, pamper yourself with a massage, footspa or have a hair make-over or buy a lipstick with your favorite shade either, loreal or maybelline. As much as possible, reward yourself. Feel beautiful within , love yourself more.

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Live life to the fullest and have faith!

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