Monday, August 15, 2016

European Cars, luxury at its best!!!

When, it comes to cars, racing, F1 racers & motorcycle, those are my interest. That's why when, I was invited
by one of my friends in European Chambers, I grab the
chance. To see fabulous and hot european cars.

I love cars so much! Here's the evidence. Photos parading....Watch out!!!  So, SEXY,  HOT & Elegant cars!!

European Cars includes: Maserati, Audi, Porsche, Peugot BMW, VW etc.

Aside, I love the movie Fast and the Furious, this cars
has an amazing engines. It's luxurious looking
but definitely, it already arrived in the Philippines.
Speed wise, safety and outside appearance,its
100 thumbs up. If only I could drive one of those.
It will be great but for the mean time, ill be driving a
Virtual one in Tom's World, my Daytona Race! 

Just to share my loved for cars, cute facts about me, I have a lot of  saved wallpapers/images of different cars, like my fave one, Ferrari . Also, I have hot wheels. Every car fanatics has a little car on his/her drawer.
Do you have one, definitely?
Or you collect Ferrari Cars as well with Shell Station?
Same thing I did! Great your one of us! 

That is why , i love my Prince of Speed, Marlon Stockinger, F1 Racer.  One of the people I look up to in Car Racing. 

European Cars 

The Good news, 
European cars could become more affordable through a Free Trade Agreement between the Philippines and the European Union. Very good profit in business world and our Gov't taxes and revenues.

Top 5 Reasons why I love European Cars:

1) The luxury branding and appearance style

2) High-quality interior & exterior materials

3) Wide range of convenient and modern features 

4) Powerful Engine performance 

5) Excellent Safety Gear Mechanism & comfort amenities

However, due to higher cost Automobile Manufacturer targets a certain socio-economic classes, more on social status rather than ownership of the car. Nowadays, 
Individual consideration is taking place, by our Free Trade Agreement, Filipino's can enjoy having their own
Luxury car within reach,
 a expensive one but, indeed, worth the price.

Thank you for reading my blog about 
 European Cars!!!
1st European Car Show last March 12, 2016!

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