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Adelle Ashitaba Tea: A Powerful Tea that losses weights & fights high blood pressurel!!!

I've found out this miracle tea during Urban Agricultural Bazaar in Market-Market Taguig. I was amazed with the distinctive taste of the tea and the benefits it brings. What attracts me most to try this products are the good effects that I've heard in regards to your well-being in terms of; it improves sleep better and losses weight. That's why, I decided to buy one and I'm still using it today. Also, Ashitaba plants had been a powerful tool to fight high blood pressure and it has anti-oxidant effect that increases immunity againsts viruses and bacteria.  A lot of people recognized the usefulness of this plant. You can easily pluck the leaves and chew it. Just washed the leaves in running water before taking a bite. 

Also, I've met Adelle Ashitaba Sellers, they are so accomodating. They talked about some glimpse of history, Ms. Adelle's simple beginnings on why and how she built her company.  She wanted to help people who also suffers dreadful dse. such as diabetes, high cholesterol , high blood pressure, insomia and many more,  to survive using this Godly herbs to serve people and see the wonderful effects of Ashitaba Tea in our circulatory and immune system. 

You can buy Ashitaba Tea in a Box or Foil Pack, it has 10 sachets inside. I've already recommended this to my cousin lucy who has diabetes and high cholesterol.

Ashitaba is also known under its Japanese Name, Angelica keiskei Koidzumi, literally "Tomorrow's Leaf, its a cold perennial plant with an average growth height of 50–120 cm.
Why Ashitaba plant called "Tomorrow Leaf"?

Because, when you harvest one leaf from the plant, you can definitely  expect a new one "tomorrow." The plant has the ability to rejuvenate itself very fast as it helps to replace new cells in our system.

What are the benefits of Chalcones?

This Medicinal Herb has a vital nutrient called "chalcones", it contains eleven vitamins, thirteen minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes, carotene, germanium, saponins, proteins, plant fibers, glycosides, coumarins, and an unique and rare class of flavonoids taken at ashitaba.blogspot.com. A powerful anti-oxidant that reduces inflammation and improves over-all multi-organ functions.
Chalcones, a powerful blood pressure regulator, and promote a faster metabolism by breaking down fat in the digestive system. If you have been trying to lose weight use Ashitaba Tea for your trial test.  
Furthermore, the chalcones in ashitaba are known to improve mood as well as reducing anxiety by Urbol.com
While, according to NHA.Gov.ph: "The herb is considered effective in treating lungs, coughing, asthma, digestive system, disorders of the gastrointestinal system, kidneys and kidney stones, urinary tract bleeding, liver, gall bladder, gall stones, suppression of growth of cancer cells, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, blood poisoning, skin allergies, eczema and psoriasis, rheumatism, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes."

Adelle's Ashitaba Tea situated at the center of the
Bazaar, people can easily recognized it, ask questions and try free taste of this wondrous tea.

Free Taste for everyone. 

This is the single re-packing of Ashitaba Tea.

Directions for use:
Put a tea bag in a cup.
Pour boiling water and steep for 5-8 minutes.
Serve hot or cold.
Take one tea bag once a day.

Here are some Benefits of Ashitaba Tea:

Where to buy this? Landmark Makati or Landmark Trinoma or The Generics Pharmacy!!!

I highly recommend this to everyone, its more powerful than greentea, its a longevity herb used by Japanese people in the Island of Hachijojima, they have the longest lifespan on earth because they been using this plants for almost hundred of years.


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