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My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist!!!!

Being a Single Lifestyle Blogger, doesn't mean I don't have any passion in cooking. That most of our time, went into writing blogs, attending events, going out in dates & partying all night. Definitely, some of us, also, has some skills in cooking. Either, we practice cooking regularly if we had free time or it runs within the veins of our family blood line. Infact, i love to cook "pinakbet" ,an ilocano dish, balatong or black beans, vegestable/meat/chicken recipes and pork steak for my family and loved-ones. Though, sometimes, I mixed up ingredients for experiments. Eventually, it turns out the way I expected "delicioso".  Just an average and a slight mouth watering meal for the day. Ofcourse, they're obliged to eat my dish or else, they're forbidden to eat my next delightful dish for lunch on the following Day.  Nevertheless, my family still longing for my unique food recipes. Indeed, I'm just an amateur cook.

But, with the right Kitchen Appliances/Equipment, I'm very positive I would be able to follow the old book of cooking recipes of my Mom, outstandingly. 

So, Here's my De'Longhi Appliances Wishlist, Hope, Santa/the Universe will grant my wish: 

1) Low-oil Fryer & Multicooker Multifry Extra FH1363

A low oil fryer and multicooker equipped with the SHS double (double independent heating elements), automatic mixing process, maximum food capacity 1.7 kg of fresh potatoes to peel.


Excellent Cooking Performance

Food is crispy outside and tasty and juicy inside.

Rapid Cooking

​ ​

Time saving: only 27 min for 1 kg of frozen potatoes.

More Recipes

​ ​

High Food Capacity


1.7 Kg of fresh potatoes to peel and 1,5 Kg of frozen potatoes without adding oil.

Lower Heating Element

Adjustable Thermostat

To set the right power for each recipes

  • Maximum food capacity:
  • - 1,7 kg of fresh potatoes to peel;
  • - 1,5 Kg of frozen potatoes without adding oil.
  • Only 1.4 cl for 1 kg of fresh potatoes to peel.
  • Multi-cooker (fresh potatoes, frozen potatoes, pizza, cake, risotto, stew, fish, meat and much more).
  • Surround Heating System double (SHS double), to guarantee:
  • - Excellent cooking performance: food is crispy outside and tasty and juicy inside;
  • - Rapid cooking: time saving;
  • - More recipes: cooking experience.
  • Upper tubular sheathed heating element for a convection and grill cooking
  • Lower tubular sheathed heating elements (200 W) to improve the speed and the feasible recipes.
  • Automatic mixing process.
  • ON/OFF heating element function: to give the possibility to use only the upper heating element.
  • Adjustable thermostat (4 levels of power control).
  • Mixing paddle: to mix food during the cooking process.
  • Removable mixing paddle: this gives the possibility to cook also in a static way (essential for the delicate food).
  • Bowl with a non-stick and anti-scratch ceramic coating treatment.
  • Complete transparent lid to monitor cooking process.
  • Removable timer.
  • “Cool touch” walls.
  • Easy to clean: lid, paddle and bowl are removable.

2) Electric Oven SFornatutto Midi EO 2475


Heat Convection

  • It offers superior perfomances compared to the traditional convection. 
  • Thanks to the special combination between the fan and a dedicated round heating element which assures an instant and uniform heat distribution inside the cavity. 
  • Beside it allows to cook on two different level and reduces. 
  • Cooking time by 15%(*). 

Thermo Shield

​ ​

This is the special De’Longhi design which thanks to the usage of particular insulation systems and a double glass door, reduces the external surface temperatures and makes the oven more efficient thanks avoiding heat wastes.

Durastone II

The cavity is coated with the esclusive Durastone II enamel by De’Longhi. This material is the more resistant than the regular non stick to scratches and high.

Oven Ready Light 

Green light indicates when the oven reaches the desired temperature in order to guarantee maximum precision
in every recipe.

  • 7 cooking functions: heatconvection, traditional, grill, gratin, defrost, rotisserie, keep warm. 
  • New functions: “HEAT CONVECTION” e “GRATIN” 
  • Durastone II Enamelled cavity 
  • Double glass door. 
  • Interior light. 
  • 120 minutes timer with auto shut off and ready bell. 
  • 60 a 220°C thermostat. 
  • “Oven Ready” light. 
  • Internal diameter: 30.5 cm. 
  • Accessories: rack, enamelled bake pan, rotisserie spit. 
3) Electric BBQ Grill BG 500C

Sloping "V" Surface

Unique feature thatallow to have a real healthy cooking thanksto the 1,5 inclinated plate, which canalizedthe grease in th ecentral holes and the5 mm depth of the ribs.

Ceramic Durastone Coating

Unique ceramic cotaingto guarantee:

-High thermalconductivity;

-Excellent plateuniformity oftemperature;

-High resistance anti-scratching.

Integrated Fat Collector

An integrated fat collector with a big capacity to help the fatcollection. To semplify the cleaning, the fat collector is dish washer safe.


2/3 of the plate is grill and 1/3 is griddle inorder to give the possibility to cook different kind of food at the same time.


Fat spray protector;
1 spatula to help the drain fat.

  • Large and heavy-duty die-cast aluminium plate (40x30 cm).
  • Plate: 2/3 grill, 1/3 flat.
  • Power: 2000 Watt.
  • Ceramic coating, which guarantees:
  • High thermal conductivity;
  • Excellent plate uniformity of temperature;
  • High resistance anti-scratching.
  • Sloping “V” surface that allows fat to drain thoroughly thanks to:
  • 1,5° plate inclination;
  • 5 mm deep ribs.
  • Embedded heating element, to spread the heat very quickly and evenly.
  • Non-stick grill coating for a fast and easy cleaning.
  • Compact overall dimensions.
  • Adjustable and removable thermostat.
  • Integrated fat collector.
  • Easy to clean: once removed the thermostat, the plate and the fat collector can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Side cool-touch handles.
  • Safety device.
  • Non-slip feet.
  • Steel finishes.
  • Accessories: Fat spray protector, spatula.
The reason why I would love to have those kitchen appliance for christmas its because it will be a wonderful gift for myself & for my family to remember the memories of my deceased mom named Violeta R. Tugade, who taught me how to cook  her famous sweet jollibee like spagetthi, "sinigang", "sweet & spicy patatim" & many more on the last remaining days of her lives. I remembered those occassions, when, i'm in-charged to cooked the pork barbecue in the grill that my mom marinated with her secret ingredients. I wanna bring her memories back by starting to cook again. By cooking and having that fabulous equipment will bring hapiness to our family. So, I could cooked for them like my mom usually do everyday for us. She unconditionally shows affection and care by cooking our favorite foods and her famous gelatin & buco pandan deserts. 

Being Single allows me to share my precious time with my family. That is all that matters and thats what makes me happy. I believe, that by Cooking good food for them, its like i've already cooked delightful dishes for my mom. Paying it forward for all the healthy foods that she served on our table. 

By using De'Longhi Kitchen Appliance, it gives a warmth feeling of Appreciation for all the Mothers and Single Ladies out there who loves cooking for their Family. 

Visit their Website to know more about other brands and products of De'Longhi Kitchen Products:
Thank you for reading My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist !!!
-Natalie R. Tugade, aka:seraphimblue44

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