Thursday, November 3, 2016 Affiliate Program: It’s More Than Just Earning!

Previously, there were gatherings of bloggers and social media influencers for the official launch of the Affiliate Program of in Zuellig Building, Makati City last October 7, 2016. team with bloggers and online influencers.

The event brought together aspiring and established bloggers from different fields including tech, lifestyle, fashion, and among others. The talk primarily revolved around the ways to earn money through the Affiliate Program offered by

Julie Bulaklak, Business Development Specialist of, speaks about the benefits of being an Affiliate.

According to Julie Bulaklak, the Business Development Specialist of, the Affiliate Program doesn’t just aim to provide 10% commission to bloggers but it also has a mission to make a difference in the lives of Filipinos being a local registrar in the country.

The said program also gives a chance for Affiliates to win an all-expense paid trip to Hong Kong for two. The promo will run until January 31, 2017 and the lucky winner will be announced by February 7, 2017.

Also, Ms. Julie discussed about Blogging101 and some tips to gain more traffic on our Website.

Here are some keypoints/lessons I've learned during the Blogging 101 at Affiliate Night:

*Learn what people read, be a solution to their problems and give tips.

*Audiences loves Success Stories of individual from rags to riches. Know your target Viewers.

*Strike a note of controversy, a story , photo or videos that can be viral online.

*Re-assessed yourself, your writing skills. Put a clear picture in your mind to make your blog enticing to people.

*Ask yourself, Do I need to broaden my scope of Audiences or my network. Is this a Carreer mode setting or just a plain hobby to continue your passion in writing.

*Improve ways to monetize and earn revenues thru your Blog.

*Imagine yourself as a Media Social Influencer have confidence reach out to people, be inspired and be a tool for others to reach their dreams.

Those are the things, that makes me think well during that Affiliation Night. That's why I'm planning to have a Domain Name, moving forward to a reality. You alone creates your own realism in life,it depends on what path are you going to crossed.

Obligatory photo of raffle winners.

Onto the program, there was a raffle of free 4 domains names from and giveaways from sponsors including gift certificates from Gowns for Rent by Damsel and bags of beauty essentials for women from Her Belle Guide.

Furtheremore, I would like to say thank you for for the Invitation. Luckily, power of attraction works that night. I had won a 1 year Domain Name and my heart jumps with glee. I may say, my passion in blogging will be one step ahead. Thank you, and more power.

Here's the good news, 
The 2nd Affiliate Night is set to have its next session by November 10, 2016

New Set of Speakers to give more tips in Social Media Blasting. A Tool to enriched Digital Wisdom Online.

For more information about the Affiliate Program, 
or visit:



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