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Real Feministic Battle of Women of Malolos!

What is Feminism? Does it still lives in the Past or forgotten?

Is there a real battle of Women of Malolos? Did they won? Did they really achieved their Agenda & what's their Advocacy? What does it symbolizes to all Filipina Women? Those are the questions that battling in my mind. I have a fewer knowledge of them. But,with some glimpse of stories that Mr.Bong Enriquez, Pres. Of Womens of Malolos Foundation  shared during our visit at Museum of the Women of Malolos, I was amazed with their bravery, simplicity and will power to stand up and strive more as a Filipina. So, I decided to have a little researched. 
I've found out that 21 Women of Malolos wrote a petition letter to Gov. Gen. Valeriano Weyler asking for permission to let them study the Spanish Language at night, it was dated December 12, 1888. Later on, Jose Rizal learn the patriotism and valor of the 21 Women. So,Rizal written a letter to give them praise on February 22, 1889. Rizal noted the influence of Women to their children and the rest of their Family. He mentioned the importance of good education in bringing up good morale and virtues. To learn Spanish Language, is another step to speak for freedom and show our undying love for our country, a new light for Filipino Women stated by our Hero Jose Rizal.
Here are the Names of 20
Courageous Women of Malolos:
Elisea Tantoco Reyes
Juana Tantoco Reyes
Leoncia Santos Reyes 
Olympia San Agustin Reyes 
Rufina T. Reyes
Eugenia Mendoza Tanchangco 
Aurea Mendoza Tanchangco
Basilia VillariƱo Tantoco 
Teresa Tiongson Tantoco 
Maria Tiongson Tantoco
Anastacia Maclang Tiongson 
Basilia Reyes Tiongson 
Paz Reyes Tiongson
Aleja Reyes Tiongson
Mercedes Reyes Tiongson 
Agapita Reyes Tiongson
Filomena Oliveros Tiongson
Cecilia Oliveros Tiongson 
Feliciana Oliveros Tiongson
Alberta Santos Uitangcoy

The site of the House for the Women of Malolos Foundation Inc. is the Ancestral House of Uitangcoy-Santos, it was used as a School of Women during 1888.

Seraphims points of view: 
Our Past History untold that Feminism really do exist during 1888. In accordance with the facts given that a Womens Organization was built in Malolos entails that Filipina has the inteligence to voice out their political and social beliefs. During those times, the strength of a Woman explicitly shows how we seek equality in terms of education and rights as a human being. 
Women of Malolos played an important role in our history in achieving personal, economic and political ideologies for women in the Philippines.
  • It sets an important mark to all women during that era to gain respect and uplift the right for education. Eventhough, the Agenda for Spanish Education is short lived but the major historical societal changes it brings in Philippine History stays forever and it need to be spread like a bush fire in Millennial times. Kids at this Generation needs to learned the History behind Womens of Malolos. They need to imprint the actions played by the courageous Women of Malolos. 
  • They're decision to write a petition brings us the equality, greater access of Women Education and individual decision making. We need those attributes to bring past history into our future. To empower Women today. To bring Women Leadership alive in Millenial Times. 
Here are some pictures of the Museum of  The Women of Malolos:
The Fascade of Museum of the Women of  Malolos

The Heritage House of Uitangcoy-Santos

The Entrance Fascade

Inside the Heritage House:
2nd Floor: Heritage Chairs and 
Memorabilia Items that Women of 
Malolos had used during 1888.

 Look at the Utensils they used in Cooking. Real Coconut and Wooden Yantok.

Also, the wooden bat to used for 
their baking purposes.

I love the simplicity of Women of Malolos and their amazing faith in God. I'm glad all religious pamphlet was still preserved even the rosary and fan that they used.

I can't believe how they wear those
Scapular and Medallion.
Filipina Woman are so religious
in Nature. I love their Religious Collection!

Their Craft for Art 
in Pastillas is simply

I love the designs of their Filipiniana.
Can't imagine, how I look like wearing those. 

This Book entails
few glimpse about
Women In Malolos

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