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Choosing your own stylish Riders Apparel and Safety Accessories!!!

Motorcycle Riders are increasingly high in the Philippines. Using a Motorbike, you can easily access your road map.  It let's you arrived in your destination on time. Riding in Motorcyle saves time to avoid traffic on the Metro but protective gear should be worn all the time. A Rider should be fully equiped to armored themselves for future accidents. Safety and Protection is the top most priority and No. 1 rule of all Motorcycle Riders in the Land.

Can you imagine, how they dress up? Why did all Racing or Motorcycle Riders has amazing taste of their clothing line? Did they hire a Dress Stylist? or simply, its their instinct to be as awesome as their riding gear apparel and accessories are!

So, How to choose a Stylish Rider Apparel and Accessories, here's some points to linger on: 
  • In Choosing Safety Helmet, its the most Vital Protective Gear so it should be a Full-Face to protect the head and brain in the event of an accident injuries.
  • For Motorcycle Jackets, The best ones combination with tough abrasion-resistant shells, leather & with body armor are best features against fall accidents.
  • Looking for boots, be sure to cover over your ankle, an oil resistant and a rubber based composite soles to combat friction on the road floor. 
  • Consider wearing a full-fingered gloves that fits properly into your hand size to improve grip on motorcycle handlebars.
  • A Riders pants must have abrasion-resistant fabrics or leather to combat wind-chill effect and helps protect against injuries in the road.
  • Most of all,Riders should have Body Armor, thick pads in elbow, shoulder, kidney area, spine, knees and hips for proper safety gear purposes.
Its not how fabulous or stylish you are when you rode that bike on the road. But, always remember your safety. You only have one life. So, take some precautions. Be fashionable and tough rider all you want for the rest of your lives. Just wear right proper clothing to safeguard yourself from future mishap. Pray or make a sign of the Cross. Guidance will be there. 

Moto Apparels: 

Oftentimes, the Motorcycle Racing Jackets are colored yellow or orange, sometimes, it has reflectorized stickers too for the reason it gives a big signal to all moving vehicles that there's a man behind the wheels especially at Night. 

Racing Riders and Motorcycle Enthusiasts has different way to express their love for travelling and speed. Each of them has a classic or modern way to express themselves. Thru, their explicit Riding Apparels it shows how manly they are, how tough are they in the road & how fast they reached their destination. You can easily identify a group of Riders thru their clothing line.
It's so fabulous to stare at them especially with their Big Bikes, the loud noises of their motorcycle engines and strong arrived of their personality. Their so Awesome!!!

You can choose any Motorcycle Clothing Jacket according to your lifestyle. Here in Moto, the quality, protection and soft texture of the apparel is the topmost priority of their store.

Love the color of this Honda Motorcyle Racing Jacket, A Riding Body Protector & a stylish riding clothing

Safety First, Buy High Quality Beon Full Face Motorcycle Helmet for your
Road Racing Motorcycle
Protective Gear

Choose variety of Motorcycle Safety Helmets with great design like Ghost Rider

Moto has variety of Caps
 to used Outdoors. 
A Motorcycle Rider Riding Gear 
Knee Pads or Elbow Guards 
for safety usage againsts fall.

To set your mood, you can
Wear scarf into your neck.
Add on's Accessories for
A Tough Rider within you!

Wear Gloves for strong grip to avoid
Slipping of hands in the handle!
Choose your favorite color.
But, I prefer black for
Cleanliness purposes and 

A Riders Cam, a Must Have for 
Riders to video road

Everything is here at Moto
SM Bacoor Branch. Visit their Place,
It's A Riders Apparel Haven.

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Choosing your stylish Apparel!!

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