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CBTL: How to appreciate your Cup of Tea?

Everyone loves coffee to stimulate them every morning.  But, don't you know drinking tea can also give you the energy boosts to start your busy schedule.

Indeed, I'm a coffee lover but also a tea drinker, I was diagnosed having a peptic ulcer and hyperacidity due to my previous job in BPO Company. Eventhough, i love coffee so much. I need to minimize drinking caffeinated beverages. So, I managed to look for alternative, to lower my cravings for coffee. I've tried drinking tea as often as I could esp. if i felt my stomach is trembling, it calms me down. But, thru, CBTL Tea Appreciation Workshop, it gives me more wisdom on how I can appreciate my cup of tea more. The benefits it brings  into my life .

I don't have any idea on how it was originated, how delicately it was harvested in highlands and it has so many types of teas. I've only known green,lemon,maicha and lipton tea. But,other flavored teas, I really don't know it existed. Until,I was hand picked during CBTL Sign up in Facebook for this workshop.

Here's some information, I've learned about CBTL. It was started by Herbert Hyman on 1963, with his dedication in searching for best coffee and tea in the world, he is known as the "Father of Gourmet Coffee in California". To sum up the success of Coffee Bean, it draws with premium and quality beverages, it masterfully prepared and handcrafted with distinctive care. They purchase Top 1% Grade A of Arabica  coffee and the finest selection of Whole Leaf Tea.

A Glimpse of the Origin of a Tea:
During Prehistoric times in China, there's a man named "Shennong", a Divine Farmer, known as "Emperor of the 5 Grains". He discovered Tea leaves when a leaf from a wild tree blown into his pot of boiling water.. He immediately interested with the pleasant aroma which results a brew and he started to  drink from it. Also, there's one story of a Buddhist named "Bodhidharma" who loved in 5th to 6th Century, it was foretold that he had fallen asleept during his nine years meditation, due to fatigue and tiredness. His truly mad at his weakness, he cut-off his eyelids and bury them in the ground wherein a tea plant sprouted. Even two stories are quite unique, that is the Story of A Tea.

A Tea Plant is known as "Camellia Sinensis", an evergreen, perennial shrub, hardy, multi-stemmed and slow growing plant. Pruned to keep at waist height and every 2 to 3 years to stimulate plants to grow. There are 4 Basic Processing of Tea which includes: Plucking, Withering, Rolling ,Oxidation and Drying. It has distinctive process that gives a delightful flavor and aroma.

Furthermore, I would to share some pictures during the Tea appreciation Workshop from Tea Cupping, Tea Steeping and Tea Slurping. We done it all. I love all the flavors of CBTL Teas. 

Here are some photos of CBTL Tea Appreciation Workshop:

Tea Cupping
A Process  utilizing a human senses to appreciate and evaluate Tea.

Three Senses are used:
1) "SEE"
Visually examined the dry and furled tea leaves. A Whole Leaf twisted and rolled tea
indicate quality. Also, you evaluate the color of the Tea.
2) "SMELL"
Inhale the Aroma of the tea if its grassyness, earthiness, citurs , floral or mint etc.
3) "TASTE"
With a stainless spoon, scoop up the tea brew and quickly slurp. Slurping coasts your 
tongue with the tea, it helps you evaluate the flavor and gives a finish mouth feel of the brew.

Consistency and quality of the brew are the key for a successful sensory evaluation.

The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf  Branch
At Starmall DaangHari.

What is Whole Leaf Tea?
All teas ( black, green and oolong) originate from one bush, the camella sinensis, which is distinguished by its dark green leaves.

6 Types of Whole Leaf Tea:
1) Black Teas
a.)Chai is a special tea recipe with finest blend of cinnamon. Clove and cardamom, it gives exotic  and spicy taste to this flavorful tea.
b.)English Breakfast
Its a sweet perfect blend of Shree Dwarika Darjeeling tea and Bogawantalawa Estate Ceylon Teas with a medium, brisk flavor.

2) Flavored Teas
a.) Apricot Ceylon
A Bogawantalawa Estate Cylon from Sri Langka known for a floral & fruity flavored aroma with apricot blend. A mellow and well-balanced taste.
b.) Earl Grey
It originates from a distinctive taste from oil of bergamot, a mediterranean citrus fruit. Rich with citrus flavor.
c.) Tropical Passion
A combination of Ceylon Black tea, passion fruit and guava fruit flavor with malva and marigold flowers. Its refreshing, tropical and light tea.
d.) Vanilla Ceylon
A Bogawantalawa Estate Cylon also from Sri Langka infused with vanilla flavoring that brings a rich, full-bodied tea with sweet and buttery vanilla flavor. Its best for tea latte with milk or with ice.

3) Green Teas
a.) Genmaicha Green
A green tea blended with high quality Sencha Tea, toasted rice and puffed rice. The Sencha leaf brings a tasty, full-flavorful sweet taste finish. It was originated in Japan.
b.)Lung Ching DragonWell
It is well known for its emerald green color and unique shape. It produces a mild , smooth and sweet finish. It is originated at West Lake of Hangzhou China, meticulously prepared with traditional handmade technique.

4) Flavored Green Teas
a.)Strawberry Cream
It has  a delicate flavored scent of strawberries and cream which includes bits of strawberries. End result is a well-balanced creamy and fruity green tea light experience.
b.) Moroccan Mint
A hand crafted from finest Gunpowder green tea and flavored with peppermint follwed with  classic 18th Century recipe of tea traders in Casablanca.
c.) Cherry Blossom
It is cultivated in the pristine garden of Ba Gua Mountains in Taiwan  Nantou County, home of the Worlds finest teas. Hand plucked with promegrante flowers & natural cherry flavor to suit your perfect blend. It has a sweet cherry flavor with a light grassy aroma.

5) Herbal Infusions
a.)African Sunrise
A sweet taste aroma and creamy infusion tea. Its infused with aromatic vanilla and citrus flavoring. The infusion yields a vibrant reddish orange liquor.

b.)Ginseng Peppermint
A minty flavor blended with ginseng,peppermint, eleuthero root, & other herbs that builds an "energy infusion" to boosts stamina, reduce stress and gives immune system strength.
c.)Lemon Chamomile
A honey lemon flavored infusion with light and soothing taste. In addition with orange peel  which adds a distinctive citrus flavor.

Why should you drink Teas, here's various reasons:

*It stimulates clear thinking , decision making and alertness.
*It increases your Immunity against harmful radicals and diseases.
*It cleanse and rejuvenates your Skin pgments
*Good Eyesight benefits.
*It helps in cleansing  and proper Digestion.
*Decreases Joint pains and muscle cramps,
*Prevent Tooth Decay
*Reduces fatigue, Raises one's spirit and it helps in overall Body wellness.
*A stress reliever antidote.

Facts to Ponder On:
Steeping Time:
Green Tea: 3 mins
Black Tea: 5 mins
Oolong Tea: 5 mins
Herbal & Fruit Infusions: 7 Minutes

For Ice Cold Tea Lover, here's the easiest way to make an Iced Tea, Fill Tea filter with 1 tablespoon of loose tea or use 1 tea bag per 12 to 16oz of hot filtered/bottled water. Steep in hot filtered depending on the steeping of time of your fave tea flavor. Remove tea filter after steeping. Chill and serve over ice. Then, keep it refrigerated.

I've enjoyed the Tea Appreciation Workshop with my sister's bestfriend Florence and his son Miggy. I love the taste of different teas that I've tasted. I just found out that there are a lot of Teas in the Market. Now, here's my favorite CBTL Teas such as Chamomile, Genmaicha, Ginseng Peppermint, Earl Grey and Lung Ching DragonWell. Start taking tea, it rejuvenates, makes your skin more younger and it calms your nerve. Believe me its good for your Digestive System too. Thanks CBTL For the Invitation and Flo for accompanying me by.

Visit Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Daang Hari Branch. You will love the tranquility of the place!!

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Vision:
For over 50 yrs, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has remained true to our vision: to bring our customers  the most extraordinary collection of unique, hand plucked, premiuk whole leaf tea harvested from the world's most exclusive tea growing estates. Our long standing relationships with these estates allow us to continually offer Simply the best teas and infusion.

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