Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NComputing: A powerful tool to connect online education effectively!!!

Education has a major role in our society it brings a strong foundation towards our future dreams and wishes. Our lessons learned from Universities are advanced and mostly updated to match the competion in real world. Indeed, theories are taugh and magnified by our educators. But, we are livin in a Digital Technology World, wherein answers are already cascaded by using the Internet.  

However, we need to be equipped to find a higher version for our Education Technology Solutions. One way for our students to be more efficient, intellectual and ready to conquer the World. Some Educational Facilities/ school should geared up a right technology for the millenial students to grow. 

One State of the Art Technology Innovations that was introduced during our Mustard Seed Bloggers Meet up and Product Introduction is the "Ncomputing". Are you familiar with it, if not. Here's some introduction, descriptions, types/series and specifications.

NComputing is a Desktop virtualization made easy and affordable, almost 20 million daily users in 140 countries and 5 million installations worldwide. You can have big savings (80% less maintenance, 90% less electricity), Imagine replacing only 1 PC for upgrade & it has 10 years of life. Those are the good benefits for using NComputing in terms of Budget and Low Cost Ownership. 

Infact, it is more convenient for our Gov't Education, because by using any of those MX-series for a single vSpace Server can deliver Windows desktops for up to 45 users at fraction of the cost of PC's. User would't recognized that they are sharing single computer and the complete solution can only be managed by one basic IT Computer literate. 

It is very ideal for workgroup computing, classrooms, computer labs, training rooms, libraries and businesses. 

Also, NComputing is the Greenest Computing On Earth, less Co2 emmisions, 90% less waste, less heat, low air-conditioning req. and less no. of UPS Usage.

Here are some MX- Series of NComputing:


*The primary device gets power via PoE from the PCIe card
*Adds 3 users per kit & can extend up to 1+9 users
*Connects directly from PCIe card to MX devices
*With 2 PCIe cards it can go up to 18 users


*The primary device gets power via separate power adapter, (6w, 12 VDC, 1.5 A included with kit)
*Adds 3 users per kit & can extend up to 1+45 users
*Connects via Std Network Switch to MX devices
*Can scale up to 45 users with 15 kits

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