Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Toast N'Slice: A New Food Snack Haven inside Bahayang Pag-Asa Subdivision!!!

I've dreamt eating a Burger, then, I'm starting to crave for it. Then, the following day, my sister donna, told me there's a new snack house near our neighborhood, the owner of the Snack Bar is his old classmates in elementary named Ryan Juan, together with her loving wife,they managed it. So, we decided to visit the place and try their delightful snacks.

Luckily, my burger cravings will be soon over, wish granted coz ill be tasting Toast N' Slice Signatured Burger, with large buns, veggie, beef patty, tomato and with large fries with Salsa Deep.

What I loved most with this burger, its huge, i've needed to slice it in half so I could start to take a bite. You could taste the beef, it's so deliciously made. The vegie's are so fresh and the tomatoes are juicy. The French Fries are well done cooked, as you dipped it with the Salsa, you can easily savor the mexican spices. My niece Alessandria Cassiel almost finished my fries. She loved fries so much.

Then, next, we tried the Quesadilla, its a corn tortilla, with beef, vegestables, cheese, tomatoes, spices and herbs. Its so amazing that I couldn't describe the taste. Its so different that you'll be asking for more. One of the Best Seller of Toast N'Slice. 

I'm fond of any cheese flavor especially in pizza or pasta. But, imagine a Mozzarella Cheese deep, fried and molded with bread just to come up with a Mozzarella Stick, that will be fantastic, it will be a mouth watering experience. 

So, can't wait to taste it, actually, i take a bite slowly, im savoring every bit as it rolled into my taste buds and tongue. I can't really describe the taste, but, any cheese delights will be perfect 10 for my distinctive buds. This Mozzarella cheese stick is one of my favorite.

So, what are you waiting for? Try to walk around the Neighborhood. Visit Toast N' Slice at Avenida Rizal Bahayang Pag Asa Subd. Imus Cavite, its near Great Oil previously Jetti Oil. Your Landmark will be near PC Rentals. 

You will love the cozy place and their delightful mexican twist of their burgers, clubhouse and fries. 

Don't forget to order, Quesadilla, you wouldn't forget the taste. Even at night, you'll grab a bite or even order for take-out. 

Here's Toast N' Slice Menu:

Definitely, you'll love the place, ideal for students hang-outs and Snack Bonding time with the whole family. One trivia, the owner is a previous Chef in Dubai. No Doubt that he cooks well and he has been influenced with Mexican and Mediterranean cooking style. So, visit their place, and be mesmerized with their salsa. 

Here are some Photos when we Dine-in:

My Niece Alessandria Cassiel
Love the bite of her Ham & Egg Sandwich

 His Dad, Andrew having fun while,waiting 
For his Order!!!

my cute niece ac dining-in at
Toast N'slice

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