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TravelBook.Ph (Couples Getaway): A Gift of Second Chance!!!

Remember, the happiest day of your life,as you slowly walked on the parade of roses on the red carpet of the Cathedral, a man of your dreams patiently waiting and standing infront of the altar.

Even, the first time, he gave you a long stem rose and look into your eyes, suddenly, softly he spoken three words, "iloveyou".  Those are the precious moments that will linger in your heart forever. 
But, not all relationship is meant to be perfect. There are bumps in the road. There are times, you get tired of understanding your partner, you start to ask questions is our relationship going somewhere else. But, love endures all things, hopes all things and believe all things. 

That is why, you need to take a second chance, a chance to rekindle, to save and remember the love that you both decided to built. To linger that you don't touched love, but love touches your soul. 

One way, to keep the fire burning is to set time for each other. Every minute counts in people who share one goal, to have an everlasting love. Start to have one travel goals, learn new thrilling habits and eat authentic food that uplifts your gastronomic appetite.

Here's fabulous couple getaway places that I recommend to rekindle A Gift for Second Chances:

1) Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort

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Caliraya gives you a moment to breathe fresh and clean air, free from stress and polluted place of the Metro. There's a lot of amenities you can enjoy together like kayaking, paddleboat, lake cruising and bonfire. Feel the serenity of the place. Did you remember the last time, you went camping. You can rewind those moments lying on the ground as you watched the stars above by experiencing their Glamping Tent.

Also, you can enjoy the jacuzzi or sauna to rejuvinate your skin. In Caliraya, you can experience a lot of Couples Adventure from a Hanging Bridge, Zipline or a SoccerBall activities. Finally, if you want a private lodge, you can stay at their floating boat house. Watch the stars together and let your heart beats echoes on the stillness of the night. Experience adventure in a most relaxing way and be #Calirayafied

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Looking for a premiere resort in Coron, Sangat Island Dive Resort is one of the most finest of them all. A peaceful sanctuary, a 300 km south of manila, accessible via local flights from Manila to Busuanga. This resort is a mixed of native and modern facilities designed to give outstanding service to different guests/tourists. 

Sangat Island Dive Resort is at the forefront of a white sand beach that spans 300 meters. Definitely, you'll have a romantic view of the sunset while, walking at each others arms. 

You will have a lot of time to enjoy, island hopping activities that will take you to the different coves and hidden beaches found on the island. Sweet couples will be delighted to try new exciting activities such as: water sport activities like hobie sailing, Jet Skiing, kayaking, or snorkeling.

This Island also offers, geothermal hot spring, which is the perfect spot for an all-natural and therapeutic spa treatment that you will both cherished together.

Sangat Island Dive Resort is a perfect place for couples to reunite and believe that Love conquers all. 

3)Potipot Gateway Resort

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Waking up with this majestic view of the ocean, as you kissed a serene blue skies and a new sunrise, reflects new beginning to accept each other flaws and reminince the love you have from the start.

At Potipot Gateway Resort, you'll forget everthing that weights you down, its just four hour drive from manila and you'll be mesmerized with this hidden paradise. With excellent amenities from swimming pools, on-site restaurant and a fun-filled bonding experience with your loved-ones. If you love singing together, there's a place for karaoke. For Day Tour, you'll both enjoy island hopping or walking on their green house. But, the most relaxing part, you can experienced together a traditional massage spa.

While, the rooms of Potipot Gateway Resort gives you a cozy, wooden and traditional way design.


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Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel Club is top modernized resort with an excellent beachfront with meticulously architectural design that provides a high & excellent environment for a comfortable and special staycation. A memorable resort for two special people who savor their genuine love for each other.

This Resort and Hotel Club offers a zen-inspired swimming pool & an outdoor jacuzzi, a relaxing place to reconnect your wavelength, your passion and your friendship as a couple. Time to voice out real emotions of understanding, patience and love. Let your heart speaks, vice versa listen what your heart says. Simply, embrace the moment, sit or lay down, hear each others voice. Savor this Second chances of love.

Furthermore,Indulge in a fun-filled vacation in Bolinao by enjoying sumptuous seafood on the beach, marveling at the coral formations at Santiago Reef or Silaki Shoreline, or going on a thrilling ride along on the Balingasay River. Find reasons to fall in love over and over again. Be captivated with Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort and Hotel Club, feel the relaxing effect of the massage and be inspired with their hospitality.

5) Bonito Island Resort in Mabini Batangas

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If you are planning a fun-filled scuba diving escapade, choose Bonito Island Resort, the distinct heart-shaped island in Mabini, Batangas, is the perfect place for a sweet couples getaway. A majestic Island to rekindle one's love, with astounding view of the ocean, you'll be able to liberate one's power of true love and your true self. You'll be able to bond with each other, talk about each other flaws and strength, to communicate like the old times, to understand the things that are missing, to patch up the holes and enriched one's passion of love for each other. 

At Bonito Resorts, rooms are classified into Beachfront Cottages, Mangyan Rooms, and Duplex Rooms. All rooms are spacious and exude a relaxing ambiance perfect after a long day of activities. The rooms also include air conditioning, electric fan, and private bathrooms with hot showers.

Despite being secluded on this island, it offers a lot of outdoor activities. In Bonito Island Resort, you can enjoy the wide array of white sand and clear blue waters, learn scuba diving, a new sea adventure, let your partner experience new things, encourage him/her. Remember, you'll find value and happiness upon seeing your other half succeed on his/her new venture. Growing together allows you to make the best out of your individuals strengths. Both of you gain more that saves your relationship from falling apart.

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Remember, to find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness.❤❤❤

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