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Part 1: Malolos Culinary Heritage at Bistro Maloleno!!!

Savoring Malolo's Culinary food is like tasting their heritage and our past history. But, for you to experience, the Renaissance Era of Malolos, you shouldn't missed to drop by to their amazing food haven, Bistro Maloleno Events Place and Restaurant wherein they served "Food of the Heroes", a menu that was named in accordance with our heroes in our Philippine History.

In Bistro Maloleno, all of the staff and crew are so friendly and efficient. Also, they served fast and accomodate all our request. Thank you for the consistency and good quality service that you gave during our Bloggers and Media Malolos Heritage Visit. We had a delightful and fabulous lunch at your Bistro. Definitely, we will visit you, soon. 

Here are the renowned dishes of Bistro Maloleno: 

Tempura ni Don Mariano Ponce

Arroz La Cubana ni Hen. Gregoria
(Upper Portion)
Potchero ni Plaridel
(Lower Portion)

Tinola ni Dr. Jose Rizal
(Upper Portion)
Nilagang Manok na Puti na 
may Asparagus ni Hen. Aguinaldo

Tempura ni Mariano Ponce
(Upper Portion)
Nilitson Manok Ni Bonifacio
(Lower Portion)

Hamonado ni Bistro Maloleno
(Upper Portion)
and Plain Rice

Truly, Malolo's Culinary Cuisine pruduces magnificient and mouth watering meals. I've tried all their extraordinary dishes, I love seafood so much that I gladly take a bite of the Tempura ni Mariano Ponce, it's so good that I need to pick up 2 more. Every piece of this heirloom recipe's such as Nilaga, Tinola, Arroz La Cubana, Litson na Manok, Potchero and Hamonado extremely exceeds my expectation in terms of traditional food and cooking. It's real authentic Filipino food, it will draw a lot of attention. Aside, its flavorful, you will be amazed with the names of their dishes.  

This is what you called "Pinaso" to burn or scorch...
Jacobina is a special sweet biscuit pudding made from Jacob’s crackers with white sugar toppings. 

Process: Use hot steel turner then, scorched the surface, then, white sugar will immediately turned into brownish color, a process called caramelization or glazing.

Video for Pinaso, Caramelization.

Here's Malolo's Well-Known Pasalubong:
Dried Shrimp, Dried Fish, Atsarang Papaya
And Atsarang Dampalit

Don't forget to buy all of those.
When, you visit Malolos, I guaranteed
you will definitely love the taste.
Filipino Food at its best. I love them all.
It taste so good, that you wanna
Cooked them all.

It is recommended for sinangag or
Try to add this to your denengdeng (Ilocano Vegetable
Dish) or to your Sauted Monggo,
believe me, you'll be needing 3 or more
Cups of rice. Its so tasteful and delicious.

This is our merienda (snack) that Mayor Christian Natividad prepared for us. When, we meet him personally and talked to him about his advocacy regarding preserving Malolos Heritage, Philippine History and Culture. An authentic Sapin-sapin and Kutchinta with (Kinayod na Buku). With Pancit Palabok with a dash of peanuts. It's been a long time since, I went to Province and tasted this Kakanin Delicacies,so tasting and delicious.


Fascade of  Bistro Maloleno

The setting of the place is a reflection of Malolos Heritage
with a touch of wooden windows as a wall decor and a small vintage lamp at the center table. A classic and traditonal bistro for people of different walks in life can enjoy their cozy, neat and friendly ambience. 

On the Left side portion of the Bistro, situated a Cafe, wherein you can savor their Malolos Barako Coffee Blend.

Various Vintage Items are seen on the 
side of the Dining Table from Vases, Stereo, Bottles
and Vintage Wall Clock.

While, there's a large painting of The Women of Malolos
with Dr. Jose Rizal, a beautiful art situated at the wall of the Cafe Bistro Maloleno portion. 

Photo taken after our delighful meal. Media Bloggers enjoyed a great traditional eating experience.

Thank you Mayor Christian D. Natividad, Mr.Alexis & Mr. Rollie ( Staff of Mayor's Office for Malolos Heritage Tour) for accomodating us and letting us experience this Heritage Culinary Dishes. 

Also, thank you to all the Staff of Bistro Maloleno for a good and excellent service and Ms. Charmaine Pahate, who invited me to join this memorable Malolos Heritage Tour 2016.  

Thank you for reading this Part 1 Blog for Media Bloggers Malolos Heritage Tour 2016!!
(Malolos Culinary Heritage at Bistro Maloleno)

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