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1st CVT-X Digital Art Fair: A Day with Creativity & Artistry!!!

Photo taken by Natalie R. Tugade
One picture can change a life of a person instantly, if you can still remember that one photo taken at the refugee camp in Pakistan, an Afghanistan girl who has green eyes, that was on the cover of National Geographic taken by Steve Mccurry, it was the famous face of 1985, a girl named Sharbat Gula. The world was astounded with her beauty, a digital art and a majestic form of photography that captures the realism of human spirit.

Since then, art had been the expression of our soul. A way to create a world that goes beyond our imagination. A world that existed through, drawing, writing, photography and many forms. Looking into one's creations, you can sense a profound serenity and passion. 

That is why attending this CVT-X Traditional and Digital Art Fair excites my inner being, aside, that I'll be meeting new artists at the South, ill be capturing their love and passion for art. 

So, Here are the Finalist of the Art Work Contests:

The End Result of Ms. Dianne Zaragosa Live Watercolor Demo:

The End Result of Live Mural Art
By Jo Ocampo and Eli of Cavity Collective:

Live Calligraphy Demo with Paulo Tugano

LIVE Vector Art Demo by Raven Columna

By Bryan Benida

Fabulous Photos taken by
 Cyrill Angelo Araga, Photographer
Follow him on Facebook & IG:

Childish Tragedy 
By Cyrill Araga

The Art Items are for sale which includes: Hair Tattoos, Bible HighLighters, CongTv Shirts & Photos with Frames

For Individuals, who loves to color, Art Tables are situated outside the Kafe.

Art Items for Sale!!!

Here's the following Artists who shown and shared their explicit skills and creativity during CVT-X Traditional & Digital Art Fair in Buku-Buku Kafe ,District Mall Imus presented by The AI Project.

Meet Ms. Mara "Cee" Bautista, a Creative Lay Out Director for SunLife Canada, she started making lay-outs during her College Days. She talks about Art and using right fonts to capture viewers attention. 
Her latest achievement is the yellow bus prints of SunLife Canada in BGC!!! I, myself has a note pad copy of that yellow bus given previously by Sunlife during our Money Life Challenge Seminar in BGC,Taguig. Wonderful skills to be proud of.

Figure Drawing is an ancient form of art that had been used with our famous painter Michael Angelo, wherein he expresses his art through nudity that forms a lively anatomy of human being. His majestic form of art is well-known to the World. That is why I'm fascinated with Jose Chavez on how he can share his knowledge thru this workshop. It's so unique and he stated,"To appreciate the motion or fluidity of the drawing. Expression of the hand movement is so important."

I love mural art. Nowadays, we can see a lot of murals painted on the walls especially if you'll be going to BGC,Taguig. You will love to take pictures of it. That is why, I love to watched Jo Ocampo and Eli of Cavity Collective on how they deligently and patiently painted their craft. It takes a lot of perseverance and creativity to finished hours of painting. 

I was so fascinated with this artist named, Raven Columna, a Vector Illustrator, for the main reason he uses digital apps to create a beautiful craft using Adobe Illustrator. He created the design for CongTv T-shirts that is on sale at this art fair. He uses vector illustration, a technique that uses geometric shapes. He shown us how it was done. Although, he uses technical words, I've tried to understand his concept. But, according to my research,Vector Art has a crucial role in graphic and design, because it allows the image to be scaled or modified without compromising the picture itself.  Meaning, using Vector Art in promotional images and logos produces high quality resolution even it will resized, there's the consistency of the image. Cool! Additional inputs in terms of Art.

The Last part of the Program for CVT-X Digital Art Fair is the Live Demo for Calligraphy. As we all know, Calligraphy is an execution of lettering using a broad tip instrument. And one of the famous artists in Calligraphy named Paolo Tugano,  was invited to share his expertise in Calligraphy writing. I'ved listened very carefully with his tips and watched every strokes he made.  I know, someday, i'll learned  this one. I love all the Workshops. 

Live Watercolor Workshop by 
Ms. Cherry Monsanto occured during CVT-X Digital Art Fair, my fellow Blogger Friend named Cheryle Ramos joined the workshop.

Cong Villanueva aka: CongTV
This Youtube sensation named Cong Villanueva , has a magical way to bring laughters to  his/her viewers online. 
I was fascinated, why a lot of young people following him inside the fascade of Buku-Buku. As I watched, his Youtube Videos, I'm learned that being classic, frank  and true with himself, makes people follow him. His truly one of the voices of millenials.  

The cutee photographer of the South, Cyrill Araga

His outstanding artwork for photography inspired others. Using the Lens of his camera, he was able to capture the realism of socio-economic issues.  A Documentary like Images that has classic and traditional way but through his creativity and love for Art. He was able to express his passion in photography.

Congratulations to all the staff of The AI Project and Buku-Buku Kafe for a successful event. I'm very glad you were able to put up an event that showcase the talents and art skills of the South Artists here in Cavite. I was so amazed, how talented the people on the South are, I've learned a lot from them during their various art talk, live demo and workshop. People from all walks of life enjoyed the Art Fair. Big applause and thank you to all the artists who shared their knowledge and creativity to us. More power, to The AI Project, may you continue to bring Art Awareness to all places in the South and inspired others to unleashed their artistic side.  

Bear in mind, A World without Art is a World without Hopes and Dreams. Because, I believe each one of us has a hidden artistic side that needs to be evoked. 

Cavite Bloggers Spotted at CVT-X 2016
(R-L) Cheryle Ramos, Ziano Villarama, Jesma Salas, Natalie R. Tugade & Alexander Ancheta 

Couple Bloggers: 
Alexander Ancheta & Natalie Tugade
Joy Priginal & Eric Priginal

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