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Suicidal Squad Movie Review: Romantic Love can make you foolishly crazy!!!

"If I had to choose between loving you and breathing. I would use my last breathe to say I love you."

I had no idea what the movie is all about. I never had a chance to browse some synopsis online because I don't want to spoil my expectations especially on block screening movies. I even thought it's a scary one because of the posters and the "suicide" word. But, reluctantly, I enjoyed the movie a lot. 

Indeed,  it's another Warner Bros. Film, wherein a confidential government entity summoned supervillains kept in prison to accomplished a dangerous goal in exchange for clemency.

Some featured characters like DeadShot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Joker, Captain Boomerang, Slipknot, Enchantress, Katana and El Diablo.

Suprisingly, there are many highlights of this movie such as:

A) The insanely romantic love affair of Joker and Harley Quinn especially when she remembered joker asked her, "Will you die for me?  Or Will you live for me? " when, harley dive in a pool of white grey chemical , then, suddenly, joker jumps in. They can't resists each other.  In times of death, love still prevails. They won't let their partner be harmed. 

B)  While, Will Smith as Deadshot ,  a sharp shooter assasin who never misses a single bullet on his entire life, will do anything for her child. As a father, her love is more greater than himself. He can sacrifice in behalf of her daughter. 

C) El Diablo has a tragic story within his family. With his outstanding power to create fire. His anger is unstoppable that causes big mishap, death and misery, with his fire strength, it seems to be uncontrollable. So, his better off sealed in a big container to avoid any destructions & death to mankind.

D) The Enchantress is simply a medieval powerful witch villain who wanted the world to end. She has a majestic unknown strength that can kill our planet with the help of his strong and ugly giant brother. Actually, its an excorsism practice that was created. Dr. Moone was possesed by Enchantress, she needed a human for her to be brought to life. 

What I love about this movie is the camaraderie of the villain turn into SuperHeroes. At first, they are hesitant to commit one goal but in the end. Goodness still prevails in one's Heart.  Also, I like how Joker candidly acts insanely in-love with wealth, fame, power and most especially with her romantic love affair with Harley. Overall, Seraphims stills gives 8 points Thumbs Up for this Movie!!! 

Sometimes, falling in love is like jumping in a cliff, you don't know who can catch you, but, you just insanely fall and take the risk like joker and harley. This couple are perfect for each other. Insanely beautiful but knows the
Real meaning of love, knows how to catch, survived misery in prison& loneliness. Still, finding ways to be with each other even if death haunts them.  

Furthermore, some say the movie is very different from the comic book, Suicide Squad is not as original like Galaxy of the Guardians.  But, if you think about all of the Movies in terms of Saving the World and having SuperHeroes are already cinematic and redundunt. But, still, all
Movie goers watched it because for one reason, its not the plot, its the STARS portraying the Movie itself. 

Here is my simple video glimpse  of Suicide Squad 
At Newport Cinema Theater

My fellow blogger , Mr. David Ferro

I love the two crazy couple, joker and harley!!!

"Two Souls with but a single thought, 
Two hearts that beat as one" 
By John Keats

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