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Seraphimsnotes: Hey Joe Show captures the heart of Filipino's!!!!


Dubbed as “Hey Joe Show : Amerikanong Bisaya 2016 Philippines Tour”,online sensations “Hey Joe Show” composed of Sumner, Tylan, Davis , Jake and Connor toured the country through a series of  13 shows in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Upon serving their mission in Cebu, they have learned one of our native dialect which is Bisaya. They used those language to interact with people. 

Indeed, by blood, they are Americans but Filipinos by heart. Their recent tour to the country has confirmed their popularity and influence as all of their shows nationwide were jampacked with fans screaming and wanting to take pictures with them. They did a series of shows in Visayas - Dumaguete, Negros and Cebu, in Mindanao – Iligan , CDO , Davao, General Santos and Dipolog and for the first time in Luzon – Bacoor, Batangas, Muntinlupa and Quezon City.

These crazy, funny,  good natured guys from Utah who became a tremendous hit on social media – Facebook and Youtube because of their fluency in Bisaya, has earned their popularity in the Philippines. Still, making waves online that increases their followers day by day especially with their PH Tour!!!

Not only do they speak Bisaya fluently but they can also sing in the vernacular and yes, move to the latest dancefloor tunes and crack jokes in unique “Hey Joe Show” fashion.  Because of their huge following, they are able to score video guestings with celebrities and government officials. Only recently, they were able to meet and have a video with President Duterte himself and there are definitely more to come for these young good-natured men.

The group was formed out of their common love for everything Pinoy and they continue to serve as inspirations to the youth who enjoy wholesome fun.

With their genuine interest for our culture and their funny ways on expressing how Filipino values are mold. Definitely, netizens are curious how they adapt and love our Filipino ways. How brilliant their mind to come up a video showcasing the qualities of being a Filipino and events or actions that is marked "Only in the Philipines".

Show your support for the “Hey Joe Show” by following them online and by buying their exclusive “Hey Joe Show” Island Souvenirs shirts available in SM Department Stores nationwide.

The group is leveling up to do international shows next year to reach out to Filipinos abroad and will release a song soon in collaboration with Pinoy talents.

Truly, Hey Joe Show fell in love with our Filipino Culture. Let's support their advocacy in showing the World, how talented, hospitable and vibrant our culture is. Filipino's should be grateful & thankful with this five men who outstandingly shown that Filipino's embraces life with positivity and joy. Indeed, Hey Joe Show makes our life more lighter, just follow , like and watch their Video. You'll be proud and amazed how much they love our country and Filipino people. To sum it up, Hey Joe Show American Boys, may "Pusong Pinoy".

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Watch their Video with 3 Bibe Visaya Version
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