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Learn how to cook a Japanese Style Crispy Chicken Burger Wasabi only at Minute Burger!

"Today's food trends gravitate toward dishes combining flavors with international renown ,and wasabi undeniably one of the World's most popular spices,customers will surely find what they're looking for in Crispy Chicken Burger with Wasabi: A satisfying light sandwich that packs a refreshing ,cool spicy punch that won't knock your tongue out unconciously."

Seraphims notes about 
Crispy Chicken Burger with Wasabi!

Recently, Habagat causes a lot of heavy rains in Luzon. People stay at home and ate their favorite champorado & sopas.  A home cooked meal prepared by our Moms. Still,some of us,like you & me. craved for something new,a spicy & sweet taste that suits our delicate taste buds. 

Yes, indeed PMCM Events already notified and invited me at this Minute Burger Launch,ahead of time. That's why, I'm very excited to taste their new burger flavor.  If I still remember it right,it's in my high school days at Cavite School of St. Mark, when I first take a bite of a floppy & crunchy patty buns of Minute Burger. I loved the taste and it makes my stomach full.

So,when I got invited. I grab the chance even the weather is not that good. I attended the said event. Well, we survived our trip with kuya Mark and Liberty to find Alabang 400 Village Clubhouse,the venue of the launch,even if were almost lost. My Angels guide us,definitely to find the place.

Well, few bloggers came in , due to bad weather but its fine because Minute Burger launch was successful. I even tried to cooked my own Crispy Chicken Burger Wasabi. I'm a little nervous at first  bec. its my first time to experience a cooking demo in front of many people. Eventhough,I love cooking vegetable at home. The experience is overwhelming.

Well, here's what I can say during my Minute Burger Cooking Demo Experience.Honestly, I was so surprised, when the MC called my attention; that I'll be the 1st Blogger who will try to experience to cook their new burger brand. I never volunteered but it's ok. We are all here to learn how to cook and prepare our old time  favorite Minute Burger. 

Moreover, The Minute Burger chef is so friendly and patient. He smiled and guided me all throughout the cooking experience. 

Here's the step by step Cooking Demo: 

1) Get the Palm Oil and pour it slowly in the grilled pan booth. Be sure its already hot. 
2) Then, get the burger patty using a clamp,be sure that your hands is not touching the patty for sterility purposes. Put the breaded part at the bottom,then,get another patty because its buy one take one. Pour the oil near the patty so,it will be cooked well. Remember,it should be crispy brown color.
3)Afterwards, get the floppy buns,used the clamp to slice it on half equally. The inner portion should be the part  on the bottom side.
4) If the bread is already brown, put it on the plate,one side first bec. you will be putting the patty in between. After,you placed the patty on the buns.
5) Get the mayonaise, circle it 4 times from the outer going to the inner portion of the buns. Then, placed the wasabi and the shredded cabbage all over the patty on the top portion. Then,get the half bun to complete the whole burger and the finish product will be like this, the picture below.

That's it, job well done.  I've  cooked my own Crispy Chicken Burger  Wasabi confidently. So,this how it feels when one of the Minute Burger employee cooks my burger,when,im on their store. You need to be more linient & consistent.Definitely, cleanliness must be top priority. Ofcourse,be careful not to burn the patty,the customer might get mad. Sustain the crispy brown color of the patty. However,I've glad, I've learned to cook my own  Burger & experience how to be a Minute Burger Chef. 

Now, I can taste my own burger, its yummylicious! Awesome! The New Crispy Chicken Burger Wasabi is not a typical burger. Imagine a wasabi in a burger, we all know how spicy and hot it is. But,in Minute Burger, the spicy and sweetness of the mayonaise, vegetable and wasabi is equally blended. The dressing is creamier, deligthful and delicious. The signature buns are intact, quite crunchy inside, especially if I wanted it more toasted. I definitely, recommend this to all my family and friends. Time for little one's to know the real burger of Filipino's. A burger chain that had never lose their charm , quality and good service for Filipino Community. A minute burger  instantly deliver good bites every minute, every day.


Photos of the New Burger Flavor:
"Crispy Chicken Burger Wasabi"

Furtheremore, their primary objectives to excite customers & sustain increase in store sales, beef pizza burger was shortly followed by "Crispy Chicken Burger with Wasabi" inspired by its Japanese roots,the new sandwich is assembled using a thicker ,crunchier chicken patty crowned in shredded cabbages and sweat wasabi ,all trapped in our signature oakmeal sprinkled bun.

Indeed, this will be one of the best sellers in Minute Burger brands this coming weeks & months!

Other Images taken at the Event: 

Seraphims pose for the camera
together with the marketing head
of Minute Burger

The MC for Minute Burger Launch

The chef smiled after he finished,
A set of burger
Buy one, Take One!

Preparing the burger for cooking demo!

Ate Millet is so happy to
experience cooking burger wasabi!

Kuya Mark tried cooking his own Burger,too!

Liberty also experience 
how to cook a Crispy Chicken
Burger Wasabi

Fellow Blogger Mark Anthony won
the raffle

Introduction for the Minute Burger
Background by one of the  Marketing
Head of Minute Burger

Bloggers Guests Lists

Inside the Alabang 400 Club House

Funny Moments and Groufie with my Fellow Bloggers
namely: Liberty Suiza, David Ferro, Mark Anthony and 

We love the taste of #CrispyChickenBurgerWasabi

Wala kami Wasabi sa Yummlicious and spicy flavor
Of Minute Burger!!!

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More power Minute Burger!
Rain or Shine, Sulit Sarap Kasama ang Minute Burger!

Thank you for reading my Cooking Demo BlogXperience 
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