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Seraphimsnotes: Sunlife Prosperity Card, the new revolution and innovation of mutual funds!!!

"Passion is the beginning of Success" by Robert Kiyosaki
Prosperity and abundance comes in many forms!!

I read a quote, that entails that if you invest either in small or big businesses, you need to think of yourself first. You need to Invest wisely, avoid expectations to anyone and be willing to compromise thyself for your good welfare. You need to find your unique characteristics, focus on your strengths and persevere it. Look for your passion, work harder and spend your money in a profitable cause. Prosperity will occur at the right hour with right sacrifice and perseverance.

Like,  the new products of Sun Life Financial, Sun Life Prosperity Card blossoms with perfect timing. It is an investment card worth 5000 pesos, which may be invested in any of peso denominated mutual funds managed by Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) under its Sun Life Prosperity Funds. The first of its kind in the market, it has revolutionized mutual funds in the Philippines.

AUGUST 19, 2016

With Sun Life Prosperity Card, you can easily get the hitch to start your #DreamGoals in Life!!!!

Dream Goals includes:
#Retirement Plans
#Estate Transfer
#Being Enterpreneur
#Travel Abroad
#Income Continuation

It's your flagship for achieving Financial
Freedom!!! A milestone for Life Savings!!!
Ensuring Future Incomes!!!

Indeed, Sun Life Financial in the Philippines has been the largest and most trusted insurers in the country with almost a million policy holders. Today, during Sun Life Prosperity Launch, I've met the newest Ambassador of  SLAMCI, the role model of Milennials in terms of sports and the most in demand young artist of Dolce Amore Cast, Matteo Guidicelli.

Now, Matteo represents the side of millennials in Sun Life, he is the newest celebrity endorser for Sun Life Financial who understands the true meaning of investment wherein he embraces a new challenge for his money life investsments for a brighter future goals.

With his latest TV Commercial, wherein he brags himself in 2 Persona, one guy who values materials possessions, new gadgets or phones and a credit card which he can spend all his savings lavishly. While,  there's another matured matteo, who understands that having a Sun Life Prosperity Card brings you a promising future that can significantly change the way you perceive life.

Matteo explains that having a Sun Life Prosperity Card allows him to have a financial freedom to choose right investment. His filled with glee that he will continue his good practice in terms of saving his hard earn money in his showbiz career and his restaurant business in Cebu. Also, he mentioned that in investing your money, you need to be more patient, like in doing sports, it needs a lot of discipline as well as in showbiz career, there will always be a right project destined for you, all you just need to do, is to wait and it will have good outcome. "It is always worth the wait" said matteo.

However, he encouraged everyone that we need to manage our own money for personal economic resources while, working toward a long term financial security in the future. 

During, the Q & A, with (R-L) Ms. Valerie N. Pama, President of SLAMCI, Matteo Guidicelle, Celebrity Endorser, Maria Charina Fuentes, Head Strategic Dev't and Training of SLAMCI

Other Photos taken at Sun Life Prosperity Launch:

SLAMCI has 52.7 B Assets under Management and largest Balanced Fund in the Market!!!

Is Matteo investing for his future with Sarah, her girlfriend? His answer is Yes! I'm very happy that his matured enough to think of Sarah's welfare in the future. If  they will have a family together... they will have a fruitful one because of Matteo's investment in Sun Life Asset Management Company. Yes, I'm a Sarah Fanatic and my heart jumps for glee that she had the right choice in making Matteo his boyfriend because his a responsible guy.

Sun Life Prosperity Card is a gift card that provides a convenient access for mutual funds investments and an ideal gift for all ages in any occasions.
Having a Sun Life Prosperity Card builds Emergency Fund and simply, invest for Life Goals.

Ms. Valerie N. Pama, President of SLAMCI

SLAMCI Pres.  explained  that thru SLAMCI's new TVC , it encourages audiences to begin their investment journey with Sun Life Prosperity Card because its easy and convenient way to start a brighter future."

Also, she mentioned that thru Matteo's TVC, " We want Filipino's especially the Youth , to start investing in Mutual Funds, instead of  spending their money in trendy items , why not invest in long term goals  and watch it grows throughout the years."

Ms. Mylene Lopa, Chief Marketing Officer
 of Sun Life Financial Philippines

Ms. Lopa has a brief discussion about Sun Life  #Money For Life, it is a Sun's Life's unique life stage and needs based approach to HOLISTIC financial planning to ensure that clients have money for every stage of their life. It has four stages which includes:

a) Getting Started -Building Independence & Confidence
b) Preparing Ahead - Nurturing my Health and Wellness
c) Moving Up - Prioritizing family above all.
d) Leaving a Legacy - Ensuring lasting golden years

A Money For Life Campaign aims to empower Filipino's  to choose financial independence , to take action by financial advisors and also, to create a brighter future in the PH for a collective action towards financial economic growth of individuals.

Furthermore, Sun Life Prosperity Card is a revolutionized and innovative products of SLAMCI for mutual funds investment. So, Millenials,  start your  journey with prosperity, get Sun Life Prosperity Card, time to think of your future while, enjoying the perks of life. Simply, Invest your time and money wisely. 

Choose Sun Life Prosperity Card.  If your one of the generation who takes risk and craving for success. Learn and listen from someone whose already been there, who already reached the peak. If you need some pointers to have your financial independence, reached out for SLAMCI financial advisors and sign up for Sun Life Prosperity Card, now!!!!! It's never too late for your self investment.

Six Lucky Guests Bloggers & Media who won  Sun Life Prosperity Card IG Contest 

Thru Sun Life Prosperity Card, it's given that "When you invest you are buying a day that you don't have to work." - Aya Laraya
The Prosperity Tree with Matteo Guidicelli

Visit Sun Life Financial Website: 

Bear in mind, if your still doubtful in investing your money, here's some quote to linger on.
"If you don't feel comfortable owning something for 10 years, then don't own it for 10 minutes"-Warren Buffet !!!

Invest for your dream goals in Life!!!

Here's some fabulous photos with my Fellow Bloggers during Sun Life Prosperity Launch:
Denise, Jared and Seraphimblue

 Ms. Lani, Arnel, Jared and Seraphimblue again!!!
 Arnel, Denise, Jared and Seraphimblue

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