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Seraphimsnotes: Tripkada launch at Boteco Brasil!!!!

Nowadays, Millenials are exploring the horizons and seeking new adventure that uplifts their soul. Everyone wants to journey, a fernweh, the craving to travel around the World! Each one of us is a great traveller. Longing for a new destination. A journey for self-englightenment. 

During my chilhood, every summer, our whole family went home in Ilocos Sur for a 1 week vacation. My aunt house is near the shoreline. So,we swim  a lot. For me , travelling on my dad's home town gives me more excitement, the long hours of riding  a bus for 9 to 11 hours is just an ordinary thing for me and my siblings. Seeing green fields , beautiful landscapes, old bridges and blue oceans stimulates my senses.Indeed, I'm a travel enthusiasts at an early age.

I've learned from Facebook that Tripkada will be having a launch for their new app. on August 10, 2016. That's why, I've signed up. 

All I know, Tripkada is a group of people who loves to travel anywhere in the Philippines. It's a community for travellers uniting in one cost to explore new destination. So, I believe this travel meet up  will be a fun night for everyone who shares one interest which is "Travelling".

Smile for Tripkada Photo Prints

Thank God, Chi registered my name for FREE invitation because I signed up at Event Bright, a week ago. I was hesitant 2 days before the event because I don't have any companion and the meet-up is usually at night. I live in Cavite and the venue is quite far. But, chi has been my Angel, we attended the event & went home together. She also, lives in Cavite.

Vivo Lumio Your To-Go kit, tripkada sponsors

The place was filled with people. Few of them, already ordered a draft beer for Free.  There's a route map, it's like a trail, each pitstop has a task given. All task must be accomplished for you to have tripkada lootbag souvenir. Indeed, its a great activities for all the guests.

SMILE ,Flip Trip Girls

The night was filled with lots of games. All travel enthusiasts & flip trip organizers are so friendly ,cheerful & well-spirited beings. 

However, Flip Trip Organizers talks about Tripkada Mobile App launching wherein travellers can join trips organised by fellow travellers. Instead of paying an entire package to booked, a slot is given to join other travellers. Travel cost is split up among the group averaging to 750-2500 pesos or more depending on the destination. 

Also, they share some info. about affordable hostels on their apps.

While, Games are initiated! They will named famous places. Each group should write the exact place where the tourist spots are located. Then, They will check the answers if its right. after finishing 10 questions, who get the most right answers, wins the Game...


Bucket List Destination in the Philippines

Vivo Lumio, for Travellers
For your travel safety kit

Delicious Draft Beer! Yes, it's my first time to drink one.
Indeed, more to come. #lovedraftbeer

Foreigners and Filipino travellers enjoyed tripkada launch!

Love the Groufie pics 
With my Fellow Bloggers, kuya Orlee, Sir Ralph, Ms.Michille, tina and Chi!!!

Memories worth taking a picture

Seraphim with Chi

I love tripkada photo prints...

Even, we went home late, it's alright with us because we enjoyed the TripKada Launch. What more if i'll be joining their tripkada tour, soon.
 Thank you Flip Trip for the Invitation.
More power and enjoy making new great adventure!!
Congratulations for a successful Launch!!

Thank you chi, my sweet blogger friend 
who accompanied me by, my darling buddy. 

To my fellow travel enthusiasts, hurry up! DOWNLOAD TRIPKADA APP MOBILE on your phone. Booked a trip every weekend. Start your journey and enjoy every moment of your life....

Visit their Website:

Simply, FREE  your mind, inhale, breathe LIFE!!! 

Discover, Explore & Travel More!!!!

 Thank you for reading my blog about TRIPKADA: Travel Meet Up and Tripkada Mobile App Launch on August 10, 2016 at Boteco Brasil, Rockwell Drive, Makati City

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