Saturday, August 27, 2016

Seraphimsnotes: Change the way you see LOVE!!!

"Look at their lovely faces, hug them tight, instantly, 
you'll feel a profound LOVE and JOY."

It's been 4 years this coming Aug. 28, 2016, that my mom died. Honestly, my world fell down, she's been my source of strength and happiness. Her embrace simply warmth my heart, as she told me, "i love you anak". Each time, my heart got broken, she's been there. Her love suffice my whole being. I know in my heart that she wanted me to be happy, to succeed and find the love of my life, every mother always wishes her children good things ahead of them. A mother who gives life & nurtured with care & affection. She's my mother who gives "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" till her last breathe!!! 

My mom, Violeta Regino Tugade

Those years were the sadness moments in my life. I was so lost. When, the most important person in your life was taken away from you, instantly. It's like your a little puppy who losses the "WILL"  to drink milk anymore. But, if my mom binds me with her "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE".  To whom, should I asks for it, if its already lost. So, I remember from a verse in the Bible, Seek, Knock & Ask and you will Receive!  My mom always tells me to have faith in him and always pray for your anxiety. So, I decided to search the LOVE & JOY that was lost in my heart. Because God so love the World, he gave his begotten son, our Jesus Christ, our Saviour. So, his the only answer, because, deep in my hear, i've longed for God's LOVE!!!

So, we visited the Shrine of Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas Batangas with my best friend alex, a holy place, where miracles happened. A place where you can silently pray and tell him what's in your heart. You can pour all your sufferings, loneliness and misery. As the famous words of Saint Padre Pio, "PRAY, HOPE AND DON'T WORRY". After, we leave the place, I felt LOVE and HOPE. The place is abundantly filled with blessings and great LOVE with our father in Heaven. As the priest, touched my head, I felt the healing takes place in my HEART!!!

That's why it grows everyday, would you believe that I always sees a HEART shape item in everywhere I go, like this one in Vikings, see it, if you believe in LOVE!!! 

Sometimes, I see a heart shape in foods like in Pastillas, Doughnuts, pens, walls and in Wood carvings. The Universe tells me to CHOOSE LOVE & SHARE LOVE to everyone!!

A pie of love!!

I never been married, but, I have love of my life, those are my Dad, my niece, Alessandria Cassiel and my love alex. When, my mom died, I said to myself, I'll take care of my father, he had given his shared of sacrifice as an OFW in Saudi during my childhood days just to have our good education. I may not be a graduate of B.S. Physical Therapy without his LOVE and sacrifice for our family. Also, Ac has been my happines eversince she was born, we shared laughters together and Alex, he has been by my side thru my ups and down. Everyday, I choose Love to create positive vibes in the universe and it works all the time. 

LOVE takes place in many forms.

Love generously and you will receive one, it silently speaks in unknown words and only your heart knows the secret language. Upon waking up each morning, you can feel the cold breeze of the wind, slowly speaks how you are loved by our creator. He swiftly calls your attention, listen to each nature's voice to make your day calmer and vibrantly happy. 


A Family gives you a certain glow, a strength and inspiration to be a good person, work for a living and be a better human. An individual who choose LOVE to take care of Family's welfare, emotionally and physically. People devoted time and effort to show's one's affection. A Family's LOVE is God's greatest gifts and blessings to everyone. 


Every LOVE STORY is different from one another, some met in a trail way station, in a church, mall,  beach or even in a mountain. Some met accidentally and other's believe in DESTINY. If one TRUE LOVE is worth waiting for...Indeed, I grab the chance, but, Friendship is the key for a lasting relationship. Sometimes, a LIFE you have changes the way you see LOVE!! But, LOVE can change the way you see yourself, Coz you learn to be tough, love yourself more and experience the true meaning of LOVE!!! You might be broken a hundred of  times, but, definitely, you'll stand up again because you will choose to LOVE!! There's no turning's better to be loved rather than be miserable for the rest of your life.. If your an Adventurous type of a person, a risk taker , jump on a cliff , play the game of LOVE.. I promise you, someone will catch you. Just simply, believe in LOVE!!! 


I've seen how passionate a person is, especially if someone takes care of another living being. As he gave Love, vice versa, he will receive it, as well. No amount of joy can tell, the happiness it brings. Having a pet gives you a bundles of LOVE  wrapped in a fur, it stares at you accordingly because he belongs with you & he is your family.  Like the quote, I just read, "A cat can warm even the coldest Heart". Our pets especially, our dogs can give love more than themselves. You can talk and cry with them, they can feel you and they will just kissed you, right away.


Look closely at the pictures, can you feel the innocence and pure joy of a child? Can you feel how genuine their smile is? Can u look at their eyes and feel how much, love they have?  if you did, this is how I felt during those moments. We don't have the same blood ties. But, I felt how much they love me. Those are the kids living-in at my boarding house, where I spend for almost a year while, I'm still working in Pasay. His Dad left them, but, still, their hapiness overflows. Their laughters are our light in our home. I thank God for their family who accepted me as one of their own, I could not ask anything more.

Simple joys of a child is a precious gift from God. A jewel that needs to be cherished everyday!!! How do I see LOVE, the answer is, I just play with them and I felt such an enormous and abundant LOVE !!!Be with them, be like a child, attract their goodness and sincerity; you will receive a greatest blessings what you called "LOVE".


Whenever, I see blue skies, sunset, green fields, landscapes and aquagreen oceans revitalized my spirit. Staring with those tremendous creations feels so alive. I felt an outstanding love and joy, my whole being jumps with glee. That's why, once in a while, I travel to places that nurtures my mind, body and soul. It's like if you love nature so much and it's surroundings,  you will find beauty & love everywhere; it make's your heart more calmer and peacefuller. For me, Nature is a form of Art created by an act of Love!!!

Like, Huawei P9 it captures brilliant colour, striking black and white and the emotional appeal of Leica images.  It has incredible shots with merging algorithm, which intelligently combines the colours taken by the RGB sensor with the detail of the monochrome sensor, it definitely change the way you see Mobile Photography, even, in candid moments with your family, loved-ones, pets and majestic landscapes.

Simply, by the silence of nature, it changes the way I see LOVE,  it makes me appreciate new things in Life & be grateful, keeps me more passionate and affectionate to all my surroundings and to my fellow human being... 

If my mom is still alive, definitely, she will tell me, enjoy life and continue to LOVE, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST and everthing will follow!!! 

Spread LOVE and you will receive LOVE!!!

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