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ASIA CEO Forum Breakfast Event: Why I Think Ambassador Cuisia Is a Great Diplomat!!!

Photos taken by Asia CEO Forum FB Page

Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia with the sponsor of Asia CEO Forum
Six years after his appointment as the Philippine ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Jose Cuisia came home to retire as a diplomat last June. Speaking as a private citizen now, he recalled highlights of his six-year effort to strengthen the ties between the two countries during the Asia CEO Forum Breakfast Event on August 10, 2016 at Marriott's Hotel, Pasay City.

Photos taken by Asia CEO Forum FB Page
In the Q&A session with business leaders, Ambassor Cuisia candidly answered questions ranging from President Duterte’s 10-point economic agenda to human trafficking and extra-judicial killings.

Photos taken by Asia CEO Forum FB Page

On human trafficking. Back in 2011, the Philippines was in the Grade Tier 2 Watchlist of the Global Human Trafficking in Persons Report. In the next two years, largely in cooperation with the office of then-Secretary Of Justice Laila de Lima, the Philippines strengthened itsenforcement of human trafficker laws, largely seen in the increase in convictions and intensification of campaigns. Before Ambassador Cuisia retired this year, he was given the news that the Philippines was upgraded to Tier 1---making the country the only Southeast Asian nation in this category. 

On Pride for the Filipinos. The ambassador spoke about his interactions with Filipino-American communities, and his proud in the talent, hospitality and perseverance of Filipinos. These 3.4 million Filipinos in the United States comprise the second minority group with the highest median income. They also have lowest poverty and unemployment rates. He acknowledged how healthcare practitioners, especially our nurses, are hard working, affectionate and diligent workers in their field.

Photos taken by Asia CEO Forum FB Page
On the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Asked about his wish list for the country, Ambassador Cuisia replied that he is hoping that the Philippines will be part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade pact agreement that aims to deepen economic ties between nations , slashing tariffs that culminates business trades for economic growth.  He however, acknowledge that there are still certain pre-requisites---such as constitutional amendments regarding foreign ownership limits---that need to be looked into before the country can move forward with this partnership.

On the 10-point Socio-economic Agenda. Ambassador Cuisia expressed his optimism over the governance and implementation of the Agenda, particularly now that President Duterte is addressing head-on one of the major constraints to economic growth: Corruption. Also, any progress in the peace process in Mindanao Region will be a positive signal to foreign investors. All it takes are consistency and continuity in the implementation of the Socio-economic Agenda. 

On Drugs and Killings. One of the questions that got my interest during the breakfast meet is his answer on drug-related extra-judicial killings. The ambassador strongly opined that regardless of the intentions, the Rule of Law should be kept and respected.

Photos taken by Asia CEO Forum FB Page
To sum it up, I congratulate Ambassador Cuisia for the great service he rendered to our country. He is an ideal diplomat; a leader who possessed and demonstrated great knowledge, influence, and diplomatic skills as the Philippines’ representative to the United States. He showed courage and kindness to all his diplomatic jurisdiction. He uplifted Filipino culture, shown the world  our camaraderie and hospitality. He acquired great characteristics such as professionalism and patriotism to our country, he assumed responsibility in a diplomatic role and relentlessly devoted himself for the service of Filipino people. 

As a private citizen, the former ambassador will be focusing on his other roles: As a father and grandfather. He also hoped to be part of Gawad Kalinga---still giving a helping hand to fellow Filipinos.

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Singing our National Anthem

Ambassador Jose Cuisia 
at Asia CEO Forum

Sam Pimentel, the only Filipina with a Team of 5 who reached North Pole (Right-Wearing Black Dress) 
and my mentor, Sue Taparan of Grateful and spry

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