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My 1st NBA FIT WEEK coverage for Gatorade NBA Training Center!

"Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it's having a better version of yourself.. "-seraphimsnotes

Last July 19, I was invited by NBA Philippines to witnessed Former NBA Player Coach Dee Brown and Phoenix Sun Brandon Knight for NBA Fit week for Gatorade NBA Training Center which is held at the Gatorade Hoops Center in Mandaluyong,Philippines.

I was so excited to watched a Slam Dunk Champion, NBA Player of Celtics named Coach Dee Brown on what strategies and tips he would  share with our young elite players. So, I relentlessly listened on how he coached the kids on the court. I take some videos also so, I could reminince the moment and learned some basketball scheme.

Indeed, I've been watching basketball at home with my dad. I love GSW seeing how strong their defense, sadly they lost the game with Lebron of Cavaliers, well, that's how you play the game, you lose and win some.

Nevertheless, NBA Fit week focuses on the importance of being healthy, having an active lifestyle using 3 pillars such as: be active, eat right and be a team player. 

During the basketball session wherein former Boston Celtic Dee Brown excitedly stated that it's his first time in the Philippines and experience the passion of Filipino fans in Basketball.

He definitely shares some coaching knowledge and provides valuable insights on fitness and conditioning to help athletes and coaches to uplift goals in next level. 

Indeed, both NBA Players Coach Dee and Brandon Knight shows great enthusiam in teaching Filipino athletes and coaches regarding NBA's advocacy in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Like former Celtic NBA Player stated, "that the most important part that people (know) that basketball in general, not just in NBA  level ,is about being fit. You gotta be in great shape, you gotta eat healthy, you gotta have great wellness and stay active".

In addition, Gatorade is a sport drink brand formulated to increase endurance, sustain energy and proper hydration. Gatorade has a winning formula guaranteed to improve performance , break physical limits and make winners out of many athletes. So, NBA fit returns for 3rd consecutive year, the Gatorade NBA Training Center gathered experts in basketball, fitness, conditioning & nutrition to share best practices and learnings with elite local athletes and coaches. 

Here are some healthy reminders for the athletes that I've learned from Gatorade Coaches during my NBA Fit Week experience.

As Coach Kale,reiterate that Coaches has a crucial role in Players Health. Simply means that Coaches has a major responsibility of taking good care of their athletes in making them physically fit and in good condition. Players should listen to their coaches advice on how to  discipline their body. 

Also, Coach kale told us that 6 to 8 players are already dehydrated before the game starts,they measure it using their weight,urine and thirst. So,proper hydration should be acknowledge every game.


Coach DeCovan "Dee" Brown 

Go Coach Dee show them Miami strategy

Lay-Up Drills

Coach Dee shares some of his passion on 
Basketball to aspiring Filipino Coaches

Coach Dee teaches NBA strategies in playing
the Game!!!

  Coach Dee shows how running 
a pace-and-space scheme works

While,Coach Rajeev discussed how 8 hrs sleep is important to avoids sports injuries. However,there is a greater prevalence of chronic sports injuries with lack of sleep. So,players should be diligent and monitor their sleeping habits. 

Here are some important checklist for athlete to consider enhanced sleep:

1)Quiet Environment

2)Maintain Room Temperature 18 celsius degree.

3)Ensure that bedding/clothing  does not cause an environment not too hot.

4)Sleep Routine: Consistent time each night for falling asleep to begin and waking up. 

5)Avoid caffeine before leading to sleep.

6)Avoid using computer,tablet or phone before going to sleep

7)Napping not later than afternoon

8)Atleast 7hrs sleep at night

9)Ensure dark rm with no light source present.

Coach Rajeev shares some tips on how to optimally
recover from a basketball game. 
Proper hydration is advised

Coach Kale, explains NBA Players loses up to 3L  of
Sweat per hour if the game, it should be replenish afterwards.

Coach Dee answers questions given by the Elite Coaches

More Videos for NBA Fit Week:

Coach Dee teaches Lay-Up Drills and 
Pace and Space strategy 

Coach Dee answers questions of Elite Coaches who
Joins the NBA Fit week

Videos of Coach Dee teaching Fil. Elite Athletes

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NBA Fit Experience on July 19,2016. 

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