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MustardSeed setting New Revolution for Philippine Enterprises!

Mustard Seed Corp.delivers business solutions outstandingly. It creates an impact to help Philippine Office business to a greater heights in terms of technology,payroll system & office/dept. security.

Variety of new innovative solutions & tech. products had been added such as: NComputing, Fuji Xerox Printers,Synsormatic Synergy & other building Industry Solutions like FDAS( Fire Detection & Alarm Systems, CCTV Surveillance & other preventive maintenance systems. 

To introduced their new baby, their New Mustard Seed Mobile Applications,here is Janine Motos their Digital Marketing Officer. With their collaboration with, Mustard Seed Mobile Application was born..However, their goals is to aim immediate support in terms of business solution anywhere in the Philippines. You can download the applications in Google Play store, easier to install in Android phones, instantly you can be link to Mustard Seed Website, also,you can be link to Business Hub via, social media updates and newsletters of mustard seed, instant connection via email & phone, fast & direct information of newest trend of products and popular device of Mustard Seed Corp.

The corporation itself wants the client to have a good experience and a better virtual understanding of how Mustard Seed Product works and their excellent service in terms of Security and improving retail businesses in the country.

In addition, to their newly launch product for 2016, Here is NComputing is a latest product for vSpace Virtualization Platform, an ethernet-connected products that provides users to experience shared computers by ethernet networks.

NComputing has4 types:
A) L-Series that can be used in any distance from the shared computer. It can be shared by 100LSeries users in one single vSpaceserver.

B)Mseries it offers ethernet connection to a vSpace server in group of 3 users per kit. It has function like full screen video streaming, usb support & 45 users per server. Ideal for classrooms,comp.labs. ,training rms., & small business offices.

C)vSpace client enables any windows based PC, laptop to access vspace servers, efficient for centrally managed virtual deskstops.

D)Xseries device connects through PCI Card installed to PC and deliver great features for multimedia performance with energy efficiency. Its ideal for users in same room as the shared pc.

However, Ncomputing one of the Mustard top products sales in our country through its vSpace Server 8.3 & L350 thin client. This server makes big changes in schools/offices that offers most reliable and low pricing solution. It is simple to deploy and manage to desktop virtualization.  A brilliant solution for business and school internet education experience in just one CPU that can have multiple deskstop virtual performance, it minimizes individual cost for buying other units of PC. More savings in hardware, software & energy consumption. NC computing serves as 1 access point to multiple server users.

While,Fuji Xerox Office Multifunction/ Copier Printers  brings variety of functions which includes scanning, fax machine capacity & photocopier suit to large working business groups.It provides high quality results with a very reasonable price.This printer gives you the freedom to work in a timely And efficient manner. Also, it allows you to manage in every stage of printing. Fuji Xerox Printers doesn't only delivers excellent printing capability. Also, it saves time & resources.

And Sensormatic Synergy,the most latest brand technology in anti-theft system which gives numerous functions:  Acousto-Magnetic (AM), Premier anti-theft tech. For loss prevention; real time inventory & shrink visibility,IR sensor data delivers shopper traffic counts & IP Video,Visual verification of EAS alarm activity. This are all connected in 1 circuit to improve your business growth. It helps protect critical assets while decreasing incident of theft & item shringkage in business.

It has "tags-too-close features that manage simple store check-out which reduces false alarms. Also, it has (DSP) Dynamic Digital Signal Processor algorithms that ensure superior performance in noise environment that adapts to changing environment.

So, Sensormatic Synergy devices of Mustard Seed is the most efficient detection system for the value of compulsive & conscious retailing industry in the country.

Furthermore, the Mustard Seed Systems  Corp. Building Industry Solutions creates a holistic approach that provides security blanket that is helpful for their valuable assets on their businesses/offices.

Mustard Seed has their expertise in terms of supplying & installation of Fire Detection & Alarm System (FDAS) & Security Systems like Access Control,IP Survelliance/CCTV,Intrusion Detection &other solar  power and their goal for preventive maintenance.

Indeed, Mustard Seed has on-site fire alarm  system monitoring, a site monitor that can forward email warnings in a specified scenario, inform specific supervisor or authorized personnel  for the incident. Fire Alarm signals that performs efficiently.

This company still improving their innovative systems technology products to help business grow. With their new set of retail solutions in 2016. Philippine Industry Businesses can depend on MustardSeed Systems Corp. 

And the most efficient device that provides safety & security of large industry, inquire now for Mustard Seed Systems Corporation.

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