Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Search for Miss Peri Beauty Ambassador 2017 in Amoranto!!!

We, Filipino's are gifted with outstanding beauty, intelligence and grace. That is why, we are known in the Universe of having a pleasant face and a beautiful heart.

Every pageant that we joined. All Filipino communities are hand in hand in supporting our candidate to win even internationally or locally. We are reunited in one goal to uplift the beauty of Filipina and the richness of our land.

I do love watching various beauty pageant wherein talents, IQ and having a wonderful face are graded & challenged in accordance with the criteria of the organization..

However, last, July 18, 2017, I was invited as a Media Blogger to cover an event and witnessed the crowning of their newly Miss Peri Beauty Ambassador in Amoranto Stadium by Mr. Cris Felix,CEO of CARTJ.Com. Ph and Peri Beauty Products.

Peri Beauty Banner

Truly, the event was filled with excitement together with the loud croud cheering for their chosen candidate. It was a success and all the contestant shown their abilities to answer with great confidence during the Q&A portion.

But, what I loved most is the part wherein they walked elegantly with their long gown. As I watched all the ladies, parading on the stage and I've chosen No. 14 to be on Top of my List to win the crown. I knew in my heart, she is the one, she will be the Ambassador of Peri for 2017.

What makes her different? I guess, the way she handles herself  coz during the Fernwoods shoot for the Swim wear, she really stand-out. With her sweet smile and perfect stature during the Video shoot. I came up an idea,that No. 14 is a big contender for this beauty battle. With her poise and beautiful face, she will nailed the contests and she did with her light blue glittering gown with side long laces to cover her arms that reflects like a unicorn during the entire show. 

An outstanding Filipina who moves with elegance and grace and a dash of intelligence, presenting Ms. Peri Beauty Ambassador for 2017, Ms. El Fel Sharae R Banay-banay.

Here are the following Winners for Ms. Peri Beauty Ambassador 2017:

Andrea Nicole Duran - 1st Runner up

Julieta D. Adalim - 2nd runner up

Lady Franzelah D. Tabuzo - 3rd runner up

Sherlyn S. Pacu-an - 4th runner up

Here are some photos of the event:

Thank you Mr. Cris Felix for the invitation and continue spreading natural beauty to all Filipina.

Use Peri Beauty Soap and spread a younger and natural glowing skin within.

Lovelots, #Seraphimsnotes

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