Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Voice of Mercy & Compassion

A  Voice of Mercy & Compassion

By: Seraphimblue44

Let us always remember, it's not how many times, we've seen the Pope, as we waited on the streets 
or on his temporary home at Apostolic Nunciature, seeing him parading at the red carpet in
 Malacanang Palace, standing and listening to his Lithurgical Gospel in UST, 
waving at MOA Arena for Meeting of the Families, visiting the Homes of Yolanda Victim in Tacloban, 
all the sacrifice, standing and waiting for couple of hours in Luneta Grandstand
 for the mass. Most Filipino devotees done a tremendous sacrifice 
just to see his angelic face, our holiness Pope Francis and be moved by 
the Holy Spirit representing the center of faith of all mankind.

Hence, May all Filipino's bear in their heart's, all God's wisdom imparted by our loving Pope.
May we remember to act, feel and share to be Ambassador's of Christ, 
to invite everyone for personal encounter with Jesus Christ. 
To live life with honesty and integrity for the concern of common good
 to solidify our unity and camaraderie of all Filipino people. To reconcile with our hearts, 
to examine our conscience and acknowledge sins.
To simply, be living in Christ-like actions with humility and generous heart.
To be more merciful and compassionate to the poor and broken  in spirit.

Most, of all Families should learn to be more "PRAYERFUL".
 Pray as often, as Pope Francis 
speaks those words in the Meeting of the Families at MOA Arena. As he stated,

Indeed,Filipino's are resilient being, even tremendous rain drops pouring on their faces & bodies, 
Filipino Devotee's stood still pulling all their strength and faith in our dear Lord only to see God's representative on Earth, with his adorable and charming face, Christ like image of  holiness
 and a unique smile that washes away all your loneliness, pain and troubles
in your heart, mind & soul.
Pope Francis expresses his mercy, compassion and humility to all Filipino.
 I believe that he doesn't only touches our hearts but Philippines are so blessed having
around him even in 5 days visit only.

Pope Francis renewed our faith in a higher level to LOVE CHRIST
more and be inspired to be a "BETTER PERSON".
 Our country , Philippines is so much blessed with abundant grace and love
 from God that he guided his servant Pope Francis to visit us.
Our Holiness, Vatican Leader, Ceneter of Faith, friend & brother Pope Francisco
 had touched the deepest soul and heart of each Filipino's. Seeing and encountering him is such a 
priviledged in Heaven signifying how important and how loved we are in God's eyes 
that we should always remember in our heart's that we are "NOT ALONE". 
Pope Francis is praying for us, to our dear God to bless and guide all our actions & do his will.

Even, disaster strikes us and we don't know all the answers to our various questions.
Like,  why terrible things happened to good people? We, Filipino has already assurance 
that "GOD is watching US and he is within US"  and "He will always be here FOR US".

Thank you Lord , for sending Pope Francis to the PHILIPPINES together with Cardinal Tagle,
his religious mentor, whose accompanying him all through out his Papal Visit activities,
as well as, Cardinal Tagle for always  praying for all Filipino People.
Thank you,  for binding faith and friendship all together to uplift one's soul. To gain more
confidence and hope, to live each day fully with love and generosity within our hearts.
Thank you, for making Pope Francis as an instrument, a tool to reconciled our faith in you,
to dwell all our neccessities, to smile despite all the pain we experienced, all the hardships in life,
all frustrations & dissapointments we undergo; all dissapates seeing him and encouraging us to
share the joy of life to our less fortunate brothers.

Once more, we courageously pray for him to do your will and to spread
the humility, mercy & compassion, a christ-like characteristics to all mankind.
May we always remember that WE ARE GODS CHILDREN'S, that we need to show
LOVE, MERCY,TRUE KINDNESS, SINCERITY & HUMILITY to everyone, to be child like,
to be simple and enjoy moments of our lives. Also, to serve the Lord by serving others with

Thank you, Papa Francisco, Viva Lolo Kiko!!!!!