Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lido Cocina Tsina by Panciteria Lido in E. Rodriquez Branch, first dining experience with PT Staff.

Lido Cocina Tsina by Panciteria Lido has been one of our favorite food heaven with my partner ahlex. The first time, we've tried it was in LIDO COCINA Bacoor Branch. So, far, our dining experience is quite a memorable  one because,we love the taste of their authentic Asado and the manager / staff are accommodating & friendly. 

Now, together with my colleague, we are taking our lunch in Lido Cocina. Trying their authentic cuisine.

The Touch Therapy unit of National Childrens Hospital comprises of 7 staff including me. This is the first time, that we all 7 will be dining-out since I got the job. 

To review this premises, honestly, I thought the place is huge but, as you go inside, I wish, it has more spaces, chairs and tables for the customers. But, I love the ambience and the wall paper showcasing their best-sellers. 

Lido Cocina Photos: 

When,it comes to food. The taste retains its consistency and the pancit is so flavorful. Actually, we ordered a few menu to savor our hunger. Perhaps, next time, we will try the best ones and more delightful dishes. Thanks to Sir Javier,we got each one of Mango Jelly Cooler for his treat. Its jellow and you can taste the real goodness of Mango. Stir it up so you could taste the milk and its sweetener. 

Here's the Menu Lists:

Food Photo Gallery: 

 The tasteful Pancit Lido with
Shrimp and Veggies on top

 The Sizzling Drunken Lechon Macau,
My favorite...

The famous Pugon Roasted Asado 

 Yangchow Rice.
Good for 4-7 People

Mango Jelly Cooler,
the real taste of Mango

Now, I'm here working in Quezon City. Definitely, i'll be trying new food heaven in the north of metro!!!

Thank you for reading my Lido Cocina Dining experience with my colleques. 

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