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My First Attempt of Indoor Bike Challenge Exercise Class in Pampanga!!!

The pain you feel today will be the strength you will feel tomorrow!!!  

Last June 24, saturday, I was requested by a blogger friend to subsitute her and join one of the events of San Marino in Robinsons Starmills Pampanga for an Indoor Bike Challenge. I agreed to attend because I really love going out of town. To be relieve from busy life and noises in the Metro. I was early for the call time at 10am. I'm one of those persons who arrived first in CBTL Cubao and I met purpleplum fairy in flesh once again after a year that we bumped together in Thyroid Event in Holiday Inn,Makati. Thanks Vance for letting me join on this trip. 

So, here's a little story of my First Indoor Bike Challenge Exercise Class I've experience.

At first, we need to register and complete the card, they need to check our Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index and also, a Diet Consultation was given for our additional understanding on how Omega3 helps in regulating our overall health in terms of our daily activities and food lifestyle.  Here's my registration card. Thank God I was able to know my weight so, I could watch out my eating habits and correct it right away.

Indeed, it was freaking semi-difficult, challenging and energetic event. The first minutes was ok, but as the remaining time clicks and exercise movements are being implemented & leveled-up. I started to feel a little contraction on my hips, thighs and arms. 

As the coach trainor named Nicki, started to increase our speed and feel the rhythm of the music. Each time I paddled, I felt my heartbeat going so fast. As I put some weight on my arms, elbow and hand for squats. I'm starting to feel the difficulty of the Exercise.

I've been using a Bicycle Ergometer at home, but, I have few intervals and rest. Not like this, you cannot stop. You need to take a deep breathe and follow all the Exercise.  I had followed all the movements properly. I executed it with all my strength and endurance. But, it became more severe that I almost give up. When, we tried to stand and sit while, padling the bike. I guess, my muscles begins to weakened.

I'm starting to feel lighting pain in my buttocks. But, I'm quite worried that  i'll be having sciatic pain because the seat cover is so hard and quite high even,it was already adjusted. Finally, its the last peroid, we lower our pace and start cooling down for a stretching.

I'm very glad. I was able to finished without fainting and without drinking water because I need to concentrate. By the way, I perspired and drink water instantly after. 

I was so proud and happy for myself. I was able to experience Indoor Bike Challenge Exercise Class infront of many people. Eventhough, I do exercise using Bicycle Ergometer within my own privacy at home. I'm amazed, I was able to survive the class.

For Sport enthusiasts and a beginner for Indoor Bike Cycling, try this cycling sport event. At first, you'll be tested to give up but as soon as your pace and muscle adapts to the challenge, you'll definitely love this sport.

Anyways, to give you some clear ideas of the event. Here are my Photo Gallery:

Proper Reminders are given prior to the Indoor Bike Challenge Class and Race, to avoid injuries and any accidents.

All the Indoor Bike Participants were able to do some stretching and feel the real movements of the Race.

All the Participants and Registrants got a chance to check their BP and BMI prior to the Indoor Bike Class or Race.

To Live Healthy and Love more
A Diet Consultation was given to monitor your eating habits and to eat right kind of food like Omega 3 of San Marino Corned Tuna Flakes to achieve a healthier you.

All Registrants were able to play a WII Digital Tennis Game Awesome!! It's like your playing the real game. 

Love this San Marino Corned Tuna Flavors rich with Omega3, Good for the Heart...

Gus and I ready for the Indoor Bike Challenge
Exercise Class wearing our Singlet

With Boy Raket and One of the Model
For Indoor Bike Challenge powered by San Marino

My fellow blogger friend Rence Chan
And Vance Madrid😊

Thank you for reading my Indoor Bike Challenge powered by San Marino in Robinsons Starmills Pampanga.

So, hurry and participate for the next Indoor challenge in July 9 at Robinsons Metro East Pasig, for a chance to win 30,000 worth of Gc's. . . . 

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