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Cebuana Lhuiller: Celebrates Thank You for 30 Anniversary Concert in MOA Arena!!!

Cebuana has been part of our lives. Eversince, my mom still alive, I've managed a simple business online wherein I sell Eiffel Tower Items and the proceeds goes to the medicine of my loving mom.

VIP LINE For Patron MOA Arena
Thru, Cebuana Lhuiller, my buyers send their fees on the items that they bought. Its much easier and it has safe transactions. 

The Cebuana Stage
So, I'm glad that I was able to witnessed Cebuana Lhuiller, Thank you for 30 Anniversary Concert in MOA Arena last September first as a Media Blogger, because Cebuana has been our companion during our financial journey within our family. And the experience is so memorable. Thank you to Mommy Larisa for the invites. 

Media Blogger for Cebuana Concert
Indeed, the first part of the Pasasalamat Concert Series was held in Manila,MOA Arena, it is the company's way of giving back its loyal customers for 30 years of patronage of uplifting the lives of  Filipino families, fulfilling its mission of providing products and services that assists customers in their journey towards financial stability.

My VIP Media Ticket 
While, the crowd became so loud as guests starts to performed one by one especially,when James Reid and Nadine Lustre sings and dance the Despacito song. All Jadine's  fans shout loudly with their idols.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre

Then,a sweet and cool dance performances of Ella Cruz and Jilian Trono, makes the whole arena screams with joy.

Ella and Jilian, Guest Performer
While, Erik Santos seranades the Audiences with "Ikaw lang ang Mamahalin" , a powerful ballader that swiftly echoes and gives a heartfelt rendition of the song. 

Captivating song with Erik Santos
However, the Award winning Singer and Song writer, Rey Valera sings his best love songs that hits the chart in the Philippines. The audiences shouts for more songs to sung by the legend ary singer Mr. Valera. 

The Famous Singer and Song Writer,Rey Valera
While, the MOA Arena roars with a blasts when Pop Princess SarahG and Pambansang Bae enters the stage to sing and dance the music entitled "The Shape of You". 

SarahG and Alden Richards, Cebuana Lhuiller Ambassadors

After, their fabulous performance, lots of praises are spoken with this 2 great artists sharing in one stage for the 1st time for the Anniversary of the biggest microfinancing company in the Philippines,Cebuana Lhuiller.

SarahG and Alden with the G-Force
Afterwards, for the finale, the President, COO and the owner of Cebuana Lhuiller slowly walks on the stage to say thank you to all the people who patronize their company all throughout the years. And, confetti drops in the Arena to congratulate everyone for a cheerful celebration..

The 1st Part of the Cebuana Lhuiller Pasasalamat Concert  Series "Thank you for 30" are already held last Sept.1 , and the 2nd will be at Sept. 22 at the Hoops Dome in Lapu-Lapu City, while on Oct.22 it will be held at University of the South Eastern Philippines in Davao.

Despacito Moves of Jadine
During  Cebuana Lhuiller:
Thank you for 30
Anniversary Concert

Here's how to avail FREE Tickets:

*For loyal Cebuana Patrons pawning with a minimum amount of 4,000 will avail free tickets

*One Pera Padala Transaction worth atleasts 3,000 can be equivalent of one Gen. Admission Ticket

*CB 24K cardholders were able to convert points to concert tickets as long as they had 50 points or more on their 24k accounts.

* One Successful Happy and Gadget Loan is equivalent to one Gen. Admission Ticket

*Five ACP Gold cert. guaranteed one free Gen. Ad ticket

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog experience during Cebuana Lhuiller Thank you for 30 Anniversary Concert in MOA Arena.

If you were here, you can feel the intensity of the place. Congratulations Cebuana. Happy 30th year of service to all Filipino's Nationwide and Abroad. Continue helping Filipino's in bringing financial stability on next level.

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