Monday, June 29, 2015

Globeslipstream 2.0: Lotus Event with Stockinger

GlobeSlipstream 2.0: Lotus Event with Marlon Stockinger (Prince of Speed)
Date: June 27, 2015 at Bonifacio Global City

It's the Second Globeslipstream, but, it's  the first time that I could really watch him race in flesh.
The first time I saw him personally, during the Meet and Greet event at Glorieta sponsored by Globe Telecom. Indeed, I won the Twitter Contest Online. He was so adorable, amazingly handsome and sweet. I was able to hug him. Of course, I asked his permission. But, I got so nervous and it happened just one blink of an eye, only one photo have been captured.

Globe Slipstream LOGO

Now, truly unbelievable, I won again for the Meet & Greet in twitter with @akosimarcelo and @claraquaimabao, one of the famous people in Social Media. Nowadays, I'm so lucky given a chance to actually meet them. Finally, I will able to see my Prince of Speed, Marlon Alexander Stockinger,
to race and drift on his Renault Formula Car & to experience his magical race exhibition. 

Inside of Lotus WSR Renault Car

Stockinger Doughnut Exhibition

Stockinger BGC Race

The event was so successful. I was able to watch him drift, race and do some exhibitions even large barricades are all around the vicinity of BGC for safety procedures.
The experience and the noise was so memorable.
 The sound of his car engine make us more excited and eager to meet him in person after the event for the
 MEET & GREET of Marlon Stockinger Contest this
afternoon for the winners in Facebook and Twitter Fans.

M&G with Marcelo & Clara Quaimbao

Stockinger race was properly executed and magnificiently done. To the point that I've seen the Doughnut Exhibition to where I'm standing inside the barricades. He had seen his fans cheerfully supporting him. He actually waved at us, that why we got so excited and shout for joy. 


After, marlon's race as the expectators, media and fans watched, gasped for admiration and get loud for cheers.The wonderful scenario unfold into my memory as it parades and race across the ground of Bonifacio Global. As people, applaud and shout for more. The event was enormously outstanding. Marlon Stockinger Fans, Car Enthusiast and Racer come into one to experience Marlon Stockinger Fever Race.

As for the Stockinger Fanatics, the event was not complete without seeing, talking and meeting him personally. So, MEET & GREET was done even its started to rain. We all line up, just to experience being with him our favorite  Fil-Swiss Racer of F1 Lotus Team,
 my Prince of Speed, Marlon Stockinger even a couple of minutes. 
I was able to hug him tight for the second time. No cameras allowed , No selfies. So, sad but the organizers told us that they will post our pictures in Facebook. Thankful, they did, after, weeks of waiting. Stockinger Fanatics downloaded the selfie pictures with Marley posted to all social media on-board.

Marlon Stockinger with seraphimblue

Stockinger Fanatics 

Marlon Stockinger with his F1 Race Car

I was so thankful seeing him personally with freebies with Globe. 
Even, its a tiring day. I was able to captured a cool racing event with my fave and cutest racer in the World,
Marlon Stockinger, Lotus F1 Driver for  Formula Renault 3.5. 
Thank you @Globeslipstream #BilisNgPinoy @imstockinger @seraphimblue44
@akosimarcelo @claraquaimbao @enjoyGlobe

Here are some fabulous pictures of Motor & Car show:




DUCATI with (Bestfriend Ahlex) 

Thank you for my best friend and love who accompanied me this wondrous racing event of