Thursday, June 4, 2015


(Renewed Spirituality)
Date visited: May 19, 2014

Wondering as a child, I'll always come along with my mom in various churches. My family always attend masses especially when my dad is around during his stay here in the Philippines. Actually, his an OFW, working in Saudi Aramco but recently, he retired from work in 2003 and attending the mass every Sunday is our simple way of  reuniting our lost family moments during my childhood days. Way back then, 
life is easy and non-chaotic. As a child, I was just playing around, enjoying the perks of life but not
 knowing the responsibility the future holds. My mom named Violeta R. Tugade thought me to pray, attend the mass in Baclaran and Quiapo Church, recite the rosary &  Lord of Pardon Novena
 and most of all read the Bible. She encourage me to have faith in God because he is the
 only one who can truly be there to love and cared for us and that is the most
 important thing she shared to me, now that she is gone since August 28,2012.
 She said that our dear Lord, God, our father is our refuge, messiah, father and mentor, rolled into one. 

I never seriously understand the word repentance and salvation. Until, I encounter the most troublesome moment in my life. A friend named Joni, helped and guided my way. She brings me to the Miraculous Church, then, it all started there. All emotions and gallons of tears suddenly fell enormously. That is the moment, I had asked him and Mama Mary to put away all the pains and sin that I had. I asked forgiveness and helped me to be the daughter, he wants me to be.
Furthermore, my 1st journey is to visit the SHRINE OF PADRE PIO in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.
I was accompanied by my best friend, Alexander, we travelled from Manila Bus station at 4A.M., then, as early as 6:00AM, were already there in Sto. Tomas Terminal, then, we ride a Jeep towards LIPA and tell the Driver to drop as in the corner of Padre Pio, then, we ride a trycycle going to the Shrine. 
We tour the place while there are still few people. The place is filled with holiness, serenity and tranquility.
You can feel the presence of his love, grace and peacefulness.

  The Altar and the Ceiling is so amazingly built, with a touched of gratitude and humbleness.
The Two-sided cross hanging over the Top of the Ceiling, symbolizes a great love of God for Mankind 
and the other half, signifies the humility of the Holy Family that brings tremendous faith in God.

The enlightenment of the place is not only given by the architectural design, but, as you step outside you can feel that superior spirits are guiding the pathways surrounding the dome.

It's like an army of Saints praying for all the people who come and celebrate the healing mass.
A wave of religious statues creating a massive prayers for all devotees.

Most of all, let us remember, that the shrine is built with the commemoration of Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, a Friar, born on May 25, 1887 in Southern Italian region in Campania,
known as "Wonder Worker". His transverberation and undying stigmata put him in a place wherein people seek for miracles and answered prayers through his intercession and divine love of God for mankind.

 Padre Pio Feast Day is celebrated every September 23 in every Catholic Nations. Also, healing masses is done every 23rd of the month within the two sites in the Philippines, one is at the Libis Quezon City
 and at Sto. Tomas Batangas, wherein, all devotees and believers pray ,
meditate and do charitable works. Also, Padre Pio follows the Franciscan spirituality which
 focuses in walking with Christ's footsteps, learning and understanding what Christ asked and sharing his love to all humanities. He has explicit spiritual gifts to be in service which includes healing,
 prophecy and conducts God's word thru counseling.

Our dear Mama Mary holding the Child Jesus Christ at the Top of the Dome. 

A beautiful smiling Angel

By walking around the grounds of Padre Pio Shrine, you can noticed the beautiful masterpiece,
a dome like structure, where in Mama Mary figure at the Top of the roof, which symbolizes the loving care of a mother. Then, what attracts me most is the 2 large human statue of an Angel guarding the entrance of the Dome, so, pure, peaceful and carefree. Two Guardian Angels giving a lovely smile of each devotees and guest who visited the Holy place. Then, another building which is the Bell Tower that is magnificently built. Due to early arrival to this serene place,
I was able to capture the moon behind the wonderful infrastructure with angels and saints on the side. 
The Bell Tower

 Visiting this place renewed my spiritual aspect of life. Also, it strengthened my faith in him. Knowing that there is someone watching and taking good care of us. I felt and believe that this wondrous place creates Miracles within us. That is why, people from other walks of life visit this Holy Place because every devotees have an enormous belief that stepping on this ground brings them spiritual healing and progression to a higher realm of faithfulness in God. I'll shown you the blessed water wherein relic of Padre Pio lies in the center while water is pouring successively.
       Blessed Water with Padre Pio Relic
                                                                            Padre Pio Blessed Water 

Before, I end up my Blog. I would like you to remember the famous quotation of Padre Pio. So, you could always feel the comfort, love and care of our father in Heaven, here it goes:
Things might not work according to our plan, but, with his guidance and love.Gratitude and blessings will surely pour in. You might feel, your lost and no where to found, if you feel alone and you wanna get free. You feel hopeless , down and frustrated. Try to go here Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas. Just slowly walked on the path, where, trees are all around you. You can feel the tranquility of the place especially if you go here early in the morning. Remember , your not alone, your not a loser and your not defenseless.
You have a mentor to cheer you up. You just listen to your heart that is where God is.
Padre Pio serves an instrument for Mankind to believe that there is Hope when you pray and trust in his divine intervention and to act according his will by being humble all the time and share God's love thru his words to your fellow being.

Sign of God

Love this place and I'm thankful to my Angels and Mama Mary 
directed me to this place to renewed my faith in God. 
Thank you for reading this Blog. 
Visit this Shrine of Padre Pio, you will be moved. Recite Padre Pio's words
all the time and you will feel God's Love and  Miracle do works...