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AECOE 2015: Making Waves for a successful Digital Market Online!!!

Blogging opens a new door for me to experience mingling with wonderful people in social media and continuing my passion into writing into a higher level that I could never imagine. Amazingly, I was speechless and overwhelmed how enourmously digital influencer affects people in this digital world were livin in. I came across with strong-willed women like Engr.Grace Bondad Nicolas -TagMedia Ms. Reylen de Casto ,Janette Toral & many more.

Last Nov. 25, 2015, I was invited to the biggest Asia Ecommerce Expo 2015 at SMX Aura. Luckily with my perseverance,I was one of the bloggers whose given a chance to witnessed this fabulous event in Ecommerce Industry sponsored by Tagmedia. Various big brands in online business are present to share their expertise & insights regarding their success in business. Sharing their strategies and process that they applied to make a big difference in people lives.

Truly, this event is empowered with great significance in terms of innovative platforms in e-payments, social networking and digital online marketing.

Various, well-known online business leaders was seen in this Asia Ecommerce Expo. Some, CEO, GM, Managing Director, Brand Ambassador, Director for Communication & Book Authors were invited to be one of the Speakers that shares their
knowledge, expertise and tips to have breakthrough in
digital business.

This are some insights that I've learned during the 
discussion of the guest speakers. 
Constantine Robertz, Managing Director of Zalora mentioned that Philippines has a fantastic consumer in the 
Philippines due to young population that embraces
E-commerce and Social Media. Also, Filipino's are tech-savy,
that produces growth potential for SME and online

While, Chinkee Tan, book author & radio host stated that
building relationship to readers and consumers are a big plus
to increase viewers. Also, by adding some images and videos
increases audiences on websites 200%. Also, he believes
that blogger nowadays are evangelist that introduces products and attends to diifferent event launching with a cause
that makes a big impact to social media.
He advised that Digital marketing message should be
clear, target market should be researched and platforms should be honest with their product or services they offer.

However, Subir Lohani, Managing Director of Carmudi notices that eye catching adds & link building of SEO must be used & implemented to attract bigger consumers.

Then, COMELEC Director named James Jimenez quoted that Voting is communal experience like digital marketing.
Now, its a Social Media Election.
Probably, he means that having a wider scope on social media
marketing gives additional boosts of votes for people
who will run into politics. By the way, I'm glad that his a Blogger too. Most, importantly, he gives emphasis that reaching 
out to people are very important role.

Lastly, CEO, Yupangco Group of Companies named Mr. Robert Yupangco shares his success in running various business in the Philippines and outside the country, he stated that their 
focusing through the experience of people. We are selling Adventure Parks. So, meaning, it should be
fun and memorable experience that lives on their hearts
for a lifetime that they could share it to others. 
That makes the themepark creates family bonding and good
Also, Mr. Yupangco is hands-on in terms of handling the
business. He believes that the Team is the one making
the company. Also, he stated, the key for success is
balance into 4 Quandrants of Life: Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional & Physical.

Also, there's a discussion
regarding Privacy for online companies. One of the speaker named Quentin Bouche believes in Privacy, however, he said, either you use it in a good way or in a bad way.
Well, does he mean, it depends upon the agenda of the
the company if they're being honest on the service that they provide in the public? I believe, that online markets should be
direct and offers a great excellent service to their consumers
in that way messages of good feedbacks will be spread like a fire.
Some asked if Ecommerce is safe? Some speakers answered 
it depends upon the Data Security their using.
So, I guess, they need to put up a strong defense of firewall 
for the security and safety of account members online.

To end up my insights regarding my experience in Asia Ecommerce. 

Here are some of my favorite photos in this fabulous event. 

My fellow bloggers with Mike Grogan, 

Thank you for reading my blog..

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