Friday, December 25, 2015

Handcrafted Lamps for Christmas!!!

Let light shines on Christmas Day. Whenever, I see christmas lights flickering around the houses, streets and malls. 
I feel so alive and happy. I felt a glow in my heart.
 There's an enormous feeling that love is in the air. 

As I walked by around the mall at Festival Mall, I noticed
A glowing sight. From a distance, it make me stopped and take
Some photos of this beautiful handcrafted lamps.
It was so distinguished and has a unique designs.
A lovely decoration this Christmastime.

This year has given me a lot of graces and I'm so blessed
And thankful for everything. Yes, indeed, i might be so
busy in life but the light coming from all the flickering lights
Makes me realized the true meaning of life which is giving and
Valuing the people that I loved. Meeting new bloggerfriends and 
Team mates to be cherished and loved. 

Here are some fabulous designs and photos of Handcrafted 
Lamps made by polycarbonate materials to feel 
You inspired this Christmastime.

Have a wonderful christmas everyone!!!!

Thank you for reading this Christmas  blog.

Let the gift of sharing, joy and love reigns in your heart.

Love lots, +Seraphim Lavander 

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