Monday, November 2, 2015

My 1st Blogapalooza was a blast!!!

I never thought that I could experience attending such a fabulous event wherein I can mingle my co-fellow bloggers and meet new rising brands in the Philippines.

Indeed, this is my 1st BLOGAPALOOZA last October 25, 2015 at One Esplanade and it was a blasts. Some brands and companies are quite familiar and some seems so 

Aside, from all the freebies and games
Gallore. I was able to observe what's 
the main purpose of this event.

Simply, all brands are parading & promoting their business. Thru blogging, they can easily widen their spectrum
Of customers by the help of creative Bloggers that spreads reviews, event launching & many more 
In Social Media. 

Even, I'm new in the business,
I felt that I belong in this Blogging WOrld.
Indeed, my passion in writing had 
put into used in a unique & charitable way.
By the way, this event would not 
be as joyful and lovelier, 
If I won't share it with my Bheibeiko Aa.
He told me, he wouldn't experience 
All this fun without knowing
me in LIFETIME. So, sweet its because of 

#chipsdelightph #chipsdeligh #sharethedelight

one of my favorite photos in BLOGAPALOOZA
brought to u by JB MUSIC , group selfie with crew of RIVERMAYA
cutee noh..!!!

photos by Eagle's Wings Enterprises..thanks for the Umbrella!!

So, here are other fabulous
Brands and photos that we had during
the event!!! Savor it!!!

IAMCARDBOARD, new multimedia
3D Toy ,amazing...try this one!!!

Of course, don't forget the beautiful
Ms. MAxene & Ms. esplanade..

Visit their website:  
for online home delivery, 1000 cuisines to choose from!!!

The most scariest booth in the Blogapalooza,
 wherein Zoombies swarming around!!!
Visit their Website: to experience #BREAKOUT for 45minutes

I can't believe pati sa BLOGAPALOOZA, may Airplane, STALKER. but, I truly love
Airplanes...Just kidding, Enjoy Cebu Pacific!! Visit their website for affordable tikets.

2nd most favorite photos at BLOGAPALOOZA 2015, thanks for the freebies.
I automatically downloaded this pics on my FB page, medyo,madami nag-likes, heheh!
But, I really wanna experience this ACE WATER SPA. I only watched this on
Kristv. Now,I already have a VIP Card up to 2016. Hopefully, fingers cross.

Be a #ResponsibleMedia yun lang. Ofcourse, I'm a Blogger
all the reviews, write ups and words written on the blog should be
credible and with integrity. 

I was amazed by the SMDC Booth, imagine you need to blog them right away
just to have the luggage bag. Ofcourse, if you are truly a writer. You can
instantly show your writing skills. Yes, I have it!!! Thanks SMDC!!!

the DIFF , Be different Be YOU!!! they believe in the importance of
Self-expression. So,if you want to customize your Phone case. Just
visit their website:

simply, beat the stress into your lives. take this supplement.
Feel Good Lactium, a natural mill protein hydrolysate by Sydenham Pharmaceuticals!!

This Dr. Kong Booth is one of the booth that a Blogger MUST visit!!
Bec. Bloggers are all around , travelling & visiting various places for reviews & events
 so to relieve common foot problems. Consult Dr. kong. I also, have Dr. kong Card for discounts.
Being a Physical Therapy, Dr. Kong truly helps lessening the effects of Lower Extremities degenerative diseases.

This Manong Lechon Cebu booth is so box office at BLOGAPALOOZA.
for orders simply,

yummylicious sweets, follow their IG for your sweet orders:

Breville -lize your Health. It's yummy especially the sayote shake & smoothies.

Fruit Tea booth is a blasts...the flavor that I love most is the Apple tea.
I enjoyed the photo booth and you can choose 3 flavors, Guava, Apple & Freeze!!
Visit their website: or

Bambu with Ipanema & Grendha!!


Here are some various brands like namely: Curves, UNICEF, Flawless, Ginhawa spa & dining,
TGFI Web Academy & Hotel Quickly

Thanks to Regroe, Hotel Sogo & Victoria Court and many more!!

See yah, next BLOGAPALOOZA!!

Thanks and big applause to Sir
Vince Golangco& his team for this
successful event.!!!!

MORE power also to WHENINMANILA!!

Thank you for reading this blog,
Lovelots, Seraphimblue44

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