Monday, November 16, 2015

Successful Launching of Blogger Babes Asia in Manila

Blogger Babes Asia Launching in the PHILIPPINES!!
Last October 3,2015

So, excited for my 1st Blogger babes Asia meet up 
With the collaboration of clozette and blogger babes Asia.
Finally, I met the founder Ms. Heidi, down to earth, approachable and very friendly lady. She easily shares
her experience and struggles being one of the
Influential blogger in fashion and beauty. 


The fabulous CEO & Co-founder of US Based Bloggerbabes 

Ms. Vernie & Ver Ecenciso (Fashion/Beauty Blogger)

Dana Decena

Lessons I've learned from the biggest Fashion Blogger
On Social Media...
For Pre-Event, always bring Business Cards
to share or market your blog.
Look your best but be yourself quoted 
by Dana & Cristina Decena. Simply, be YOU!!
Love thy readers and don't be snobbish!
You need to be consistent.
Know your target audience and market.
Identify your niche or platforms.
While, in terms of reviewing beauty products
just be honest and direct if its benificial or not.

More Photos for BloggerBabesAsia Launching!!!
Bloggerbabes registration...

Love all the Graffiti designs on the wall!!!

Cool & Eccentrics Designs of the Ceilings...

Overall, my experience is great, meeting some beauty
And fashion blogger open my awareness in
 what type of niche I would love to blog.
I'm a kind of person who appreciates beauty,
Loves fashion, make-up and skin health.
I love writing events, PR and my personal thoughts.
I do love writing some beauty reviews.
But, for the mean time. I'll focus what i love 
best which is to share my thoughts.
I'll let the fashion & beauty blogger do their thing
While, I'm loving attending events and 
write PR for products or charity events!!!

Blogger Friends Reylen and Joy!!!


I won Khiel's Lotion!!!


Many more!!!

Thank you for reading my blog...

Lovelots, Seraphimblue44

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