Monday, September 28, 2015

AppendMe: A New REVOLUTION for Social Media Applications!

AppendMe is the new revolutionized social media application that provides the most popular features that is found on all other mainstream platforms. By adding some cool functions it makes this application more friendly and effective.

AppendMe is a FREE application (39.7 MB) because everyone should have an access and learn how this application will be one of the favorites of Social Media Netizens and will bring a big blast in Social Networking this coming weeks.

Here are the features of AppendMe:

• Like / Dislike / Sympathize Buttons to express
 your emotions inside out 

• Photo Timer & Video Timer for (TMS) 
Time Management System & cool selfie

Built-in Photo Editor for text over photos / 
Collages frames, add filters,
add different color backgrounds, etc.
• Built-in Chatting System.*

• AppendMe Wheel, select functions easily in your fingertips 
Other Features:
• Video Recorder or the option to load any video from YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, etc.
• Full Privacy / Comprehensive App Security.
• Unlimited Friend Requests / Friend Suggestions.
• Hashtags, Sharing and Notification Tab.
• Post Blogs and/or create your own Folders for saving Fave features

While in Version 1.4:
*More easier User Interface for internet navigation
*Tagging of single & multiple images can be done.
*Background Picture for Chats can be downloaded & replaced by any images.
*Bug Fixed applicable to run app smoothly as possible.
*Trending post: Soon you will be able to see what’s trending on AppendMe!
*Video playing could be done in Homepage longer that 16 secs.
*Appendme has Different Languages: Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian

I know, your quite curious about this. If you would asked me, Why you should download this application? This is my simple answer, If you love taking selfie pictures and your a fanatics in photography. AppendMe is the right application for you, because it has a Photo & Video Timer Built-in features for easy photo shoot and selfie. Most especially, you can already make a collage frame & filter it instantly and post it on your favorite website.

AppendMe is one of the best applications for my gadgets. I already downloaded this.  I'm very happy & satisfied. So, I decided to erase my Photo Grid & Camera 360. Most importantly, if you’re a blogger like me, you can easily Post Blogs and create folders to save your favorite articles and blogs by using AppendMe. This is a big YES for me as a Blogger. 

Definitely, it's free, just go to your app store, or google play store and download it. 


For iOS -

For Android -

Feel free to share AppendMe with your friends, fellow bloggers & colleques.
Guaranteed a decent, child friendly social media, So similar to facebook but 
AppendMe is more awesome and User-Friendly!!

Enrico and Marlena Torres, Creators of AppendMe Messsages:
“We wanted to build something that everyone can easily use, without giving up the things they already love on mainstream social media, as well as removing what is distracting and pointless such as advertising and pop-ups. This is a new breed in social media, fresh, free, easy to use, and created with the benefit of the users in mind.

I want to be Angel

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A crown upon my forehead,

A harp within my hand.

-Urania Bailey

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