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My Preciously precious experience!!!

Precious Hearts Romances Pocketbook is the most leading pocketbook in the country which is well known to inspired teens, young at hearts & ladies to believe in great love, destiny and forever. Also, it imparts lessons to gain courage to start all over again, if love mishap strikes you in the air. Simply, meaning if someone experience a broken heart. You will learn to move on & choose the right partner who will stay on your side forever. Upon, reading this book makes you braver to face life & to love again. But, I guess, it’s a long process. However, it gives you “kilig moments” like the Aldub love team upon reading this precious one & wished for Mr. Right to come.

Yes, indeed, I was very grateful to be part of this wonderful occasion as a Guest Blogger for Precious Heart Romances Readers Event at SMX MOA on September 20, 2015 together with 36th year of Manila International Book Fair. Definitely, I’m a hopeless romantic individual. I believe in great love & serendipity. People who will attend here have the same wavelength of intensity when it comes to LOVING, as much as I do. That’s why I got so excited when I receive a text coming from Ms. Leloi, my co-blogger & one of the member of Bloggers Association of the Philippines, giving me opportunity to experience my First Blogger Event.

My precious experience started with a bang of Four Handsome & Hunk Guys parading in the center of the stage, it signals the beginning of the parlor games for all the precious participants. More cheers, giggling & loud noises are heard upon executing the games. More hugs to complete the task to reveal the 4New Pocket Book launched in a puzzle game design.

Precious Precious Hunkie Boys

As I excitedly, take pictures, the event is becoming so interesting & steamingly hot for the readers and the guys on-stage. Delightedly, the event was filled with Pocket Book launching, Free make-over by Encarnacion Group, food cocktails, freebies & more preciously precious parlor games.

Preciously Precious Parlor Games

The first  game is called Wonderlust  Series Game. The four handsome boys will be the one who will choose  five girls on the crowd to be on their team .The first team who will finished the puzzle representing each 4 Wonderlust Pocket Book Series will be the winner.  

Can I give u a BIG HUG???

But, for finale, they need to have a group hug. Each puzzle of 4 Teams will be revealed.

Four Wonderlust Series Pocketbook will be launched.

Wonderlust Series Collections!!


Presenting Wonderlust Series

Promise by Dream Grace
Kiss by Victoria Amor
Touch by Dawn Igloria
Tears by Belle Feliz                                                     


Preciously Precious Writers
Each stories plot is inspired in SAGADA Province. It talks about vow of marriage, trust given by your partner & respect molded throughout the years, the tears you shed when someone betrayed you or broke your trust & throw away all your love, the kiss you felt when, you truly love a person & sense of touch when, you feel loved and cared.

Arrange Me, Pls!

The second game is like fill in the blanks. 3 Sets were given with four participants. They need to re-arrange the four boys with letters on their chest to complete the blank words, with the fastest time to reveal 3 more. The fastest time to re-arrange the words will be the winner.

Diary Ng chubby

Here are 3 more pocketbooks, believe me it
caught my attention.

A reality bites & inspirational pocket book. You can simply say, even, I have an extraordinary figure, attractive face & I have a heart ache. You can simply affirmed yourself, I’m beautiful, I’m healthy & I will love again.

Love this new set of Precious Heart’s Romances Pocketbooks:
Diary ng Chubby 2 by Vanessa
Diary ng Maganda by Victoria Amor
Diary of a Broken Heart by Heart Yngrid

Want some Cup cake, my dear

The 3rd game is cupcake eating with a twist; the boys will helped them to put the cupcake inside their mouth, as the girls finished the 4 cupcakes. They need to spell out the letters in the plastic plates to complete the words in the screen. The first one who will spell it out while raising her both hands will be the winner.

So, 2 sets are made to reveal 2 more Pocketbook titles.

These are the list:

Hot Fangs series 1: Dark Angel by Venus Franz
Cursed Series: A Wolf’s Tale by Nikki Karenina

Both, Authors are KPOP fans so it was written inspired by the Korean Heartrobs. I love Angels & Wolfs, it signifies, purity of soul & braveness of one’s heart. Even, the story is based on cursed and a little of a dark side secret. All readers will be fascinated with this kind of mystical stories.

KPOP Inspired Precious Romance Writers
Afterwards, the host called the Two Best Selling Authors of Precious Heart Romances. 
Today, they will launched their New Stories.

The Beautiful Heart Series 
Collections and here as follows:
Seven Stages of a heart break
by Maricar Dizon
My Lock of Love cannot be broken by Sofia
Of Hugot memories at marami pang iba by Luna king

The crowd became so wild and clutter loud shouts of joy of admiration. As the Authors interviewed by the cute & beautiful host, Sofia concluded that the plot of her stories started on her trip abroad, where, locks of love is located. While, she’s roaming around; a man was following her, wherever she goes.

The famous Sofia & Luna King, Best Seller Authors
 of Precious Romance

The man admired her Filipina beauty. Sadly, he never asks her name. No Love communications had been connected. So, Sofia had been inspired to make that My Lock of Love cannot be broken story based on those moments.

While, the famous Luna King talked about her book, it’s all about a girl whose always in a Friend zone with a Guy he likes. The main question is how can you move on, even from the start it’s never been US?

So, what are you waiting for, to all loyal Precious Hearts Romance Readers. 

Grab a copy, now.

Indeed, it was a memorable, sweet and precious moment in my life. It was a fabulous day filled with love & romantic stories. I feel so alive, meeting new blogger friends, interview with some Precious Heart Writers like Dream Grace and seeing the President of Precious Pages Corporation, Mr. Segundo Matias, Jr. & meeting my old college friends, Arabella with his husband, a blogger too. I've taken a few images for you to enjoy

Sagada inspired storyby Dream Grace

 Dream Grace, Author of Promise 
(WonderLust Collection Series)

Make-over , so fabulous!!!

For make-over. Make-up by Encarnacion Group of Companies...

Precious Romance crowd gallore!!

Bloggers & Precious Romance Readers, waiting for "Preciously precious event".

 Preciously Precious  Audience

Precious Romance Enthusiats in one Event!

I may say, it was a success, my First Blogger Event & many more lovely events to come in the future. Tiring day but fulfilled & I have bunch of Joy in my Heart.

 I am simply  PRECIOUS!

For my parting words, “Never waste a single moment to feel love and express love, everyday is an opportunity to be in-love

Thank You, PRecious Pages for the Invites, till next time...
What a lovely preciously precious day!!!

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