Thursday, September 24, 2015

Does anyone seen, Stanley Chi in Manila International Book Fair 2015?

Books Gallore at Manila International Book Fair 2015

It’s been years, since, I first went to MIBF with my SARS team BFF, mitch. As I step inside the glass doors of SMX MOA Convention, my heart jumps for joy. As we approached Ms. Leloi, my co-blogger, Precious Romance Representative, she gave me a free MIBF ticket together with my plus one, my BFF, AA because I was invited to be part of the Precious Romance Heart Readers Event as one of the Guest Blogger.

However, there is another blog to share all my memorable & preciously experience during my First Blogging Event, ever. Until, then, I was honored to witness the Pocketbook launching of Precious Heart Romance Writers. 

Definitely, I’m so excited to see the floor of books with numerous booths scattering around the SMX; all books parading with various publishing company with different designs just to capture the attention of bookworms, novel enthusiast, pocketbook readers, writers, best-selling authors & future investors.

I never thought that I’ll be here again, so, let me share some insights and whereabouts of this wondrous event. As I roam around, visiting all the booths of my favorite publishing house like: Paulines, OMF Literature, Precious Moments & Fully-Booked. Also, with Lampara, ETL, Precious Heart Pages, National Bookstore,REX Bookstore, Abiva, Summit Media, Pope’s Bookstore, Psicom Publishing, Vibal Publishing, CSM Publishing & many more.

What caught my attention is the ABIVA Publishing Booth, they have a Hot Air Balloon Design on their area, wherein, people could take selfie with friends or loved-ones. I love Hot Air Balloon, so, we grab a chance  & the lady crew volunteered to take our pictures.

I also, came across the book signing of Yassi Pressman with Yandre Paras for the Girlfriend For Hire at Summit Media Booth that is why, the area is so pretty crowded. Also, while, I'm buying some coloring book at Precious Heart Pages for my niece alessandria cassiel & for samantha, grand daughter of my behalf, I noticed WATTPAD fanatics lining up to have an autograph to their fave Wattpad writers.

Suddenly, from no where, I see a guy with a pair of eye glass with a bill board stating, this one:

So, where is Stanley Chi? Actually, his seating and preparing for his book signing and I just stare at him for few minutes. I would like to ask some selfie or autograph but, I'm too shy to ask because, only boys are swarming around this Suplado Guro. For your information, Stanley Chi, is a TV Event Host, FHM Columnist, Comedian, Cartoonist & a Blogger itself. Of course, the famous author of PoGi Points & Suplado Tips Best-selling Books in the land.

To sum it up, One Night Stan talks about a Guy who is Forever alone in his life. Believe me, there are signs, first aid kit and tips to avoid it. So, if your still single up to now. You should ask yourself why? then, accept that you really need this BOOK...

I definitely, will recommend this book to my single close boyfriends so they will never feel #Forever alone in this World. I give Stanley a 10 pts for my SeraphimsNotes for helping single guys in this country...

Finally,this, 36th Manila International Book Fair is a blast. My experience was so remarkable & memorable. I never thought that I could, go beyond my horizons, knowing I'm just a newbie blogger. Until, next year, I'll be more radiant, observant & papparazi to writers, authors & new pubblishers in town. 

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