Friday, April 29, 2016

Diyos-Diyosan: Election Movie for a Wiser Filipino Voters!

The film “Diyos-Diyosan” is a socio-political film that tackles a very timely issue in the Philippines. Written and Directed by Cesar Evangelista Buendia, this film aims to educate all the Filipinos to become a responsible and wise voter.

Starring ABS CBN Banana Split star John Prats, and veteran actress Princess Punzalan, the film “Diyos-Diyosan” challenged their versatility as an actor.

The story revolves around Mojica’s life struggle to be recognized by the society but soon after that recognition becomes his hunger for power.

Seraphimsnotes points of view;

Must watch movie for all Filipino Voters to be more attentive with one's political candidate towards their personality, behavior and socio-economic concerns to all levels of society.

To be more observant not only on their platforms and sweet tongue but also, towards their human to human approach. Most importantly, if they have faith in our creator because their rise and fall will only be dictated towards his own will and understanding. 

My only wish, whatever the outcome will be. Hope, they will serve Filipino Race with heart's compassion, integrity, dignity & honesty. 

May they have the heart for needy &  poor people, they should have more concern on others welfare rather than their own agenda. May the Philippines be prosperous and inclined to economic progress for the betterment of all Filipino People. Corruption and crab mentality no more. Rudeness of Power should be discarded for the goodness of mankind.

Thank you for reading this blog regarding Diyos-Diyosan Movie!!!

Lovelots, #Seraphimsnotes