Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Making ALASKA Champions into Young Filipino Athlete!!!

Some, Basketball has been their strokes of life, an Air to breathe for some players. The moment they wake up, they carry a ball on their breakfast table. So, what steps should they do. Work on it and be the best as they can. Show their skils, their stamina and endurance. Running in the court, making a pass, a 3pt shot and a strong lay up to reach their dreams. Repetition and practice daily are merits to dwell on their fight inside the court.

Dribble a ball and look for a jump shot. Making a straight win and a good defensive steal. That's what life is. You need discipline, will , perseverance and most of all faith in one's self to be a Champion like Alaska, molding one's future to be brave and focus on climbing the top.

I've been seeing kids joining since Day 1 in Don Bosco and even in Regional in Baguio Training Camp. I see fire in their Eyes, eager to learn some tips and skills by experts coaches of Jr.NBA. Excited to be part in a World of Basketball, wherein they expresses their real joy as a child. Where does champions starts, I can tell you the moment, they step in a court, the first time, they felt the cramps of their muscles, the perspiration fell on their faces, the 1st thirst for water and the sigh gasping for air as they go back and forth to have a nice game. 

That is where all started, their experience & big will to be part of the Game. 

Finally, players were chosen from the Regional Training Camp for Jr.NBA/ Jr.WNBA. To start for  Day 1, Saturday, a total of 1,114 boys and girls (1030 boys, 84 girls) went to Don Bosco Technical Institute in Manila to take part in the program where their basketball skills were tested/checked. At the end of the day, 40 boys and 24 girls were chosen to return for Day 2 of the camp where amongst them the RSC Manila representatives to the National Training Camp will be chosen.

While, on Day 2, the basketball clinic was held in the morning and in the afternoon where the scrimmages, were the boys and girls were grouped into teams and were made to play sets of basketball games where they can apply all that they have learned from day 1 and from the basketball clinic in the morning.

At the end of Day 2, those who qualified for the NTC were announced:

To sum it up for this year Jr.NBA/ Jr.WNBA, here are the list:

Girls: (8)

Dianne Camille Nolasco
Lalaine Gonzales
Carly Monreal
Lindsey Nacional
Magda Lioui Flores
Ma Cecilia Quilenderino
Princess Marie Villarin
Jonalyn Bongalos

Boys: (16)
Mark Glenn Gabon
Luis Gabriel Aguila
Anjelo Raphael Argente
Jhondhel Austria
Jearico Nunez
Kai Zachary Sotto
Andrei Philip Lechoncito
Mark Nicole Lucban
Reich Randell Villegas
Prince Junnell De Belen
Pauloh Villarin
Patrick Lance Inting
Jericho Ross Paglinawan
Miguel Rey Luis Tan
Devon Dein Diez
Russel Ducane

Filipino Kid grew up playing a ball. Even, in provinces, you can see them in the afternoon, simply, playing with friends & exploring around the Court near their Barangay. Basketball is on their veins, heart & their system. Ordinary hobby to be enriched with proper technique and knowledge strategies to win the game. 

So, I'm not surprised that beyond the years that Jr.NBA/ Jr.WNBA had continue their advocacy to search Filipino Young players to develop their skills had been a huge success. Year by year, outstanding numbers had been joining across the Philippine Region to showcase their inner love for Basketball. 

Witnessing all kids with all ages enjoy basketball during Jr.NBA /Jr.WNBA is such a joy & an overwheming experience. I met a lot of girl players and petite/ tall boys who had the speed and good hands for shooting. I sense their happiness and their goal to be recognized and learn more.

This is such a big priviledge to be one of the Sports Blogger of Jr.NBA/ Jr.WNBA presented by ALASKA, the most well-known in Milk Industry who has a strong advocacy for healthy lifestyle and fighting malnutrition in the land. A Company whose mission and vision to create an individual to be Champions on their own chosen field of Sports. To all Jr.NBA / Jr.WNBA a job well done for all the patience and wisdom you imparted to all Filipino Kids in terms of Basketball and life perspectives.

I love Basketball. I love seeing the game live. I grew up watching it in the TV. I experienced running a whole court in La Salle Dasma Stadium. I play few hoops in Storyland. I may not be a varsity player but when you think of it. No Filipino's haven't tried this Game...it's within our roots. Filipino players are ready to conquer the World of Basketball with our young generation of players.


Thank you ALASKA & Jr.NBA/Jr.WNBA! More power!

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