Sunday, April 3, 2016


Nowadays, people are looking for ways to make themselves happy. What if you already find it? But, the only way to achieved it to be a child again. Act like one and live with simplicity.
Upon, watching this group, I felt their inner joy.
That's why I'm thankful for the opportunity to witnessed 
Their 1st Outdoor Photo shoot of S.H.FIGUARTS PHILIPPINES
 at BGC, The Fort Taguig Park.

Are you curious, what S.H.Figuarts means?

The series name is the concept of  
"Simple Style" & "Heroic Action"
A standard figures representing a state of Art of Bandai's 
design technology. A kind of design that imitate 
the motion of human body with its 5.5 inch height.

S.H. Figuarts, indeed state of art in terms of toy line
manufacturing.  It all started on February 2008, S.H.Figuarts 
releases a new set of toys, a debut for Kamen Rider V3 &Kamen
Rider Ichigou, it all expanded which includes anime
and Super Sentai. 

During its debut on 2008, it targets the adult & young fanatics
Of various franchise like Pretty Cure, Sailor Moon, Tiger & Bunny, Marvel Comics & Dragon Ball Z with its higher rate.

Finding the right one, is like finding your innerself.
It's like finding the right hobby & searching for the right group 
Wherein you share same passion in collecting S.H.Figuarts
Toy, that's why S.H.Figuarts Philppines is created.

A Group of people who shares one interest. One mission to be known by Bandai as S.H.Figuarts Philippines chapter. 

Also, I'm a toy collector & some of my collections includes Mcdo , Jollibee and Stufftoys. I love seing them, makes my life light and create a joyful environment in our home. 

All S.H.Figuarts Philippines Toy Figures are courtesy of S.H.Figuarts Phil. Members.
 Thanks for allowing me to take some pictures of your 
Lovely collections.
 For your 1st Outdoor PhotoShoot
At BGC, Taguig 

SHF Minato

Kamen Rider Joker & Sailor Mercury


Sailor Mercury

Kamen Rider Decade

Kamen Rider Baron Mango Arm

Sailor Chibi Moon

Kamen Rider Wizard


Sailor Pluto

Machin Chaser & 
Kamen Rider Proto Type Drive

Friends of Trooper
Woody  & Ega-chan

I love watching Sailormoon way back highschool days,
That's why,jackie & I have the same likeness of 
this sailormoon figures.

The Family!

Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask


Gokai Silver

Unboxing their Toys: Preparing their collections for pictorials.

My barkada named Jackie, it's been a while since High School. I'm glad we meet again. Beautiful Sailormoon collections. You never change, still, sweet & charming. Miss you, JC!


What makes them collect for more bandai toys  ,
Its because money can't buy 
Happiness.Even, how expensive it is,
 how much savings they put
into it. The only thing,they know,their contented on
their own world they created. No pretensions.
No lies. Only livin in a Perfect World. Where they 
create a healthy support system & being real for 
who or what they are!

Thank you for reading my blog about S.H.FIGUARTS PHILIPPINES !!!

More Power Guys! Rock on!

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