Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Exploring Philippine Island: Seraphims Galera Excapades 2016!

Galera has been one of my wishlist destination.

Aside,it's whitebeach sand,magnificient coral reef & night life. I fell in love with the sceneric landscapes of mountains & clear aquagreen ocean. That's why I'm so happy when I got there last year. So, when,I decided to joined our team bldg last march 19-20,2016. It feels like it's my first time and i'll tell you why on my blog.

We left Alabang around 830am with Team Jen & my team mates in Alabang ,drive a bus at starmall going to Batangas Pier. Around 10am,we walked inside to buy some tickets bec. At 1030am are boat will leave immediately to White Beach, Puerto Galera. Then, we met our contact named Maricel, one of the staff rep. At White Beach Hotel, Our board and lodging for the whole team.

I felt the waves flashing into our boat. Prim is extremely excited. I just loved the wind touching my face. Our boat is smooth sailing,a little slow but definitely,safety first the  boat's 1st Rule.

We arrived there almost lunch time. We go straight into the room to unpack our things. Our room has A/C ,Tv w/ videoke, 1 Queen size bed and 3 solo bed. We dress up for lunch and for island hopping in the afternoon.

Touchdown at White Beach Puert Galera

Photos on our Island Hopping:

Deserted beach of BAYANAN ISLAND.
So,quiet & relaxing white sand.

Maniknik Beach in Mindoro Island:

Boat Rent : 1,500
1 Snorkeling & coral reef
2 Island hopping: Bayanan and Maniknik Island

Boating Images:

What makes this Galera Adventure memorable it's because this is my first time to went Snorkeling with lifevest in a deep waters of Mindoro. Wherein, I've seen colorful fishes, magnificient coral reef and gigantic sea urchins. I'm so afraid to let go of the rope because I have a water phobia, when my feet can't touch the ocean floor. But,happily, I overcome my fear. I'm so grateful to God for all his creations in the sky and even in the sea. Now, I know, how it feels to be a mermaid, Hahah...They have a big & majestic playground of corals, anemones & numerous species of fish.

Indeed, we are all tired but the experienced are overwhelming.

Yes,i'm exhausted but I still went swimming near the shore,after we arrived in island hopping. I love the ocean so much that it energize my system. So,I went alone. The water is quite cold but i love it.While,the moon watches over me.

We forgot to set the alarm. Epic fail, we didn't see the fire dance and Gay's pole dancing...Anyways,we ate tapsilog and unwind a little in a bar. Drink the famous cocktail,"THE MINDORO SWING"

In the morning, we bought pasalubong for our love one's. You can buy tshirt with Galera print for only 150,keychain & wallet for 3for100 pesos. The scarp with Galera only cost you 180pesos.

After, we travelled to the zigzag road from Galera to Calapan Mindoro, to visit my old / college friend Ronaline Dequiros. It's been 2002  since we seen each other. Also,would you believe the Van is 100 pesos each..

Here are some of our photos with her lovely house & our groufie with her kids:

Definitely, this GALERA EXCAPADES 2016 is such an exciting adventure with my Team Mates in Paypal Genpact.

Sometimes, you need to commune with nature to feel alive and be connected with our creator. People should remember to be thankful and value the creations of God given to mankind.

More photos to my Galera Excapades 2016:

Thank you Ron for the warmth welcome and bountiful meal. Also, to my Team leader Ms. Jen and Senior Agent Albert for the bonding and patience for Sup.Call & to all the knowledge you imparted to us. My team mates Prim and Roma Amor for all the care,love & support. Live life to the fullest. More journeys to come and continue the faith & love in your eyes.