Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Time for all Pinoy Kanin lovers meets Boy Kanin!!!

For kanin lovers out there. Here's the food kiosk you don't wanna missed!

Why does Filipino's loves to eat rice?  It's because our country is filled with agricultural land. Eversince, we plant and reap the grains. We know the hardship of planting. Primarily, eating rice gives us more strength and carbohydrates to last for our entire day. Rice has been a good source of energy for our skilled Filipino laborer.

However,Filipino go for fastfood with unlimited rice. Whose guilty on it, raise your hands.  Maybe, the main reason is Filipino's loves eating plenty of rice rather than the menu itself. Can survive without beef/pork/chicken. Like,the needy one due to scarcity one cup of rice is enough to feed one family in the street. So, People should be grateful tasting the fruit of labors of the farmers, The Golden Rice....

Ok,Here's the good news. You want a new variety of Kanin. Ready, Kanin Get it? Presenting,the new craze in town. It's BOY KANIN. A new innovation of Rice, A food kiosk & cart that serves Filipino favorite ulam. Time to taste your fave caldereta,savory sauce adobo & classic dinuguan,it can be ordered in a bowl & ready to check out.

Would you believe,BOY KANIN has cool label names that is suited for Truly Filipino style from BOYSILOG, BOY SARSA,BOY FIESTA & CHICKEN PINOY!

Here are the ff. Names:
Teriyaki ni Teray
Kaldereta ni Tita
Adobo ni Adur
LechonPaksiw ni Lele

Why you should have BOYKANIN FRANCHISE?
1)Truly Pinoy Food Cart
2)Kanin #1 Pinoy Staple Food
3)Affordable Investment
4)Fast Return of Investment
5)Commissary Ready
6)Franchise Assistance

Food Cart Price: 299,00 pesos
Food Kiosk:  399,000 pesos

Here are some photos of this delightful food Company: (BOYKANIN)

Lovely night to learn more
 about food business.
Simple talks and laughs about Filipino life.
Food tasting of this Filipino fave BOYSILOG.
Good camaraderie and humble beginnings of #Boykanin Founders /Staff & food bonding time with fellow Bloggers

Thanks a lot #BoyKanin for this
Media Blogger Munting Salo-salo.
Tnx for Mr.Ronald Callao-Co-founder of BoyKanin with Mr. Antonio Z. Atienza
 & her wife Mrs.Callao. Also,
Mr.Jefrey Bus. Devt Manager for the invites and warmth welcome.

Also,BOY KANIN,offers franchise. Visit their website for more details.
Follow Boykanin in Instagram / FB / Twitter: @tropangboykanin

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