Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sunset Photos of my Father's Hometown!


I'll never missed this Beautiful Sunset View
of my Father's Hometown at
Sta. Maria Ilocos Sur.
I've longed this every Summer.

The harmony, the blue skies gives illuminates within my soul.
The serenity of the warmth & stillness of 
the waters brings me peace.

As I walked on the shoreline, 
I watched the darkness unfolds and light
hides in the horizons, a new found
joy that encircles every awakening 
Of my Spirit allowing me to be 
thankful for the majestic view I've 
just witnessed.

Here are some of my fabulous 
#sceneryporn Photos of the 
Nalvo Beach

For Seraphim's, Summer is not all about fun, making your body tan or swim on the beach. Dance and drink, 
be merry  in the sands.
 But, for me summer is a
way for me to be more closer to our
creator. To be thankful for his 
magical creations, the aqua blue oceans glittering with diamonds & the waves of sunset rays across the wide clouds.
Let you feel alive and free. 

Indeed, I love the skies, oceans & sunset.
The True meaning of Summer is 
valuing the beauty of God's creations.
Meditate & Be thankful for every minute 
Of your Life. If you feel  some
frustrations & loneliness.
Commune with God's creations.
Have a journey to the beach. 

Believe me, walk,stare & feel the wind..Experience the presence of the tranquility of the waters.
It will give you strength & will power 
to face the real world.
A temporary escape from nature will benefit your whole system because 
your body knows, its time for you 
to breathe the joy of Life & Love 
from up above.
Remember, you have a beautiful life 
to share it 
with your loved-ones,families & friends!

Thank you for reading this blog for my
#SunSettheme photos 
For Summer 2016


Love lots, #Seraphimsnotes